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Driving While Black, Still


Driving While Black, Still

"The Negro traveler's inconveniences are many,” discreetly noted The Negro Motorist Green Book, a bible of survival for blacks navigating segregated America. “Carry your Green Book with you - you may need it.” A facsimile listing safe "tourist homes," restaurants et al has just been republished; given today's America - surging hate crimes to stalled civil rights to enough tales of refused bookings to prompt the hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack - we may still need it.


Hate is an All-American passtime, from help-wanted ads ending with “No Irish need apply” to hotel signs advising “No dogs or Indians allowed.” I wonder whether there are plans to publish a guide telling Muslims where it’s safe for them to travel? Sigh…


Non sequitur.


So you are saying that Americans who practice the Muslim faith must leave their country? By the way, am I to assume fromyour posting that you think the USA is a Christian country? Do I also have to leave and go elsewhere since I’m not a Christian? You are among those here who make me embarrassed to be a citizen of the US.


Apparently you are unable to answer my simple questions. Not surprised.


Hopefully this is one person who I hope represents a very minority position. I’m sure it is titillating for this person to come on a progressive site and spout absurdities. What other form of amusement does such a person have. They can’t have too many friends - especially anyone outside of their limited scope. If you don’t fit their idea of what an “American” should be - they expect you to leave. Maybe we should be entertained by the ignorance and stupidity. It really is an example of the ridiculous.


this country was destroyed by the greed of the business community and the politicians in their pocket. People who came here without documents and/or muslims did not destroy this country. Those who destroyed this country wanted to destroy the protections and rights and ways of advancing people. The so called illegal immigrants didn’t just hire themselves - they came here because they knew that “illegal” business people would hire them. If the business executives had been imprisoned when they violated the employment laws - voila - no illegal immigration. The business people here wanted to destroy union rights, outsource jobs, discriminate. They wanted to leave behind anyone who didn’t benefit their special interest. Muslims and immigrants didn’t hire the lobbyists who created this mess. This was a neo-liberal dream of destruction for the middle and lower class of the US and was accelerated by Reagan and supported by all of the subsequent presidents.


Here we go with the God thing! How do you know whose side, if any, that God is on? And what the Hell does any of your ranting have to do with the subject of the article? It is about the Green Book and why it was necessary, and why it is still relevant!


Many things have changed in the last 50 years. Some for the better, some for the worse. The reasons for this are many and complex, and cannot accurately be blamed on Progressives or any other group of Citizens. The fact remains that Racism and Injustice do exist in our society, our economy, our legal system and our political system. Progressives have generally been on the right side of these issues by striving to make our system serve everyone more fairly, regardless of their race, their religion (or lack thereof), their sexual orientation or any other difference.

I suppose we will have to agree to disagree. BTW…no one on this thread has said, or in any way implied, that “anything goes”. It sounds more like a Trump philosophy to me.


Good fucking grief! Will you PLEASE become personally acquainted with REAL MUSLIMS, and not your fucking vile, disgusting, racist, fascist caricatures of them?


Your knowledge of history is flawed. You are aware something’s wrong. but you are focusing your blame on the victims. Your points are grossly exaggerated Right-wing talking points that
form the core message of hatred, xenophobia and paranoia that is spewed forth daily by the likes of Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, Alex Jones, Pat Robertson, Wayne LaPierre and others.

If we are ever again foolish enough or insane enough to start a Civil War and/or a Race War, the blowhards mentioned above will bear much of the blame.

Their is a War going on, a Class War. It’s been going on for 40 years or so. The forces of Authoritarianism and Oligarchy are winning, and there is nothing your precious guns can do about it. If there was, you would have lost them many years ago. Our divisions play right into their hands, by design.

Do you read the articles on here, or do you come on here to argue with Progressive-minded people? I hope that you read the articles. Some of them are excellent, and much better than
anything you will find on Fox News.

Anyway, I wish you well. Just because I disagree with you on many things, does not mean that I dislike you. I think you are sincere, but wrong. There are many that have unfortunately
fallen prey to the decades of relentless Right-wing propaganda, who nevertheless have a good heart.