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Drone Operators' Brains May Be Zapped With Electricity to "Improve Performance"


Drone Operators' Brains May Be Zapped With Electricity to "Improve Performance"

Nika Knight, staff writer

In a report reminiscent of science fiction, U.S. Air Force scientists said this week that sending electric pulses to soldier's brains is an effective technique to improve attention span and cognitive ability.


As always, Science Fiction writers invented it first, and took it to its logical conclusion.
* Now the MICC and psyops are going to make it a reality, probably without reading to the end.
* I hope they will be able to opt out of this invasive program, but I'm sure psyops will "convince" them that it is the patriotic thing to do, that there are no side effects, and they'll do it.
* Ah well, I guess that's life in the US Fourth Reich.


The nation's slogan should be..."America - Finding new ways to kill!"


i just finished reading a book published in 2005 titled Radical Evolution, about the rapidly accelerating development of genetic, robotic, computer, and nanotechnologies, and their rapidly accelerating impact not just on technology but on humans, on human evolution, on human nature and the meaning of being human. Transhumanism, Posthumanism, The Singularity, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

One of the key takeaways was the focus on DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. So much of the cutting-edge research into "enhancing" humans takes place under the direction and funding of the US military, for the purposes of making "better soldiers." The simple use of electric pulses for brain stimulation outlined in the article here, is very primitive compared to the shit these idiots are working on.

i've written in these comment threads numerous times about the accelerating arc of technological development reaching points - in our lifetime - that will simply leave humans as we know us behind, or totally subsume us within the emerging network that will have its own prerogatives, upon which we will be nodes. Pretty much no one ever replies to what i write about this here. But it's so very real, it is happening, and we as a society are simply not looking at it or discussing it or attempting to understand or direct it.

And while we should be paying close attention, and democratically directing these developments with transparency and deliberation, not simply rushing headlong into such fundamental transformations of our own humanity, what's even worse is that this arc of development is primarily being directed by military supremacists and corporate colonizers, for their ends.

So that when - in a few short years - the latest "smart phone" network device is an implant that plugs directly into your brain, with a full array of "virtual reality" apps, the operating systems and software and apps will have been designed by military supremacists and corporate colonizers, to serve their ends.

Even without the corruption, direction and control by military and corporate interests, i believe we humans should be moving extremely slowly and deliberately into this new future of networked artificial intelligence, engineered evolution, nanotechnology, etc. i think it poses at least as great a threat to humans as nuclear war, climate chaos, and ecological dis-integration. The fact that military supremacists and corporate colonizers are directing the cutting edge of such development should help raise the alarm in people who otherwise might not have been paying much attention to these developments.


Compared with ECT, the retrograde amnesia involved is not a bug, but a feature. It's much easier to kill people when you don't remember who you are. Expect this to become standard issue across all branches.


Yes, I finally had an epiphany the other day regarding the lack of concern for the environment on the part of the PTB. I kept wondering, do they have another planet, are they colonizing the moon, how do they expect to be able to survive? Then I realized that they intend to hybridize our species so that we don't need safe food, water, and air to breathe. It's the only explanation that makes any sense.


Look up the discussion ongoing around the concept of The Singularity. Literally uploading your self, consciousness, existence, into a virtual world, in which you will not be limited by the mundane limitations of this world, is seriously discussed, and striven for.


Matrix here we come.


That brought to mind a quotation, I think it was Heinlein, perhaps in Starship Troopers. It revolved around the tremendous technical equipment that the troopers had and carried with them into action. Someone asked what thing the troopers most feared. The answer was, "A naked man with a knife."


I think the main thing most of us find obnoxious is the use of the drones themselves. Secondarily, I think that forcing performance enhancement as a routine part of work is wrong - whatever happened to work breaks?

Where the article goes wrong is assuming this technology is unsafe or untested. Depending upon WHAT TYPE of electrical current the military is using this COULD be very safe. Cranial Electrical Stimulation has been around since the late 1940s and has lots of research behind it and a strong safety record. Some specific forms of it are FDA-approved for depression, anxiety, and insomnia treatment. It has off-label (not approved) uses for ADHD (hence the focus improvement). This is not electro-shock treatment - a little 9 volt battery is used for microcurrent. No memory damage. I use these things myself and give them to patients all the time.

IF the military is using the version of electrical stimulation with 50+ years of track record, this should be very safe with few side effects. It is far preferable to loading them up with Ritalin and stimulant drugs.

So I hope they are using the time-tested version of this, and I really wish they'd just stop killing civilians with drones!


Damn fools. They never know when to stop. Clearly the value they place on human life at the death's-head end of the drone strikes they are willing to apply to operators. Not only that, but to deliberately feed their operator's damaging and addicting drugs to boost work performance. Those are humans, not engines and the drugs and electric shocks and whatever other cyber add-ons they shove at their operators are not the same as turbochargers. They just see these "enhancements" as if they were turbochargers on a piece of machinery.
Just a new version of cannon fodder, with cannons replaced by drugs or electricity or any other dubious invention. Electro fodder. Drug fodder. Fodder. Paycheck or not they are clearly, in the view of the military, just machines the military has bought and paid for.
Just as "1984" didn't have quite the look expected in 1948, the new Universal Soldier doesn't have quite the look expected and portrayed in the movie, but they are both here anyway.


Some people lose emotional sensitivity and become "zombied-out" at high doses of Ritalin. Perhaps that is also what they are trying for? Sad.


"Our" air crews have been popping meth and other "go pills" since we carpet bombed Germany and Japan. Nothing the sick bastards do surprises me.


No, in fact, very high rates of PTSD, and very high rates of dropping out, among drone operators. These are humans.


At some point these tasks will be automated, and there will be no concern for a lack of concentration

Or a presence of conscience.


Absolutely correct. Advanced research on non-human warfighting continues. Both robotics, and artificial intelligence, are being worked on diligently at the cutting edge of technology, with the research focus and goals being funded and directed by dedicated military supremacists.

Like all these coalescing technologies, the rate of development is accelerating, at an accelerating rate, as cybernetic and computing technology advances.

Most of us live our lives basically unaware of the state of technological development, and the implications of the accelerating rate of development. But human existence as any of us have known it is about to be superseded. If civilization does not collapse under ecological dis-integration or world war, we will very soon - very soon, in just a few years - be completely swamped by the coalescing spike of hyperbolically accelerating development of genetics, nanotechnology, robotics, and cybernetics emerging into artificial intelligence.


A lobotomy could help with that nasty burn-out as well.


The word assassin comes from hashish eaters who entered battle high.


One major result of ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) is enormous memory loss. There are less invasive treatments to overload nerve junctures and eliminate consciousness of pain. I wonder.


I thought they used hash afterwards. Can't imagine rampaging after smoking cannabis.