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Drone Papers Aftermath: ACLU Demands Secret Program Data


Drone Papers Aftermath: ACLU Demands Secret Program Data

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The ACLU on Monday filed an appeal brief demanding that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) hand over data on its secretive global drone program, including the identities of people killed by airstrikes carried out by the U.S. military in Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan.

No information on the program, including its legal justification, has been officially disclosed to the public.


Since sunshine is a great disinfectant our sun is going to have to go all supernova on us before we see the evil details of the "deciders" (blast from the past). Problem is, we will be blinded by the light.


It is way past time that the people culpable for the drone murders be held accountable and I applaud the ACLU for their demands of this evil secret program data.

But the biggest problem is these evil people that are guilty of these surreptitious programs always hide behind the fascist, veil of: BECAUSE OF NATIONAL SECURITY! When it almost always has nothing to do with national security and everything to do with their government security!


Today it's Somalia, Yemen, Pakistani/Afghanistan NWF and US Citizens abroad, tomorrow it will be political activist decedents at home. We must directly challenge the Zionist fascist US/Israeli tyranny before it is too late.


Interestingly, posted this information directly from the ACLU website last week to no response nor perhaps members bothering to read. Sunlight as you note may be the only way to get to the bottom of the continued drone wars. One step forward IMHO is the FAA as per yesterday attempting to begin to regulate privately owned drones who may well bring down an aircraft, flown by irresponsible individual.

Hope springs eternal and with a Congress who refuse to continue to fund both the purchases and continued replacement of the drones specifically used for killing such as the Predator, Reaper and Hellfire missals, et al. Repeated hope springs eternal since reality check regardless of Party, funding of all aspects of the MIC is guaranteed.

For readers, perhaps, interesting and long article from General Atomics, San
Diego, CA about the uses of their product. Infor not included in Scahill's expose.



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Its ultimately for the preservation of the trillions of stolen goods in the hands of a few who will die before unclenching their tight fists.