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Drone Papers 'No Surprise to Yemenis,' Says Man Who Lost Family



The Yemenese should realize that refuges can enter USA by saying terrorist have destroyed their country and now just like the Vietnamese who fled to USA for freedom would like to settle in USA so they can have freedom of religion, right to fair trial and peace.


Can anyone direct me to specific laws (national or international) that the US is violating through the government's drone murder program?

I have been trying to get my congressional and senate representatives on the record regarding this program. In addition to claims that we need to "fight terrorism" I have gotten a lot of responses to the effect of: "The US drone killing program is legal".

Such a claim brings to mind the quote: "Remember, everything the Nazi's did was legal." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


If what I read from this report is correct. The fact that 90% of the deaths caused by these drones are not the intended targets. This would fall under violations of human rights under international law. Along with violating a sovereign nations rights to be free from attacks from outside forces or drones.


There is a fact that I have not yet seen addressed in the news. It's just a matter of time before drones will be in the hands of people we consider to be terrorists. Forget nuclear weapons smuggled into the US. What about a drone or two with guided bombs eventually being deployed in the US by people who have previously been the victims of such weapons?

If there was even just one successful use of a drone in this country with a targeted hit what do you think that would do? Little Georgie Bush, Obama, Dick Cheney and everyone else involved in these illegal and immoral wars would think twice about using a cell phone. Whatever technology is available to us today will eventually be used against the US.

What would happen, for example, if a stadium full of people, say the Super Bowl, were targeted in retaliation for what the US is doing to people in several places we know of around the world? How many innocent citizens can this country murder with impunity? This illegal, murderous and cowardly way of waging war will eventually come back to bite the US in the ass.



Can you direct me to any specific laws that relate to use of unreliable data in targeting, targeting unknown people as a result of non-military activities, designating entire populations as military targets, or engaging in targeted military actions that result in substantial loss of civilian life?

I know that Protocol I of the Geneva conventions declares the use of indiscriminate military action illegal. This was not ratified by the US. Even if it were, however, I am sure that US government lawyers would argue that the US is not specifically targeting civilians, therefore the drone killing campaign does not violate Protocol I.


Flying in and using drones in a foreign country is an act of war, illegal unless authorized by the security council or in defense against an armed attack.

The US attitude is that other countries should comply with International law, but not the US or US allies in actions authorized by the US.

It's liberating to be the superpower - too bad for the citizens of Yemen.


Are you delusional or just uninformed?