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‘Drone Papers’ Revelations Are a Cry for Ending the Slaughter


‘Drone Papers’ Revelations Are a Cry for Ending the Slaughter

Marjorie Cohn

A new whistleblower has joined the ranks of Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou and other courageous individuals. The unnamed person, who chose to remain anonymous because of the Obama administration’s vigorous prosecution of whistleblowers, is a member of the intelligence community.


Those that falsify election results, create fake pretexts for war, and use language jujitsu to turn torture into approved-of interrogation are not likely to respect any rule of law.

For those of the aforementioned ilk (and actions), Might Makes Right. It's the ancient law of the jungle, also known as Mars Rules.

"In describing how the special operations community views the prospective targets for assassination by drone, “The Drone Papers” source said, “They have no rights. They have no dignity. They have no humanity to themselves. They’re just a ‘selector’ to an analyst. You eventually get to a point in the target’s life cycle that you are following them, you don’t even refer to them by their actual name.” This results in “dehumanizing the people before you’ve even encountered the moral question of ‘is this a legitimate kill or not?’ ”

The above paragraph defines why it is that the military has designed war video games that are very popular with adolescent boys. The ones who show dexterity with the new computerized machinery of death-delivery often find jobs inside the M.I.C's lethal labyrinth.

That "war" has spread to at least 6 nations, none of which EVER attacked the U.S., and drones are the preferred method of (cowardly) "combat," are themselves massive violations of the Geneva Conventions. They also violate the morality and consciences of those human beings who, in spite of a phase of disinformation and malfeasance in religious houses of worship, still manage to maintain souls that are intact.

All of this is unmitigated evil.

Lies and false flags have been used to colonize and control assets in the Middle East, and a covert population reduction protocol has been unleashed along with it.

How many sane persons believe that Bin Laden was found in a cave 10 years after 911?

Most of what is passed off as true by The M.I.C. Beast and its various and sundry "alphabet agencies," ARE lies.

There is no free pass to wanton killing of others. Karma is karma and those who push this agenda will have to face THEIR deeds.

The populations of would-be civilized lands have been lied into delirium. Those who are awake are thwarted at every turn with the courts (and most media outlets) beholden to the same military mindset that is reminiscent of the apparatus of the Third Reich.


" Anyone caught in the vicinity ( of a drone attack ) is guilty by association ". The drone papers.

I guess that includes wedding parties; innocent children; American citizens; and grandmothers! These innocent people according to this quote from the drone papers were not murdered by collateral damage but are now Personae Non Gratae and deserved to be drone murdered because they should have known they were in the wrong place at the wrong time!


As you know, I think your scholarship is cutting edge. I am not thrilled that Mr. Sanders has shown support for drones (although he qualifies their use under supposedly more exacting protocols); and that he marches lockstep with the AIPAC crowd regarding Israel's border transgressions, etc.

This is where we differ: the kind of purity/perfection/absolute justice you are advocating for is not possible within the existing paradigm.

Now some would argue that it's better to see the U.S. population so thoroughly mobilized by all of the moral, legal, and financial insults it accommodates... fomenting some kind of bloody revolution in the streets.

That is not an ends I find desirable given the fact that at least half of our nation has been turned into zombies. They either cater to the neo-fascist rhetoric of a Donald Trump or resonate with the racism, sexism, and uber-nationalism of a Rush Limbaugh. In short, the consciousness of too many is at a reptilian level of functioning.

The President is a figurehead with REAL power residing in the Deep State along with its bankers, M.I.C. head honchos, and assorted corporate moguls.

Given the assassinations that are as much a part of this nation's history as are current examples of blatant police brutality (aimed at the Black community), and the anti-Leftist campaigns executed by the FBI and other covert govt. agencies... I don't think the KIND of leader you or I would ideally prefer is possible.

Sanders can improve life for many here... and follow in the footsteps of FDR. Since so many ARE suffering, THAT is a plus.

Sanders is apt to do more about global warming. And that is a plus.

I could go on, but I think you get my drift.

You may draw from my position the idea that I have sold-out but I don't see it that way.

How many people see the world through YOUR educated prism? How many would stand with you in so rigid an assessment of a candidate?

How many fellow citizens DRUNK on the DRUG of war would vote for someone with the courage to totally defy the M.I.C... and that's assuming he or she (Jill Stein is wiser on these issues, but also, virtually unknown and unelectable given the state of both the nation and its citizenry) managed to not end up in an "unfortunate accident."

I agree with you in principle; but I don't see this level of justice happening now. And although it's easy to say that the same reasoning led from Bush to Obama and look at the results; I don't think most people who voted for Obama expected him to escalate the wars and largely normalize the horrors of the Bush Junta.

So this idea of the lesser of evils, in my view, is not a moral indictment of me or Mr. Sanders. It's understanding where this nation is now. And if Sanders doesn't get in, it's a 100% certainty that another Clinton or Bush will... or else, a right wing fascist from Paul Ryan's ilk.

The world may not have much more patience with marginal differences... and I'd rather live in a world where a candidate DID fully oppose the rampant spread of militarism, ecocide, racism, and so much violence aimed at women.

THAT is not the world currently. Sanders is the best option given the realities of our times.

You remind me of a professor who works in a controlled sterile environment and can prove his thesis largely due to the controls exerted upon his hermetic sphere. There are lots of germs outside of that protected bubble...

BTW: This rigid--either you are in the anti-Sanders camp or you are a sell-out concludes that the world only entertains two bipolar options.

I see the shades of gray that make reality what it is. From there, we work to continue shifting priorities, protocols, and the paradigm, itself.

Rome wasn't built in a day.


truth without justice is worthless. ask jesus.

they must be prosecuted for murder. gov't and media belong on death row.


well said


Excellent post! Like I have been saying for a long time, the dems. are the fake opposition party that keeps the Amerikan Empire in power.


The drone papers are unequivocal and immutable proof that Obama was correct when he stated: " We do not negotiate with terrorists" ....because we finance and support terrorists!


I don't agree with this assessment.

In any population pool, intelligence and levels of engagement fall into a bell curve graph.

There will always be people who don't care or understand, people who are easily conditioned, and certain groups that escape that programming. They are society's iconoclasts, rebels, and radical thinkers.

You are very good at making cases that conform to very narrow frames. In this case, like the majority of posters, your focus is the purported flaw in voters-citizens.

Naturally, if you present a case that only addresses that item, it's fairly easy to make said case.

But this is a narrow interpretation of modern history because--as is so typical of most media stories today--it leaves out all elements of the pervasive "back story."

Your argument removes from the calculus all of the following:

  1. The importation of Nazi scientists and the implementation of their protocols of mind control
  2. The powerful force of mass media in conditioning the masses
  3. The use of FBI to intimidate citizens, ruin careers, Blacklist Hollywood professionals
  4. The use of similar spying to taint the careers and reputations of those who don't toe the pro-war/pro big business bottom lines
  5. The creep of anti-government rhetoric working to eviscerate all regulatory agencies allowing corporations to take control of entities formerly run by government--and thus answerable to The People
  6. The use of Big Money to own, capture, and control media content
  7. The use of the War on Drugs to disenfranchise both large segments of the Black community and many anti-war, left-leaning type individuals
  8. The assassinations of Jack and Bobby Kennedy, Malcolm X, Dr. King and likely Paul Wellstone
  9. The CIA funding of Hollywood so as to massage the public into a respect for militarism and military heroes
  10. The buy-out of publishing houses by conservative outfits
  11. The consolidation of radio so as to close off anti-war/Leftist views
  12. The increasing control of academe (from science research departments to just about everything else) by corporate interests
  13. The use of a massive trauma-inducing false flag (911) to conflate "patriotism" with following orders and seeing WAR as "the answer"
  14. The growth of the fundamentalist Christian movement with its TV channels (700 club... initial funding to Pat Robertson who I view as a CIA asset), radio stations, publishing houses and how this natural-born authoritarian ilk supports Conservative candidates
  15. Falsified vote counts (Ohio 2004), Supreme Court's preemption of election results (2000), gerrymandering to grant Conservatives a disproportionate representation
  16. War on whistle blowers and truth tellers
  17. NAFTA offshoring jobs so that probably 50% of American families are now job insecure or work temp work instead of a job with benefits
  18. Disillusion that sets in when those in office LIE so substantially to their constituents and nothing is done
  19. Demoralization (collective) when generals lie about the reasons for war, and energy corps. lie about climate chaos, and automakers lie about the safety of their products
  20. Collective sum of all this = lives of quiet desperation, added to rising Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, and Depression rates turning human beings into the virtual canaries in the coal mines
  21. Closure of head start and programs that assist single mothers
  22. Brutality aimed at Muslims, Hispanics, and the Black community
  23. War on women's safety and reproductive rights
  24. Slap-suits and fighting battles that were already won (on the part of Environmental groups, etc.)
  25. Policies enacted behind closed doors
  26. The COSTS of elections causing both parties to cater to their big ticket donors
  27. Results of the Page & Gilens Study: That 90% of policy put into practice runs counter to what the public, as a majority, wants
  28. The fulfillment of Eisenhower's prophecy as per the enormous growth (Cancer-style) of the military industrial complex

In any prior phase of progressive shift or upheaval, it was never all citizens that took action. I believe the
percentage is 10%.

And I think if ALL of the areas--public school closings, women's rights, Black Lives Matter, closing Keystone pipeline, Hispanic citizenship, prison reform, etc.--where people are fighting for change were taken as a composite, that 10% threshold would have been met and passed.

So it is not that people aren't opposing oligarchy. As you no doubt realize, the problem of Power is global. The people in Greece voted for a Leftist govt., but its leader was held in check by Europe's central bankers. Similar happened to Nelson Mandela when he emerged as leader of South Africa.

The system of graft and corruption is global. So pinning it on the American voter is prejudicial.

To turn the problem of Power's abuses--and this power equation itself is and has been a continuum throughout patriarchal history--into the matter of not enough citizens opposing the oligarchs... is true, in part, on its face. But by leaving out all of the factors that inhibit citizens (for all of the reasons mentioned), it manages to attribute to the innocents the DARK DEEDS done by experienced oppressors who know what they are doing.

You denigrate Mr. Sanders who at least aspires to the balance (between Power--the 1%, and The People) seen in Europe's Social Democracies... as if this idea of power coming from The People is real anywhere in the world today.

I don't blame the woman who can't ward off the rapist for what the rapist does.

I don't blame the Native American for not having gunpowder as a means to ward off the invading colonists.

Power equations along with any given entity's willingness to deploy aggressive force (Mars rules) or instead seek a higher form of redress... is what this comes down to. You project onto U.S. citizens a state YET to be accomplished anywhere in this world just at a time when the 1% has formulated a New World Order that will allot to itself (TPP, TIPP) the "right" to override the sovereign laws of nations.


VERY well said !!!