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Drone Whistleblowers Step Out of the Shadows


Drone Whistleblowers Step Out of the Shadows

Pratap Chatterjee

In a trio of recent action-packed movies, good guys watch terrorists mingling with innocent women and children via real-time video feeds from halfway across the world. A clock ticks and we, the audience, are let in on the secret that mayhem is going to break loose. After much agonized soul-searching about possible collateral damage, the good guys call in a missile strike from a U.S. drone to try to save the day by taking out a set of terrorists.


[Past] Time to start the war on error.


To the posters who insist that everything is the fault of citizens, examine what the juxtaposition of these two approaches mean:

The President makes this (false) assertion and the mass media, operating as an organ of the Pentagon, lets it stand as is:

“This is a just war -- a war waged proportionally, in last resort, and in self-defense. We were attacked on 9/11. Under domestic law, and international law, the United States is at war with al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and their associated forces… America does not take strikes to punish individuals; we act against terrorists who pose a continuing and imminent threat to the American people. And before any strike is taken, there must be near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured -- the highest standard we can set.”

But then when REAL solider-kids, seduced by the Holy War premise or the U.S. make-war version of "good guys" and "bad guys" sign up and become part of the action, their FACTUAL testimony (and it leaking out to the public) is zealously guarded against:

"Daniel has so far survived his own drone-war-induced mental health issues, but in his post-drone life he’s run into a formidable enemy: the U.S. government. On August 8, 2014, he estimates that as many as 50 Federal Bureau of Investigation agents raided his house, seizing documents and his electronics."

Most citizens believe that the drone strikes ARE surgical. And since the KILL numbers are so diluted (if tabulated at all), or maniacs like Clapper get in front of TV cameras and insist that ONLY dangerous enemy targets are killed... how is it that the body politic is to KNOW the Truth?

Incredibly sophisticated efforts are made on numerous fronts to make sure that citizens don't know the truth.

This is seen in all of the following:

  1. Monsanto's cover-up regarding the dangers of bio-tech "food."
  2. Big Pharma's cover-up regarding the dangers of forced vaccine inoculations
  3. The mass media's attempts to crowd out Bernie Sanders and misrepresent his views and policies
  4. The mass media's relentless effort to construct FALSE narratives regarding foreign affairs and foreign events...
    A. That Putin was the aggressor in Ukraine
    B. That Assad was gas'ing his own people
    C. That there WERE definitely weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
    D. That elections in Honduras were fair and valid (covering up the coup)

And for how long was global warming--and its link to fossil fuel usage--denied?

The above is a partial list

And when insiders spill the beans, their lives are put into jeopardy and/or they're cast into exile or must face hostile courts. Think: Snowden, Manning, Drake, Kiriakou, Assange, Sterling, and others.


When an individual enters a movie theater, they agree to a process of suspended credulity in order to go along with the film's "journey."

I think a similar process is involved with leaders who push these militaristic agendas.

"When the president and his key officials look at the drone program, they undoubtedly don’t “see” women and children. Instead, they are caught up in a Hollywood-style vision of imminent danger from terrorists and of the kind of salvation that a missile launched from thousands of miles away provides."

Deep inside they know full well that the drones kill LOTS of civilians. But they are willing accomplices to the military-industrial complex. When citizens hear numbers like $500 billion a year earmarked for it, few break that down into how much goes to designing and building weapons?

When War is a business (or a product, as Andrew Card once defined it), then for business to profit, it must move inventory. To move weapons--as inventory--requires targets and that's where these felonious wars come into play.

The primary driver of Shock Doctrine style Disaster Capitalism is creating disasters through which to derive profit.

War, for centuries, has been one of the most expensive dark habits that humanity (or portions of it) has succumbed to (or been forced to participate in). War typically requires the borrowing of large sums of money, and who ever loans it makes out like a bandit.

Of course, the wish to control specific natural resources and areas that contain particular geo-political advantages, added to (for some damaged souls) the sheer thrill of terrorizing people are the other causative factors.

Just as it's clear that some cops look for opportunities to randomly kill kids, some inside the military industrial complex LUST for opportunities to murder, en masse. How about that "American Sniper" kid qualifying? How about Eric Prince?

An entity that makes war and killing its mission is going to attract PLENTY of people who come to those dark arts naturally. It self-selects for as much!

These days, with Hollywood sexing up the call to war as if it were a holy mission, and a massive network of Evangelical churches pushing a similar Holy War mandate... lots of naive kids sign up. It's a good thing that those with working consciences can come forward to act as whistle blowers; and proof that the human soul was never made to kill with such random abandon. THAT is why there's so much post traumatic stress disorder, much of it covered up through substance abuse.

I wish more kids would learn the truth before THEY sign up.

What if they gave a war and nobody came... style.


According to the article: "...not a single candidate for president in 2016 has rejected the drone program." That's wrong. Green Party candidate Jill Stein strongly opposes it.

Authors like Chatterjee, who are trying to give voice to the voiceless ought to be more sensitive to others who are shut out of the debate by the Washington Consensus and the two party duopoly.


So the murderers-by-drone are feeling upset?

Then don't do it. The least one could do is to aim to miss the target, as have done a good many soldiers in more fraught situations in the past.


That some of these whistleblowers feel regret, that they refer to crying after using a drone to kill people from afar, that they have nightmares over what they did shows they had least still have a soul and a conscience.

Of far greater concern or those other drones made of flesh and blood and wearing those same uniforms that feel nothing when they commit murder.


Again it is promoted as heroic to feel regret after being paid for the murderous deed.
Think back beyond Hiroshima and see how true this is.
Even the critics of the USA within the USA are perverts.


I don't think the pass has to do with Obama's skin color. Any U.S. President these days is commander and chief of a massive military that not only is AT war, it seeks out wars to fight in the same way that Shock Doctrine devotees seek catastrophies to capitalize upon.


Absolutely, we are living in a world controlled by a death cult. Many who are disconnected from life, who despise being vulnerable and soft-fleshed human beings (often males) and who are terrified of dying have accepted the old saying, "If you can't beat it join it." I think they may believe that they are making a bargain with death, that by being the agents of death they will be spared. This bargain is never fulfilled on the other side but the cult continues to successfully recruit.


I'm not sure here, if missing the target wouldn't just end killing the equally innocent neighbors. That's what happens when you turn the places where people live into shooting galleries. And it's a lot harder now 'to turn your guns on the officers.'


I think it beats the alternative of no regret and given the current circumstances, I do welcome all who come to their senses though late to the table but it also makes me upset because, why did it take so long?


I had thought that if one could be "surgically precise" with one's drone, one could be equally surgically precise in not harming people though no doubt circumstances might arise where that could be a problem. If that is the problem, one should not fire the missiles. The USA does not yet excute soldiers who fail to obey orders according to a moral principle.


Brandon Bryant is a fraud. This is made clear in the film "Brandon Bryant the Documentary: Drones & Deceptions" which can be viewed for free on YouTube.