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Drones Offer Devastating Footage of Damage Harvey Has Wrought

Drones Offer Devastating Footage of Damage Harvey Has Wrought

Common Dreams staff

As the southwest Texas coast, the city of Houston, and the millions of people living in the region continue to battle historic rainfall and "catastrophic" flooding on Monday, drone footage taken by people in the area is offering aerial views of the destruction that would otherwise be impossible to capture.

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Don’t you just love predatory capitalism?

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As far as Drone permissions go, I would say these images were part of some pretty high level clearance. Pun intended.

Was Global Warming mentioned anywhere in that article – did I miss it?

The reality is that Global Warming will continue to bring more frequent events such as
this and of ever increasing severity.
And that will include Earthquakes due to the changing pressures on the tectonic plates
as the glaciers continue to melt.

Of course, Global Warming needed to have been addressed when we first learned of
it in 1957 from our scientists who presented the model of Global Warming at that time.
And, combined with Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” the concern for the planet, nature
and animal life – and finally for humanity, itself - began to increase.
In JFK, the nation had a president who was willing to address these concerns, including
the harm being done by nuclear weapons and testing.

During that time, the Oil Industry ran campaigns costing Billions every year to lie about
and deny Global Warming and the involvement of fossil fuels.
The campaign of lies over 50 years - $50 Billion by the oil industry.
These lies were protected and circulated by Establishment “news” – including on the
Op-Ed pages of the NY Times where Exxon’s ad-editorials ran without challenge.

And by 1963, we had a coup on JFK and our “people’s” government.

Scientists began immediately to recognize the threat to nature and all life at the beginning
of the Industrial Revolution.

The social changes which would have been required would have ended Elitism/Capitalism.

Today, those social changes are still required and would still bring an end to Elitism/Capitalism.

It is up to all of us to unite in creating those social changes via non-cooperation with Elites and Capitalism.

Can we look at Texas right now and not understand that Capitalism is suicidal and a threat to all Nature,
the Planet and all life on the planet?

See: 1992 Warning to Humanity by World’s Scientists