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Droning the World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/13/droning-world


What a refreshing, honestly open perspective from a youngster (to me). Looking back, remembering, who knows? maybe retro is the new hip! Reflecting on what that Nobel Prize speech felt like (to her):

Unfortunately – for him, for me, and for the world – he didn’t take his own advice.

I know, it didn’t feel like that to some jaded oldsters such as myself, for whom Obama’s award was the last nail in the Nobel Prize’s coffin (and I used to think there couldn’t even be any more nails after Kissinger’s award). But please, here’s a good opportunity to demonstrate some kind indulgence of heartfelf optimism, however sorely misplaced it may have been. After all, it doesn’t really matter whether Obama’s words in that speech were the deceptive rap of a moral monster, or if somehow the strains of office changed him into a monster. The point is: what we wound up with is monstrous, either way.

An important point most writers on drone warfare miss: The game changed when Iran took out that Saudi oil terminal. Patrick Cockburn, who’s been around the block a few times, said that represented the most significant change in military means since the introduction of air power. Possibly the end of dominance for the hundred-billion dollar model. Now many others can strike much more cheaply.


As much as Trump hates “all things Obama,” he’s certainly beginning to embrace this cowardly means of killing.


See also: https://www.democracynow.org/2020/1/13/lawrence_wilkerson_american_empire_war

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He probably wants to set up his own drone operation center next to the toilet where he sits to tweet. That, and a couple executive orders, might allow him to eat McDonalds, take a dump, launch weapons at political rivals (“Blow her up! Blow her up!”), and tweet-boast about it afterwards–all with his PJs around his ankles and his stink in the air.


Thank-you, Allegra Harpootlian. I remember writing, here, during the Obama years, that Obama should be tried as a war criminal for his vicious and illegal use of drone warfare and, after reading your article, I still think he should. Also guilty are all the Democrats in power who remained silent in those years, but who now act outraged when Trump does the same thing. It really is going to take hauling these people into a real court of justice before there’s any chance of them learning their lesson. I’ll never see it in my lifetime, now, but perhaps you will if you continue your work. Please continue.


Under various conventions and treaties to which the United States of America a signatory to , a Countries leaders that refuse to prosecute war criminals native to that Country are in fact committing a war crime. When Obama stated soon after taking office that they had to look forward and not back and refused to prosecute Bush Administration officials he officially signaled that committing actions in defiance of International law would be part and parcel of US Policy and he was fully onboard with it.

Those Drone strikes he subsequently ordered , all of which deemed war crimes were done safe in the comfort of the precedent he had helped set. “The USA will not prosecute its war criminals”


I agree and that decision not to prosecute will cost thousands of more innocent lives for may years to come until someone has the courage to pull the plug on the war machine and dismantle this country’s imperial ambitions. I know, fat chance, but I cling to hope, no matter how futile.


No gridlock on the toolbox of war


A lot like he development of of the crossbow – then almost anybody could kill a knight.
Today, with drones nobody is safe and that includes the President of the US. Imagine the screams when that happens!
These pip-squeak nations hitting a US President on US soil!


In October, 2002, when I thought the bottom had been reached in the cesspool that seems to have swallowed the White House and most of the rest of the government and military bodies that dwell there, I wrote the comment below. I was browsing through some of my articles and comments and ran across it.
**I hope those who read it will mentally update it to the current, insane, fuehrer and the horrors he is trying to lead us into, and ACT on it. Especially Congress and the Senate.

It is Time for America (and Congress) to Stand Up
Steve Osborn

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said to the American People, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” With his guidance and example, the American People put fear behind them and overcame the great depression, then courageously fought World War II, after which, they magnanimously helped to rebuild a shattered world.
**Appointed president Bush is the greatest fear monger in modern times. He plays on and encourages fear in the American People, and in nations abroad, just to persuade them to follow him blindly into his ill-considered and badly thought out designs.
**We are a courageous people and have proved it time and again. Bush has the mentality of a school yard bully, instilling fear and obedience by bluster and meanness. If the American People and the Congress of the United States cannot find the courage to stand up to this man and tell him we are not of his stamp, then we not only doom ourselves to endless war and privation, but may well go down in history tarred with the same brush as those enemies of mankind that we helped to defeat."

**As I mentioned above, the shrub was an amateur, the fat one is a reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, with bigger and more deadly toys. I do hope we have finally found the bottom of the cesspool and now will take pains to fill it in and perhaps plant a garden.

I love how the writer had to put in the BS about Obama, after having quadrupled drone strikes and having killed an innocent 16 year old US citizen, supposedly put in ‘safeguards’ for the drone program in the final 15 minutes of his presidency. Because if you don’t put BS like that in to show that Obama was somehow the moral superior of Bush & Trump, then liberals & Democrats lose their $h!t.

People say the Republicans are a Cult of Personality, which is true, but the scarier reality is that Democrats have also become a Personality Cult, irrationally lionizing a smooth-talking mass murderer who sold out the working class to the vultures of Wall Street.


Suggest that we watch out for our local sheriff having armed drones to use.
Same target errors will occur here.

Start with Kissinger and Cheney