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'Drop It Off. Drop It Off. Drop It Off': USPS Deadline to Mail Ballots Is Today, But Voters Urged Not to Rely on DeJoy-Led Postal Service

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/27/drop-it-drop-it-drop-it-usps-deadline-mail-ballots-today-voters-urged-not-rely-dejoy

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Told ya . But , nooo many criticized this tactic as impractical and unworkable and now here we are at the very last minute having to hand deliver ballots , like i suggested months ago .
Good luck

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Exactly right. If there is no drop box, take your ballot directly to your registrar’s office. Do not put it in the mail.

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This depends on your state of course. In California you have to have it postmarked by election day and it has to be received by 17 days after election day. I would think that is enough time for any piece of mail that isn’t lost to make it from anywhere in CA to anywhere else in CA.

That said, I am dropping mine off at the type of box shown in the article. I have a mail collection box 1 mi from my house and an official ballot box 2 mi from my house so it is an absolute no-brainer to use the right box. I feel bad for people in crowded counties in Texas - your government absolutely sucks and I hope you vote out anybody who disrespects you that much as to apply a completely irrational rule of 1 box per county regardless of geographical size or population of the county.


A pandemic run rampant, a partisan Postmaster General, and a captured Judicial system.

Our greedy masters have created the perfect storm.


The best way to bypass the post office is to drop one’s ballot in a drop off ballot box.

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Thankyou dara for mentioning that 17 days after election day. Please explain the definitive day for election results. As an outsider i do not understand the procedure in the USA. And having read your posts over time, you appear to be knowledgeable in these matters. And happy anniversary on CD.

This is only for California - any other state could be different. Again, ballots have to be postmarked on election day or before (and the post office closes before the drop boxes will) - it’s just that the Post Office has a full 17 days to move the ballots where they need to go to be counted. I do not know the power of the federal government and/or supreme court to tell California that they can’t count votes for president, senate, or house after a certain date that they decide but my guess is that this would not happen and California is able to say our Electoral Votes are undecided till this number of days after the election if its close enough (which it won’t be for president - Biden wins our state easily - also we don’t have a senate vote this year - our reps probably have some close races though mine is a lock for D, some rep races might take a while to declare a winner, though I’m sure the House remains majority D).

Thanks! It’s kind of fun to post with a cake today.

I finally submitted an actual article (sent yesterday on ranked choice voting and the failure it has sometimes in electing the Condorcet winner). I have no idea on the likelihood that it gets published.

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Don’t be surprised if that “17 days after the election” is nullified by a SC ruling very soon. I would not take for granted that the normal rules and laws will be followed this election cycle.
Happy anniversary.

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Thanks. I personally will drop my ballot in the official box probably on Sat (there are 12 propositions in CA and I only know for sure how I will vote on 3 of them - more research time).

Oh by the way, I haven’t forgotten my assignment to find a set of sources giving a solid argument that vegan farms can a) supply all the calories and nutrition for the USA, b) do so in a way that is good for the environment locally and climate change globally. I joined a Facebook group called Regenerative Vegan and have skimmed a few articles I’ve found searching (e.g., I looked at ~https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/11/what-would-happen-if-all-americans-went-vegan), but I’m still pretty far from being ready to make a cogent argument.

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I know you said you were dropping yours off at a box, the post was directed more towards others in CA. who may think the normal rules will apply this cycle, I have my doubts.

As far a vegan farming, I’ve never doubted one could supply a humans nutritional and caloric needs, but organic farming totally without animals can’t supply the soil with the needed minerals, to sustain long term healthy soil and production levels. Cover crops can, but only for a short period of time before mineral levels start to drop. I am interested in what you may find out on this subject.

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Thankyou dara for your response. However i am still confused as to the ultimate result. Presumably all states are voting; ergo results hinge on the collective results and the majority win. Yes? And the time line is? (For all states)

I don’t like our situation in the US of having so many different rules on things that in my opinion should be uniform across the country:

I think we should have a federal ID that indicates if you are a driver or not and if you are legally allowed to work in the US or not and get rid of all state drivers licenses.

I think state and local taxes need to be more uniform to prevent least common denominator problems of companies moving to low tax areas.

I think there should be a uniform voting ballot and uniform rules on registration.

I think anyone should be able to go to any public college in any state and not be billed differently if you are out of state.

I’d go so far as to say, I don’t even think we should have states - just the federal government and county and city, or if we have to have them, they should be doing as little as possible.

Sorry, I don’t have a website for you that lists all the arcane voting rules. I wouldn’t be surprised if some states require that your ballot be received by 8 PM on election day. And as @ReconFire said, there is always the possibility that the federal government will force California to not accept any ballots after this time (I still doubt it). So of course I recommend everyone use the official drop boxes and don’t wait till the last minute if at all possible.

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I’m one up on your warning. I started four years ago. And I imagine the next four years will be the same. We won’t pay much, if any, attention to voter/voting reforms until the last moment when again it will be too late.

So basically just as fucked up as the European Union.

Happy Anniversary, Dara:

Maybe the gods will be with the honesty of voting and Trump will have to slink away with DeJoy. : )

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i started taking my mail in ballots to the county clerks office ten years ago , but not because of Trump but because i am alwyas looking for ways to eliminate Murphy’s Law . Take away as many " what if’s " and your chances of success are increased dramatically .
Some call it paranoia , i call it a complete lack of trust of all people and the relative field. (-: