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'Drop It Off or Vote in Person,' Advocates Plea as Supreme Court Suggests It Could Toss Out Late Pennsylvania Ballots After Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/29/drop-it-or-vote-person-advocates-plea-supreme-court-suggests-it-could-toss-out-late

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It’s like voting is a new idea and USA is having a hard time getting the hang of it, where any dipspit can find some jurisdiction to try out the most cockamamy Rube Goldberg methods to guarantee legitimate votes are destroyed and democracy with them.
Paper ballots.
Time, for everyone to vote, and for every vote to be counted.
Treat votes like thousand dollar bills, keep them secure, they are actually more valuable than money.
Same rules for everybody.
Make corrections between voting cycles.
The rest of the world’s democracies managed to figure it out a long time ago.

To my fellow Pennsylvanians I say this, it’s too late to mail your vote. Vote in person next week or drop it off at your local election office prior to Tuesday.
Two weeks ago I mailed info to a couple of clients. They live approx 30 miles from me. It took 12 days for one arrive, 14 for the other.
Oh, and the other advice I have (as a white man) is that, if you are an African American or Latino Pennsylvanian, I suggest you plan on waiting in line for hours. Take a folding chair, water, and a tablet. In my mostly white township, we have 8 thousand residents and two voting locations with 5 machines at each site. The small city next to us, with a mostly black population of 15 thousand, has one voting location and 6 machines.


i told people on this site two or more months ago to drop off their ballots at the county clerks office and got flamed for it .


Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 6 gives 3 days for anything sent by mail. So if it’s postmarked on the 3rd and received by the 6th, it must be accepted.

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That’s because they are democracies!


At least Alito, Thomas and Gorsuch are admitting out loud they want to steal our votes from us, including the votes of their beloved “military” volunteers.
They’re openly declaring they intend to steal this election just as they did in 2000, and we must remember that three current SCOTUS members were part of the Bush legal team that helped that coup take place.
One of those traitors, Kavanaugh, was part of the “Brooks Bothers” riots in which they intimidated election officials as part of their scheme to steal the election. It worked, and nobody was held accountable for it.
I had the opportunity at a book event to ask Al Gore about 2000, and he said the following:

  • his loss had nothing to do with Nader being on the ballot
  • he won the election
  • he believed that the only option he had after SCOTUS ruled was to start a street revolution against the election theft, and he was afraid to do that.

The American people need to rise up and forcibly remove Gorsuch, Alito, Barrett and Thomas from the court.
We also need to put Trump and his gangster conspirators on public trial.
If voting was all we needed, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.
It’s obvious there needs to be direct action against these tyrannical traitors, as Thomas Jefferson warned long ago in his “watering the tree of liberty” quote.
All CD keyboard warriors, no matter how old, infirm or cowardly, need to participate.


Each of the fifty states legislate their own rules. It is not one size fits all.
There are over 3,300 county boards of election.
Expect republican lawsuits in and against certain counties to cancel allowing
the mail in votes that arrive later than November 3rd in the entire state(s).
overturn the election result.

here are the various states systems.

They can also throw out ballots that arrive before election day. All they have to do is set them aside for a few days and then say, “Those didn’t come in untul it was too late.”


Interesting note, if in fact ‘anything’ applies to ballots, which it seems are likely not ‘court documents’ or contemplated by the FRCP. Alito seems to be sending a rather clear signal of what is likely to happen in
the event the claim is that Trump has lost.

It seems the only important observation in this piece is the one that points out that if the Supremes revisit
the legitimacy of ballots received within 3 days after the election, they must be counted, things will likely
be at a point where Trump (or Biden) are claimed to have lost, that the figures would be available to know
how many ‘adverse votes’ must be ‘invalidated’ in order to change the result. The Republicans filed the
appeal so perhaps it would more likely by Trump.

It seems more than a little awkward to hear a claim by Alito that there’s not enough time left to make a
decision on the Repubs’ refiled appeal, when the only thing which separates the issue from the original
filing is the forciful unilateral installtion of Barret and the implicit assumption that her belated vote on the
issue would create another Bush/Gore situation. And when the actual election date has
not yet arrived.

Other dinosaurs feel free to correct, but my recall is that in the absurd election that brought ‘hanging chads’ to the fore, the counting was stopped, and the claim has always been that if the remainder had
been duly counted (I suppose after a ‘chad inspection’) that Mr. Gore would have won. My recall is that
it was Gore himself who ‘hung in there’ for a few weeks with lofty rhetoric, then caved and conceded the
election, on the premise that it was best for the country that the diviseness not continue any longer.
Giving US the 8 awful years of Bush’s ‘reign’. Perhaps Gore and Sanders are related - in attitude if not

If Biden ‘loses’, without the disputed after-the-fact votes or with them in Pa and NC, I have no doubt whatsoever that the DNC will mount an enormous and lengthy tirade alleging fraud in all its forms - HRC
has already issued her edict about ‘whatever happens, do not concede’. Just as it has had no hesitancy
to trash the Green Party for piddling violations of PA’s election filings simply to eliminate its presence on
the ballot.

So if Trump ‘loses’ and the Supremes invalidate the same votes from PA and NC, seems to me that Trump is pretty much in the same position as GWB was. Do we have a reply of a show of resistance
by Biden and Harris long enough to establish ‘moral high ground’, thereafter followed by a Gore-like cave? Or are the Dems just as sure as the Repubs to ‘refuse to accept the result’.

Sirios has also got an excellent point. The mail-in option has been around - in Pa. anyway - since before
the primary last June. Despite the delays occasioned by the various lawsuits disputing ballot access,
locally ballots have been available for several weeks now in their final form. In addition to the dropoff at elections office, there are several other locations. If overseas military are the issue its easy enough to
create an exception for them. Actually I believe Alito et al will likely reverse the state’s top court and
disqualify the ballots which are not physically present by 8 PM on Tuesday. Whether or not it will make
enough difference to alter the electoral vote ‘takehome’ of any candidate is another question entirely.

And that may be the right decision, were it being made in a vacuum and not the context of the force-fed
addition of Barret into the mix. The same decision, made after the counting of votes and 3 (in NC 6 ) day
extension and on the basis of a refiled motion filed only after the ascent of Barret - if it CHANGES THE RESULT - will I believe very severely undermine the credibility of the US Supreme Court for decades -
and at some point delegitimize the entire 2020 election. (Surely a worst case scenario if it bears even
a small possibility of someone like the awful Nancy Pelosi to an interim ‘presidency’, no matter how short
the period of time involved.) Reality is that the American people with Bush/Gore never had the chance to
see what might occur were the voting shutdown action by the then Supremes or the legitimacy of the entire election, on obviously predominant partisan grounds, been pursued by the American populace as a whole with the determination that Gore exhibited only very early on.

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How tragic when voting for competition shows is more organized and fair than voting for a President! Remaining voters must heed this message and personally drop off their votes…too late to mail them in.

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That’s my point, instead of rules for everybody, there are thousands of different sets of rules leading to immeasurable room for disenfranchisement. We’re not trying on clothes, we are attempting to systematically share power. Different rules, for instance, in intensively racist regions systematically stabs democracy in the heart, every vote destroyed is another cut to that heart.

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I want to live in a democracy too.

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Oh, I agree that the FRCP is all about lawsuits and similar. But it is precedent at the highest possible level.

The scum would look even more venal and contemptuous of us if they tried to say that mailings naturally take longer when addressed to the office of the Clerk-Magistrate than when addressed to the ballot-counting office.

There are over 3,300 county board of elections.
I recollect a spring election about 7 years ago that had
3% turn out of voters.
There had been no publicity.
Today in Florida.
Only about 12% of voters age 18 thru 40 have already
voted early. That 88% is going to take some time to
count since it is millions of ballots.

Great advice. I know that if I had to vote in person I would be bringing a lightweight chair or borrow a wheelchair. In sunny areas have water available. The perfect situation imo., would be to have a covered rickshaw in case of extreme heat or rain, and to help the tired old legs.