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Drop the Charges Against Amy Goodman and Other Journalists Covering #NoDAPL


Drop the Charges Against Amy Goodman and Other Journalists Covering #NoDAPL

Mike Rispoli

The images are shocking: security guards, armed with dogs and pepper spray, attacking peaceful Native Americans marching against the Dakota Access Pipeline. The footage from Democracy Now! is a brutal reminder that those in power will do anything to stop people from standing against injustice.


“And Goodman isn’t the only reporter Morton County authorities have targeted: Most recently two journalists from independent news outlet Unicorn Riot were arrested on trespass charges while filming the militarized response to protesters.”

“A South China Morning Post reporter was among five Hong Kong journalists detained and questioned by local authorities in Wukan, Guangdong province, on Wednesday night.
The journalists had been interviewing villagers involved in a violent protest that saw tear gas and rubber bullets fired at residents.”


This is the most ridiculous, anti-democratic thing I ever heard of. Amy Goodman is one of the very few journalists who actually covers the news, and they want to silence her?


Well, around here Amy Goodman is regarded as a “gatekeeper” who refuses to believe (believe!) that “911 was an inside job”, and through her recent coverage of Trumps dirty business dealings and affiliation with gangsters from Philly to Moscow, is also showing herself to be a “shill for Killery” too.


Voices for Truth are hard to find in the lap dog MSM. Amy Goodman makes the effort, she is in a tough place trying to bring Truth to the deluded masses.


…and with that statement you are a shill for Drumph…keep talking if you want Drumph to win. Fuck Drumph and his fucked up minions.


Wouldn’t that be convenient for a corporation to claim that a reporter can’t report/record the news because the crime is happening on private property?

I’m sorry but you can’t stop that serial killer from stabbing the old lady because to so would mean trespassing on someone else’s property? Suddenly our society’s morals and customs (as well as common law) takes second place to corporate preferences?

Is destroying a cemetery or sacred sites of a people now permissible for corporations to do just like the Taliban did with those ancient Buddhist statues? If such an ancient cultural site is found on private property, apparently corporations feel they can destroy them if they want to?

I’m sorry but I am a corporation and I don’t want you citizens to be allowed to protest when I destroy your cultural sites, so that means that I can attack you physically and draw blood as well as cause serious injury with impunity because I want to. I am a corporation and I told my employees that they can cause harm to human beings because I have more rights than people do.

We demean ourselves and cheapen our own humanity by the way that we choose to engage with others in public. Our children and grandchildren will have only us to blame for what we choose to create for them.

We constantly debase the value of human beings in deference to corporate profits. Who gave the decision to go ahead and destroy the site with bulldozers? A corporate mask hiding responsibility?

They were just obeying orders … So were the dogs.


Drawing the congruence between the Taliban’s desecrations and the destruction in the path of DAPL is very good, and one I’ve not seen elsewhere. Deserves a good meme! peace


They have already succeeded in silencing Amy about 9/11 and I am sure her reporting on the Sioux at Standing Rock, she is stepping on a lot of the same toes for reporting the truth.

A warrant for Amy’s arrest should tell us that they want to silence her again!


Yes, that was my take on his comment also…


I jjust came from a viewing of “Snowden,” Oliver Stone’s latest history-recording of what actually happened regarding this HERO, not the propaganda promoted by the Deep State in its clumsy efforts to revoke democracy. I urge everyone to take the time to see this important film, which has a deep resonance for the DAP protests. We must all pay close attention to Obama’s shilling for the TPP, the DAP, and what the NSA/CIA con men have been doing at the bidding of COPORATIONS & the MICC. If we want to keep our democracy, or at this point, RECLAIM IT, we’d all better wake up & do more than post our thoughts here.
We’d all damn well better call the WH comment line to oppose the TPP, the DAP, the merger of Monsanto & Bayer, the rigging of the Democratic primaries, and on and on and on. Give whatever monies u can to non -profts fighting for us all; march in the streets if/when you can, make calls, write letters, SHOUT FROM THE GD ROOFTOPS BECAUSE IT IS ALREADY ALMOST TOO LATE.
Look at the absolute garbage the two-party political state has offered as candidates. Nobody with a sentient brain wants to vote for either candidate, right?
Before November 8th–RIGHT NOW, PEOPLE, donate, march, call, write. Do whatever u can–and more.


I do absolutely agree that the charges against Amy Goodman should be dropped, but so should the charges against Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka (that was filmed by Goodman) – evidently shipping the oil by train is taking too much money away from the CEO of the corp that’s fighting [illegally] so hard to build this killer pipeline!