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#DropOutHickenlooper, Say Indigenous Activists, After 'Disgraceful' Photos Surface of Former Gov in Imitative Native American Dress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/28/dropouthickenlooper-say-indigenous-activists-after-disgraceful-photos-surface-former

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Corporate Democrats LOVE FrackingLooper! The rest of us (a bit more than) not so much.

This, on top of ethics violations investigations should push the primary to Andrew Romanoff – a real progressive with a strong Green New Deal platform.

Corporate Dems are still defending Hickenlooper however and dark money sites are running ads to push the primary that direction. Coloradans beware!!!


And Coury Gardner is laughing today.
He was secretly hoping Hickenlooper would be his opponent, and then he could show all these pictures of the the Hick performing in red face and cavorting with oil execs.

Has Hickenlooper smoked himself retarded? (All credit to Dave Chappell)
My guess is yes

See also:
Hickenlooper’s drinking problem
By Joel Dyer -
February 21, 2013

Link: ~https://www.boulderweekly.com/opinion/dyertimes/hickenlooperrsquos-drinking-problem/


“Hickenlooper decided to entertain the committee [U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources] with his now infamous recounting of sitting around a table and drinking fracking fluid with his pals from Dick Cheney’s old employer Halliburton, apparently for no other reason than because it’s such a darn safe concoction to ingest.”

Off topic sort of - but AP is reporting Chesapeake fracking is filing for bankrupcy … may the dominoes fall!

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Bet there is no recording of the water being drawn. Sure looked like rice cooking water to me.

Yup, fracking is the Democratic party’s dirty little secret.
But hey, all of the above energy policy, eh Obama?

The photo harkens back to the 1920s when the governors of all 11 western states and POTUS Coolidge posed for photos in full native american dress, often with peace pipe in hand.

I recall driving through a town named Dinosaur in Colorado back in the 70s. Perhaps they should erect a statue of Frackinglooper there ?

That Warren is backing the loopy one is just another indication that she is a progressive fraud. I can only hope that those who continue to allege that she is a progressive will at some point take notice of her stances when it really matters. Outside of a few financial positions she has taken, she has shown me to be nothing more than another political opportunist, using progressives as support in the political lane she is exploiting.

Hickenlooper is leading in polls for the Senate- he must be stopped!!!
He’s the epitome of an elitist who’s owned by Big Oil and is to blame for polluting Colorado on a very wide scale. He’s a liar and a cheat - and apparently racist too!!
STOP Hickenlooper now!!