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Drought-Plagued Filipino Farmers Murdered by State for Seeking Aid


Drought-Plagued Filipino Farmers Murdered by State for Seeking Aid

Nika Knight, staff writer

Police and army forces shot at about 6,000 starving farmers and Lumad Indigenous people demonstrating for drought relief in the Philippines on Friday, ultimately killing 10. Observers characterized the security forces' action as "a strafing."

"The government's response to hunger is violence," said Zeph Rapollo, Southeast Asia campaign coordinator for 350.org, in an email to Common Dreams.


This atrocity by military/police acting for their own corrupt power & domination of the wealthy in power in the Philippines should come as no surprise!
I remember my feelings vividly when "Ninoy" - Benigno Aquino was murdered by the army on the runway tarmac when he returned to his homeland! A pre-meditated assassination! The same evil and rule by the wealthy, military&police scum thug enforcers, and institutionalized national corruption is still entrenched!


At least we learned them real good 'bout democracy. /s


From article:

"The state-sponsored violence in the Philippines portends what turmoil may come as the planet continues to warm, creating more disastrous, extreme weather events worldwide, environmental activists note."

That says it all-----there will be no escaping the turmoil as food and water shortages spread throughout the world.


How very terrible to die asking for help from your own government. Cause of death : Protesting starvation.

Do you see the horrific future that lies ahead for poor humanity and especially for the poor of humanity? If climate change is not rolled back in time to avoid the worst this is our future where desperation forces people to risk the bullets of soldiers and blows by billyclubs and so forth.

Imagine this everywhere. Imagine governments make 'selections' on whom to save and whom to reject and deport back to whatever hell they escaped from.

Imagine terrible things becoming commonplace and hell on Earth starts to seem almost normal...that is what climate change will mean. But that is at 2C...

What happens when it is approaching 3C?

Yet again... I can't bring myself to imagine if it gets even higher. We don't really know where the wheel stops playing climate change roulette. It may get higher fast. You youngsters may see 4C !

Please don't let these people's deaths count for nothing... Get scared. No kidding... Get really scared because climate change deaths are only just beginning. When desperation forces you to face the guns out of sheer desperation like starvation... Remember that they will shoot.

We need to stop climate change and it ain't about fucking cows ...its about fossil fuels. We need Bernie to lead us and in fact lead the world about climate change by his example. No more accommodating the fossil fuel industry world wide. We need to change the fossil fuel future because people are dying and we need a better one where they won't need to.

Go Bernie... For all of us!


Coming soon to a theatre (of operations) near you.


The ultimate in depressing news. Where are all the pro lifers. They have a great cause here.


The current president of the Philippines is Benigno Aquino Jr., the son of the "Ninoy" (Benigno Aquino Sr.) who was assassinated during the rule of dictator Marcos (whose son currently is a senator and running for vice president). When BS Aquino's mom, Cory Aquino, was president, several protesters seeking land reform were killed at the large landholding called Hacienda Luisita, owned by the Cojuangco/Aquino clan. The current goverrnor of the province where the latest brutal killings occurred is a party mate of the current president, Benigno Aquino. The 3 Gs rule in the Philippines: goons, guns, gold. Very little chance for justice in a semi-feudal, fascistic state like the Philippines.


"The state-sponsored violence in the Philippines portends what turmoil may come as the planet continues to warm, creating more disastrous, extreme weather events worldwide, environmental activists note.": And tragically, this is falling on deaf ears on governments. Confuscius was right to say that governments are more fearsome than tigers. I hope these farmers get the rice they need and soon.


I believe you are incorrect. We are not, to my knowledge, "re-establishing and expanding military bases" in the Philippines. We will be rotating into existing Philippine Ports and Camps to counter the thousands of illegal Chinese fishing boats poaching the ocean into a desert. That is certainly true.

Where is one of these "US bases in the Philippines" that you are referring to? The former US bases are Philippine economic zones, commercial and tourism centers and are not scheduled to close to civilian use. Of course, there's over 7,000 islands, so maybe you know something I don't.

Also, I'm uncertain how you deduce that it was colony the whole time. The Philippines was the only US colony in 1898 until the Japanese invaded in 1941. It was part of Japan until General MacArthur returned. After the war, it was independent. It was not a colony at all after 1941.



All people, sooner or later reach breaking point.
This is bound to happen across the world as the population in any given area passes its point of sustainability.
Right now, in the USA there are 50 million people on food aid.
The US economy is already unsustainable
What happens when the food system in the USA breaks down (as it must) and they begin to starve?
Consider the situation in a few years from now: you have a predominantly white, armed police force, and 50/60 million---maybe a lot more---with no means of feeding them.

I would guess that 75/85% of those people are going to be people of colour. The police forces have already demonstrated their willingness to shoot on the most trivial excuse. So mobs of starving people looting supermarkets are going to be met with lethal force.
You have a race war ready and waiting.
And not just the USA.
The EU is close to economic collapse, yet a million immigrants have poured in in the last year, they too demand sustenance from what is effectively a failing economy,
When it finally collapses, they will go on making demands, and riot when those demands are not met.
They are "outsiders". Europe will not have the means to sustain them.
This is why I wrote the book, The End of More,
to warn what is about to happen, and how we came to be in this mess.
Don't read it looking for solutions, I don't think there are any..
None of us want to go gentle into that good night, but with 6 billion too many of us, I think it's inevitable.


A couple of thoughts here. The Southern Islands are closer to the Equator and have born the brunt of both drought and massive Cat 5 Typhoons for a number of years. Those islands are very violent and are have been war-torn for most of my lifetime. Mining for all that junk made in China has caused a lot of unrest there, is my impression.

The Moros (Muslims) down there are struggling for independence into a country/autonomous region they call Bangsamoro. They've been close to getting it for many years, but something always derails it. A number of attempts to take over towns and cities have resulted in military action, in Zamboanga for example a few years ago.

Famine is likely to be a big problem in the region with China destroying all the reefs and ancient fishing grounds and prohibiting anyone but them from fishing in virtually the entire ocean (the nine-dashed line policy.) They've turned those endangered species reefs into artificial islands, military runways and prison garrisons. The beach here is completely covered with small fishing boats afraid to go out to Scarbougho Shoal since the Chinese shoot at them not 60 miles from Filipino beaches.

There's probably over 120 million people living in the P.I. now, so if any island needed protection from poaching by neighboring bullies it's these islands, imho. In this case, the US Navy are the only ones capable of putting this poaching invasion in check, imho. Hundreds of boats like a floating city keep encroaching into Philippine waters according to the papers here. With a billion mouths to feed, the Chinese apparently feel this kind of invasion is justified. China is imploding with pollution and over-fishing and has become very aggressive with more than half a dozen countries here. Big invasions into Indonesia happened by the Chinese fishing fleet accompanied by ramming Chinese goverment vessels last week and caused an international incident knocking Indonesian customs boats away to prevent them from boarding in their own waters.

So I don't see this getting any better any time soon. Most Filipinos here say they are very glad to have the US Navy and the Japanese Navy visiting here. But the food situation has me concerned and I am repairing big fish ponds to feed my tribe and neighbors since fish has become so expensive.

Stay tuned....



Well, I actually live here, and talk to the people here on a daily basis. Nobody cares about that ancient history you cited. Nobody even knows about it, either, except maybe in the city. People here love Americans. Many neighbors I have are married to Americans.

Here's your pals from China destoying the endangered Sea Turtle:




Murdering butchering fascists. Where is the Western media coverage of this massacre??


Yes. Much more to it, and my family line have stayed in this region for three generations, with relatives all over Southeast Asia.

Even generally pro-Western websites could give a glimpse of the filipino anger at the return of US naval forces and its consequences:



Thank you for this lesson in current events and history in the Philippines TheGUM! I have not kept up with politics there or who is in power. Politics in the Philippines generally are confusing, but seem dominated by the same families, corruption and brutality of the rich and powerful over the poor. My recollection of "Ninoy's" assassination is vivid - power does corrupt, and absolute power..........


There is very little across the globe which isn't either influenced or controlled by the US MIC --
and threatened by it. Including our own US citizens.
Whether we are looking at Global Warming, floods/droughts, "Katrina," Fukushima, trade agreements
destroying jobs and creating instability, the underlying problem is what it has always been -- Capitalism.

Capitalism is suicidal.

Created by patriarchy -- and underpinned by organized patriarchal religion -- and the delusion
and deception of the licenses which permit exploitation by the few -- i.e., "Manifest Destiny" and
"Man's Dominion Over Nature."

It is crops which nourish us and keep us alive -- what is happening to our food?

Why does the horror of animal-eating persist since we know quite well that it is another factor in
Global Warming?

The Panama Papers are providing another opportunity to recognize the extent of corruption which
capitalism has put in place.

Unregulated capitalism is merely organized crime -- corporate-fascism.


And thus it begins.


You're not doing badly yourself -- :blush: -- like minds, I think.
But of all the things the US COULD supply will there be any commitment to offering
food supplies to help -- rice?


That's what I'd hope. That the US would rush immediate food aid to these poor folks...not increase military presence! Then, try to do something positive and productive for the long-term benefit to the Philippines, which we have used to our advantage for ever so long.