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Droughts Are Leaving the World's Forests a 'Legacy'—And That's Bad News for the Climate


Droughts Are Leaving the World's Forests a 'Legacy'—And That's Bad News for the Climate

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Forests play an important role as "carbon sinks" by absorbing and storing CO2 emissions, but a new study finds that that droughts—expected to become more frequent with climate change—deal that climate-buffering power a blow.

The findings, published this week in the journal Science, show that forests don't as recover as quickly after a drought as had been previously thought, indicating a need to adjust climate models.


Most scars are for life…

… or death.


Yeah we don’t say a desert is permanent drought. But these forests still exist although for how long we can’t really say. They may disappear and turn into arid grasslands in a few decades.

The bad news is that if we do lose them permanently… we lose another large capacity carbon sink which then permits more carbon (greenhouse gas) emitted into the atmosphere and that means faster global warming.

Everyday we hear new dire warnings about climate change. There is a drought of intelligent thought at the governmental level.

That drought will hopefully lift soon.


Having toured most of the National Parks in the Western states last year and seen dead and dying trees and the dearth of wildlife in and around these parks, the effects of global warming hit home.

Pinebark beetles and other pests and diseases, fires and droughts, the results of global warming, are commonly blamed for the deforestation and disappearing wildlife. But we witnessed further destruction of these resources by hunting, lumbering, acid rain, road kills and other impacts seldom talked about. Traffic jams pointed to the increasing environmental problems of more and more people using these resources.

When will we begin to talk about human overpopulation, the major cause of global warming? Instead of talking about its upside, we see documentaries condemning China’s “One Child Policy”, the predictable effects of uncontrolled population growth in China’s past from whom many Chinese are now suffering.

Will criticism’s of China’s One Child Policy lead to its retraction resulting in further uncontrolled population growth? In the past population was controlled by war and disease. Is this what critics want to go back to?


Makes me wonder how pulling the water from the aquifer under them helps.


Every metric shows the climate situation is worse than anticipated.

Yet governments and industry are still ignoring it.

I guess the 1% figure no situation is so bad they won’t be able to buy their way out of it.


Sadly not as long as the 0.001% figure they can squeeze some more profit out of it.

  • I’m sure as the droughts deepen, TBone Pickens will gladly sell you a gallon of fresh water for $19.95 + tax, shipping and handling. But, he’ll sell you a gallon of fracked water for only $9.95 + etc. What a deal!
  • When it comes to economic recovery, I’d love to see a boom in tar, feathers, fence rails and good stout hemp rope.


Like your thinking… population definitely fits into the problem … along with the Capitalists mind set… we began to develop the current problems when we started the nation state…
Tribal life is the best situation for human survival… 50 to 200 people per tribe…
So, how to deal with this…??? don’t know… cept… debt forgiveness for anyone under 200,000… so that people can stop driving to work… stop working for companies that are businesses that are climate destructive… give out land grants of 3— 5 acres for people to grow food…for their neighborhood… we are really at the brink people… WE ARE AT THE BRINK… SPREAD THE WORD TO YOUR FAMILY FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS… we have to have everyone on board… let’s DO A NATIONAL STIKE… DEMANDING AN ECONOMIC POWERING DOWN… WITH THE RICH GIVING UP MUCH OF THEIR POWER AND MONEY… take it from them… they lie cheated and stole to get it in the first place… RAPING THE EARTH… THEN, THEY HAVE THE GALL TO TRY TO MAKE THE AVERAGE PERSON FEEL GUILTY THAT THEY HAVE TO GET HEIP TO “MAKE IT”… TO SURVIVE…
IT IS ALL A SCAM PEOPLE… the whole "go to work’ thing… sure if you have a trade or a true skill like lawyer or doctor etc… you really have something to “sell” … .but mostly the jobs are "duties "… made up for a particular sales structure …


A bacterium which can reproduce every 30 minutes is an ideal survivor of climate change. A thousand year old redwood is an ideal victim of climate change. Our trees are cooked.


“there is usually water, so when there isn’t, we use the word ‘drought’”

And drain the water basins to delude ourselves into thinking there is no problem. Only when the pumps can deliver only air will people understand the interconnectedness of water in all its forms.


And a booming, locally produced, geo-thermally powered guillotine industry.


Yeah, in many cases it’s not a drought, but desertification.


Probably the kind of bacterium that can reproduce every 30 minutes that is an ideal survivor of climate change is the kind of bacterium that is extremely harmful to people and to the environment.

As climate change gets worse, there’ll be more droughts, more precipitation, and more harmful bacterium and animals that were formally harmless, which will be rendered harmful by the harsh environment that climate change produces.


I think I largely agree with you, but I’m not sure, because I couldn’t manage to finish reading your wall of ALL CAPS & ELLIPSES before I gave up in frustration.

You might get more positive responses to your posts if you used normal capitalization and paragraph breaks, and confined yourself to no more than one ellipsis per paragraph, and only at the end of a sentence rather than in the middle…


Yeah, I know… I start out just using them to emphasize a work or two… and then get carried away… I’m not really yelling at people here… well, except of couple… but, just frustrated that we are not heard…


I live in the SE USA (Georgia) . Turns out, they are cutting down our forests to provide “biofuel” to ship to Britain because our “biofuel” does not count against them in the insane politics of “renewable” energy. So, we are cutting down our “carbon sinks” to ship wood pellets to the limeys so they can proclaim how “green” they are. Welcome to the bizarre world of green politics. Sheesh.


…and that whole, “wood pellet” thing is bogus… I tell people around here… how is that better, when you have to "process, the wood …??? just get of your butt and chop or hire someone…or get a relative to do it… I cannot stand that… you actually make the wood not so green after you doctor it into pellets…
We have a wood stove… for heat… and… I know some one here will not like even that… but there is no way I can get solar panels… cannot … someday, I would like to start buying one at a time… haven’t been able to do so yet… but the idea that using wood to heat and or even cook… for families etc…isn’t bad… because if we switch to wood… you wouldn’t be using it for MASS PRODUCTION OF GOODS AND SERVICES… In some ways we are now… I heard a couple of years ago that Lockheed Martin is using wood for some of their electricity or heat or something… here in our area… that is ridiculous to do…
As for wood, you only start burning, in this area… by mid Oct… or late oct… and only for the night…
you stop in late mar or early April… unless we get another spring like we had in 2013 …70 degrees at the end of Feb…


With apologies to Sioux Rose ( :innocent: )… wha’d’ya mean we? Lol.

Actually I’m being serious though. It is the corporate/politico elites who come up with such plans… to cut our forests and ship their wood (as pellets) elsewhere. We cut down virgin old growth trees in the Tongus Nat. Forest to ship uncut whole logs to Japan because they like large wood beams and have extensive restrictions on cutting their own old growth trees.

It isn’t (yes just as SR says!) ‘us’ that is that ‘we’ but corrupt politicians and corporate manipulators who see the richness of our forests only in terms of monetary wealth and (for politicians) personal gain and campaign donations. Look around and you’ll probably see a lumber industry former executive appointed to oversee forestry ‘multiple use’ initiatives. It isn’t us or we… it is them!

America loves to see pirates and mafia style rogues in the movies but the real pirates and thieves sit in the boardrooms both near and far. Pirates and robbers who can steal a whole forest from their fellow countrymen (or someone else’s of course) with the stroke of a pen! We also see as in this case, them taking the profits from robbing us (this includes public lands) to allow others overseas to preserve their forests intact. Not WE but THEM!

They literally don’t give a damn! These fanatics of greed. The worldwide conspiracy of greed.

Greed is the only conspiracy that I believe in.

Attention all CD’ers… please do not let Sioux Rose hurt me. I crease easily.