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Drug Price Gouging Enters Spotlight as Candidates Take on Big Pharma



Totally agree...that's capitalism and it will only get worse, but you forgot the 'how to' section as part of your conclusion.


Extortion is expected in our system of what is called "health care", but what Big-Pharma is doing is over the moon, even for our for-profit health care that is based on inflating costs to astronomical levels. If the TPP and TTIP are pushed down our throats we will see much more in the way of corporate fascist control and obscene profits, with "tribunals" that by-pass national and local laws protecting the environment and people from corporate pirates!



The "collaborator in chief" wants to pass TTP and TTIP to lock-in corporate domination over national and local environmental and health protection laws; it's very clear who he and most other politicians serve!





Every time I see his smug face on my monitor; I want to put my fist right through it!


The drugs should be available to anyone who needs them. regardless of whether they can pay.


Medicine should help us, money should be a second thought.


Keeping drug prices high is only possible as long as the government forbids private importation of medical drugs. Eliminate the law forbidding this and suddenly the "greedy" will find out that the free market will quickly put them out of business. These high prices are only possible as long as the government offers "protection". Remove the "protection", the prices come down.

Here locally we have a group representing local "Main Street" stores that is trying to prevent Walmart from building a store in the area. The Main Street stores are seeking "protection" from the price competition that the Walmart store would give. If the group is successful, the only people who will benefit will be the "Main Street" stores. Everyone else will be denied the choice of "paying less".


Believe me you would be better off with your main street stores than with Walmart in the long run.


Other than Senator Sanders our politicians are the reason pharma can take us to the cleaners. At least whatever Bernie is saying now is the same as he has said his entire career. Not so with others that are now for the first time supposedly against big pharma. Until elected that is when they have to pay back their big backers.


"As executive chairman of Turing Pharmaceuticals, in August 2015 Shkreli raised the price of Daraprim from $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill — a 5,455% increase[4] — shortly after purchasing the marketing rights to the drug for $55 million from Impax Laboratories. Turing has exclusive marketing rights to Daraprim, which has been available since 1953. While the patent has long expired, no company is currently manufacturing generic pyrimethamine."

Shkreli's only allegiance is to his investors in MSMB Capital Management...that allegiance comes in the form of high returns on their investment regardless of how many lives are lost due to Shilock's tactics. Price gouging also takes its toll on hospitals that may keep the drug in stock and with the price hike, can no longer afford to. His former pharma firm, Retrofin has filed a $65 Million lawsuit against him for misusing company funds. (" Retrophin filed a $65 million dollar lawsuit against Shkreli in August 2015 claiming he breached his duty of loyalty to the biopharmaceutical company in a long-running dispute over his use of company funds.")

He is as nefarious as they come and in his future, when it comes to him or someone in his family needing a drug for his incurable disease that is NOT manufactured by any of his companies, may that drug or drugs cost him every dime of his ill-gotten gains. But, hey, his tactics are practiced by all the banksters, fellow investment firms and insurance companies...all bailed out by the American taxpayer and they are all still scot free to continue their crime sprees.


You just captured capitalism in its most perfect form; profit over people ... every time.


"On Sunday, Turing Pharmaceuticals increased
overnight the price of Daraprim, a malaria medication, from $12.50 to
$750 a pill. Around the same time, a separate drug company, Rodelis
Therapeutics, sent the cost of tuberculosis drug Cycloserine from $15 to
$360 a pill."

These people are nothing but murderers. TB and Malaria are endemic in some parts of the third world and kill people. The USA continues to cry about the 3000 people killed in the Twin Towers incident but does nothing about unnecessary deaths from illness elsewhere. Cuba does it better in respect of medical compassion.

Big Pharma is now threatening to withdraw medication from Australia unless the government alters the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in their favour. Time to go generic and tell the patent holders to eff themselves


We cannot stop it short of electing a Third Party President AND Congress, both houses!

Obama and the elected Democrats and Republicans are protecting the corporate thugs as they have been increasingly since 1980.

Hillary will do the same, and so will any Democratic or Republican Congress after the 2016 elections.

Wall Street is banking on it, bigger than every before.

Wall Streeters know who they own.


Well, it didn't take long, but Shkreli has backed down, at least partially.

They're pigs, and some good cartoonists should portray them that way. This needs to get real simple.


I am debating on getting Marketplace insurance when it becomes available again on Nov. 1, or waiting on a disability application. My family and I are going broke paying for medical bills and the clinic I visited screwed up my hypertension meds 3 times already. I take generics, so most of what my family and I pay goes for the inferior "care" I get. What worries me is people in this town are dying because of these screwups. A friend of mine is in rehab after a stroke and he was on some of the same hypertension drugs I am. My blood pressure has lowered but I have chest tightness and fluttering that I did not have before.
I have come to the conclusion that people do not give a damn about other people's lives. It's like these people go to work to play a poker game with other people's lives and when they clock out they just gather up the cards and go home.

Oh, and my friend, disabled and cannot walk after a stroke? Turned down for disability!


I have had a taste of the insane "healthcare" system in this country and screams out why healthcare for profit is dysfunctional. And the ACA is a joke. Every road block is put up to prevent people from utilizing the system.

I just read part of the democratic platform,talk about broken promises,and one of the topics was negotiating drug prices for medicare-something the democrats called for in their platform. Thousands of people die everyday in THIS COUNTRY because of this dysfunctional for profit healthcare system. This is why we need real campaign finance reform. And the politicians and media who aid these pharma gangsters are criminals and should be prosecuted for murder!--So who would you trust on fixing this issue-Hillary or Bernie Sanders? And this is a prime example of an issue if brought to the forefront could change the dynamics of who gets elected in this country. This is an issue that affects every American and exemplifies our corrupt broken for profit system.--We hear the horror stories about healthcare but they are never woven together as a complete narrative of how pathetic the whole system is.Just as people are saying how bad this guy is -this guy is a reflection of our current healthcare system.


Wallmart? You want to support consolidation into an oligopolist system by encouraging elimination of small businesses and their replacement by the likes of Wallmart? And while "paying less" in the (perhaps very) short term, Wallmart will also deny them a job at anything like a living wage and force them into unpaid overtime, so they'll have to depend on food stamps to get by.

You and your stupid philosophy just sucks.


What decline didn't Thatcher initiate?


"Just as people are saying how bad this guy is -this guy is a reflection of our current healthcare system."

This guy is a reflection of our corporate, conglomerate, vulture capitalism global system. Corruption runs through out all levels of our federal government, city/county and state governments. Everyone can see what is going on so everyone is out to get their's before the house of cards is exposed and tumbles.


right on but you forgot to mention that because of low wages, low hours us taxpayers get to give them food stamps, housing benefits and........ we subsidize Walmart.