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Drumming for Planet Earth


Drumming for Planet Earth

Robert C. Koehler

At the climate rally in Chicago last week, people started drumming in the rain.

Pardon me while I walk uncertain ground here, looking for clues and connections in a smattering of unlikely places. The world is in a fragile, dangerous place. We need to create peace, fairness and sustainability. We need to create a world that doesn’t yet exist, but this is only possible if we look at the world we have with awareness that transcends the limits of our knowing. I don’t know how to do this, but I’m going to try.


bob, what a beautiful description of the drums beating in the rain! your words brought so many memories. i could almost hear the drums as i read your words. i remember my very fist powwow--the drums, the drums--honoring the heartbeat of a living planet. as we drove home at the end of that wonder-filled weekend of celebration, somehow i could still hear the drums.


This is another wonderful piece by Mr. Koehler, As usual, his columns give us all the opportunity to expand our consciousness and to increase our understanding and appreciation of compassion, empathy and mindfulness of the most basic, fundamentally necessary aspects of living together in harmony, love and justice towards each other, and this planet we call home, our only home!

I, for one, truly look forward to the thoughts, observations, insights and advice offered up weekly by
Robert Koehler, and Chris Hedges as well as others. There are indeed a few journalists who have managed to retain both their integrity and their soul.

Many thanks, Common Dreams. Many thanks, Robert Koehler.


Why must I pay to have my waste collected and nuetrulized while corporate waste can be released into the water and air.


hogs farmers too!


robert! also i want to thank you for referencing the robert nisbet quote about the difference between "authority" and "power". whenever i see a post about speaking truth to power, i feel those who attempt to intimidate use that tactic to cover an inferiority complex. they can't even admit it to themselves. thanks to your essay, i think i've found how better to make my point. authority stems from education and/or experience, power depends on force. not one among us can be an authority on every subject, yet our "elected authority" figures presume to be the moral compass for all of us. also, they make policy decisions behind closed doors for which we the people bear the repercussions. single-payer healthcare is a prime example since congress enjoys full coverage at tax-payer expense. in other words these "deciders" bear no repercussions when they say, "single payer is off the table!" then, think about fracking. . .