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Drumpf Speaks. God Save Us


Drumpf Speaks. God Save Us.

Turns out it can get worse, in a mezmerizing sort of way. After the WaPo Editorial Board met with Drumpf, they released a transcript. You may find it surreal listening to him speak, but there's nothing - except maybe that replayed loop of the second plane ramming the Twin Towers - like seeing in print his stupefyingly WTF mix of words. FYI: This is a small, sick, racist, insecure, narcissistic, penis-obsessed moron.


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Well, I just wasted a big piece of my time reading the transcript. I can’t stand either Trump or the WaPo. To hell with them both.


Definitely qualifies for the MORON award!

“WE” did just fine?

I guess you missed the evisceration of Civil Liberties and the nations bludgeoned into utter destruction all so that a case could be FIXED FOR war.


andrewboston: I’m sure you are just being sarcastic! I would add that Trump might be the best of a very bad GOP lot. One with negotiable principles might be easier to endure than someone with firmly held bad principles. Imagine Cruz near a cruise missile…

Whatever you think of Trump, he is an excellent wrecking ball for a party that sorely needs it. That is the real reason they are suddenly jumping on him. And if the Democrats have any merit at all, they will beat him if he is nominated - but if they choose Clinton, who has heavy baggage of another sort, it may be too close for comfort.

BTW, it was actually Rubio who was “penis-obsessed” with his small-hands innuendo. Trump just called him on that old chestnut. Give the Donald credit for being frank.


Sooner or later the dumb and dumber will learn how to suck it up and look at themselves in the mirror. They will wash his feet when they realize that we will most likely never again see a self-funded presidential candidate who is exposing the hideous mess we are all in right now. It is absolutely astonishing how stupid the liberals are because they don’t realize that they are using only HALF of their brains. And the rest of us are paying the price. Most importantly, our veterans----the salt of the earth. When our little liberal friends find out their country is under siege they’ll run and hide under rocks and let the as_holes from the red states and the kids who can’t afford college come to their rescue. Can’t imagine many of the Bernie crowd would defend their country at this point. They don’t ask how they can serve their country; they ask how their country can serve them. Not their faults. That’s the way the train was headed when their MVEMJSUNP parents got on the treadmill while their Clintons and their liberal establishment ivy league cronies kept raising the bar higher and higher, across the board, so that standards of education here are, compared to European standards, say of Switzerland, beyond the norm.

Clinton is a pathetic swine. They’re just fattening her up for the slaughter. If she had any real brains at all she’d bow out with at least some shred of dignity but that seems to be completely beyond either HillBilly.


[quote=“diacad, post:8, topic:20109”]
the best of a very bad GOP lot

I’d say, of all the fearful, rageful, shame-compelled, self-absorbed, psychotic psychopaths who were or are running for president, or are Republicans, he’s certainly one of them.


Political parties have historically followed Tennyson’s message from the charge of the light brigade, requiring partisans “not to reason why, but to do and die”. They continue to be part of the problem and not part of the solution. If political parties are not outlawed, the FUTURE will be ever more bleak for the 99%.


Why do you support Trump?

As far as him being “less stupid”, I think Bush managed to construct complete sentences on occasion in contrast to the Trump.


Seeing how attempts at “US campaign reform” in the past half century have caused more problems than were solved, any election reform that stops short of getting all money out of all politics is a wasted effort.

If parties are allowed in a publicly funded system, they would only be allowed to distribute information to recipients who requested it.


But most of all, as Sue noted, he managed to completely _de_construct the entire mid-east region - to the tune of incredible bloodshed. Plus the savaging civil liberties - even making the formerly unthinkable act of torture and imprisonment without charge - violating the most basic human rights going back to the medieval Magna Carta. Trump can now escalate even these outrages - thanks to the oh-so-typical, but vile USAn amnesia so exhibited by this Andrew guy from Noam Chomsky’s home town.


The reading of the entire Wash. Post article shows just how much Trump is incapable of being presentable on the international stage of politics, despite his braggadocio about how smart he is etc. this article proves quite clearly that he is incompetent of rational thinking. Or of thinking about anything except how exceptional he is, I would guess that having a lot of money does this to weak minded persons.

I would be interested to know who the folks are that are backing him telling him that he is as great as he believes, because clearly after reading this article I venture to say he is nowhere near as smart as he thinks.

And for all his claims of funding his campaign and beholding to no one… I call B.S. he is a one trick pony…“make America great again” but cant discuss in a rational manner how to achieve said goals.

I have yet to hear him offer any substance on any issue, all I hear is “get him out of here” " were gonna build a wall" I’d like to punch him in the face" " I would waterboard and more" “I know good words” all macho B.S. drivel, delivered with a pout that is deserving of a punch itself.

He is a caricature of what is wrong with America, and folks are eating it up…

It is truly mind blowing this asshole is where he is in the polls.


If you are talking about that fatal “tickling the dragon’s tail” prank with a critical-mass plutonium pit, some neutron reflectors and a old screwdriver, the name was Slotkin (a Russian-Jewish name) not “Sloan”. (A English name)


That is why his supporters (including those who think he is preferable to Hillary here) love him so much - becasue he is as stupid as they are. In the USA - both on the left and right, intelligence and expertise is deeply distrusted. It is believed that a point of view derived from ignorance is much more credible than a point of view of an expert becasue of this weird USAn conflation of expertise with bias and being a “shill” for this or that “industry”, while ignorance implies a certain “purity” and “innocence” therefore correctness (?!?!) in the viewpoint.

For example, when arguing that the collapse of the WTC was fully explainable by the aircraft impacts and fires rather than secretly planted “thermite” by the Bush White House, one loses all their credibility as soon as they start citing principles of and the mechanics of materials and structures.

In other words, to a USAn, the most simple minded ignorant opinion on any matter is always the correct one.


He had a “Go Bernie” bumper sticker too?


As retorts go, that’s pretty damn pathetic.

So what’s it like getting up in the morning and thinking to yourself “self, I think I’m going to defend once again the witty and bombastic jerk Donald Trump”?

Give us your ideas once again, how we should critique Trump according to the Trump brand of political correctness?

Witty enough to come up with something other than an inane retort?


So you oppose the “heap” you are a part of? You support a bombastic hate monger, and by extension his most racist and right wing supporters on a daily basis!

How does that work exactly?


So it is your contention STILL that rigorous scientific scrutiny supports the official fantasy narrative of 9/11?

You know, like the scientific scrutiny that was apparent in NIST’s decision to not even look for evidence of energetic compounds while “scientifically” researching the cause of the collapse of WTC7.

Yeah, that’s science!


On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

H. L. Mencken