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Ducking Cameras, Trump Signs Bill Delivering 'Gut Punch' to Millions of Women


Ducking Cameras, Trump Signs Bill Delivering 'Gut Punch' to Millions of Women

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Behind closed doors on Thursday, President Donald Trump signed a bill that will effectively make it harder for women—especially low-income women and women of color—to access basic healthcare services.


Do you think the corporate media will tell the women of the US? I might listen to them tonight. Only way I can tell what they are not telling us.


Um, this cites a report by CNN.


Well, this might make fund raising easier for Planned Parenthood!


Well, shit, thanks oh so very much, Ivanka!
Just to be very clear/snark.
Pence and the rest of the booger picking Domininist Gee Oh! Pee just love women, yup.


"callous disregard" this is not. "Gut punch"is more to the point, but still is not plain enough.
these repulsive republicans are hostile tp women and even more hostile to women of color and poor women. sick and twisted


Teen pregnancy rates way down. Abortions numbers lowest in many years. I work with teens who depend on Planned Parenthood for birth control as well as testing and treatment for STDs.
This very bad move to defund Planned Parenthood is inviting increased teen pregnancies as well as abortions for those who can access them. This is harmful to young people and society. (We won't even mention screenings for cancer and the lives saved.)
One could certainly call it a stupid and harmful move by stupid, uncaring Republican lawmakers.


Yeah, but Jesus.


And they are where they are and are able to do this crap because over decades Dems offered
absolutely no resistance.

This is also a gut-punch to the planet because birth control is important for population control.

And the most important subject is Global Warming, which is why it requires all of the attempts
to hide it and to silence scientists.


It looks like Trump and the Republicans want women, especially poor women, to have lots of babies who will grow up and go to war for them. Our government and elites love 2 things - money and the power of war to get more money.


Yes, yes, but too many of our sisters have more immediate needs. And it's unlikely that the little minds in DC can grasp the complex connection.


NO, no. The DC crowd understands very well the arms of 'Global Warming' and they are preparing for it by organizing means of repression all over the place - police, military, jails, weapons (80 pits per year out of Los Alamos), etc - in order to maintain the inequalities that exist and that are expanding over the world. They are aware, want to stay on top in the 1%, and are in public denial of the climate in order to dominate.
They know more about climate than most of the population which is why it is such a betray of their humanity.


Your denial makes no sense and gives us nowhere to go from here. I'd go back to bed if I believed that.


bks --

Understand -- but that is true because of the oppression of females by Elite patriarchy.
It then becomes true that children have more immediate needs as well because their
mothers are unable to properly protect them.
And this is true down the line as patriarchy is at war with Nature.

But of course the little minds in DC understand Global Warming and they understand it
as the severe threat it is to them should the public come to know how serious it is.

Without a planet there is no fixing anything.

Much of what is happening now is "distraction" from that reality -- a very, very serious


Well, here and now we're trying to talk about a specific gut punch to women.


I guess they hate their own mothers as well.


I agree with you.


If they can't take care of themselves, they certainly can't take care of a baby. And a baby that is not taken care of does not grow up at all, or certainly does not grow up to the point of being qualified for today's complex military.


Please see the organization populationconnection zpg. Also, just posting here will not accomplish a thing


True - but neither will taking up weapons.
Whatever we do it has to be a non-violent response/revolution.
As I've mentioned here before -- there are ways to respond -
Stop supporting organized patriarchal religion which underpins patriarchy.
Re-read our Constitution and understand that the Founders actually created
an Elite patriarchy, endowed it with land grants and immense influence and
control over our people's government.

Overturn the concept of "Manifest Destiny" and "Man's Dominion over Nature"
which are the licenses granted to Elites to exploit Nature, Animal-life,
Natural Resources -- and even other human beings according to various
myths of "inferiority."

The Founders preserved and protected the system of Slavery for Elites for
two hundred years and into another 100 years of Segregation.
This guaranteed the Civil War which also benefited Elites by dividing the
nation into two camps of hatred which still echoes today in America.
We are still in this gene pool today which gave us genocide against the native
American accomplished by brutal and vicious violence.
Understand this and make sure that others understand the real Constitution
we've been taught to esteem and honor.

Another means is to unite in ending the eating of animals and breaking that
chain of violent.

We can also unite in pulling the plug on cable TV, for another.
And continue to tune out MSM.

We should also understand that we are all labor and we do not require the
permission of government nor corporations to unite in unions.

We can also unite in a new MEDICARE 4 ALL party.
Both of our political parties are totally corrupted and criminal and haven't
served the needs of the people in more than 50 years.

That's a beginning.