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Due to 'Credible Threats of Violence,' Michigan Capitol Shuttered as Electoral College Meets to Confirm Biden Victory

Most occupations show their own professional courtesies, same same with thugs. Look for the ones overlaying the American Flag with the blue privilege stripe, they’re the most dangerous gang affiliates.

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THe only think missing there was the National Guard to provide cover and take the blame

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Those threats are not gender based: They affect males and females equally. Not exactly the sort of parity we have all been hoping for.

It wasn’t meant to be taken literally.

To my knowledge, the National Guard doesn’t possess nukes.

My apologies for not using a more accurate alliteration for putting down threats of violence.

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Please read the definition of “treason” in the Constitution of the United States, Article III, Section 3.

Although these are heinous crimes deserving of significant punishment, they are not called “treason” but “sedition.” Inciting to riot is a lesser but still serious offense which would apply to the about-to-be-ex president as well as his followers.

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Eisen belongs in Gitmo. He knew the details of some out of control protest on Monday in Lansing.
The guy in camo, in this stories mid November photo, may be a PAID disrupter / kkk type. Is not national guard nor military. Who pays these thugs?
Notice the state troopers disavow that they advised to close the state house. I do not read that they offered to protect anyone either.

Don’t think so. Grant catches heat these days for being too kind to the traitors, allowing them to keep their weapons as I recall. His assassin, John Wilkes Booth, broke his leg in his attempt to escape and was found shortly after, hiding in a barn. It is not clear whether he committed suicide or was shot by his pursuers.

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Is Booth’s death really in question, or were you paraphrasing what Captain Renault said about Ugarte: “I am making out the report now. We haven’t quite decided yet whether he committed suicide or died trying to escape.” If the latter, very clever.

I did a quick check in my trusty encyclopedia (hardbound!), which agreed with what I think I recall reading and hearing in the past. If you know otherwise I would be delighted to be enlightened.

“I am still learning.”
–Attributed to Michaelangelo, and the favorite quote of my very last boss, the boss from hell, who was NOT still learning and who led me to retire a year earlier than I had planned.

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Actually, I mis-remembered.
It was the New Hampshire National Guard who wanted their own tactical nukes, not Maine.
But they did not get them…
“Live free or Radiate”