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Due to Trump's Maskless Visit, Medical Supplier in Maine Forced to Toss Out Badly-Needed Swabs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/08/due-trumps-maskless-visit-medical-supplier-maine-forced-toss-out-badly-needed-swabs

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Well at least I got to reminisce about the adorable character Pig-Pen that Charles M. Schulz created oh so many years ago.


Trump is an irresponsible fool, and the company should not have allowed him to enter the facility without a mask.


Trump was told he was visiting an Adderall factory. He just wanted to enjoy the full essence.


That’s what I was wondering. Why did the company allow him in?


I like the photo. Trump trying to wipe french fry grease off of his sprayed on tan patina.

Maybe Biden should continue hiding in his cave. Trump is imploding all on his own.


Exactly. Facilities need to say “No Mr. Trump, unless you follow public health protocol, you may not enter.” Why are so many, so cowardly? It has real consequences! STAND UP TO THIS IDIOT!


While His Pestilency engages more publicly in public-health sabotage, consistent with his encouragement of the pandemic all year, USA’s outbreak charges full steam ahead. In the accounting below, we abstract out everything except days reporting 1,000 new cases or more, and call the count and span of those days a “major outbreak.” By this accounting, 17 states have major outbreaks, eleven reaching into or past the last week of May.

I use the 1,000-case threshold as another means of comparison – the asterisks next to New York, California, and Massachussetts connote that these state-outbreaks are roughly comparable to the outbreaks in UK, Italy, and Germany, respectively.

>                  +1K days
>  1. New York        78 *   03/17 - 06/05
>  2. California      63 **  03/26 - 06/05
>  3. Illinois        60     03/28 - 06/04
>  4. New Jersey      55     03/25 - 05/28
>  5. Massachussetts  50 *** 03/27 - 05/31
>  6. Pennsylvania    38     03/31 - 05/20
>  7. Texas           30     04/08 - 06/05
>  8. Florida         22     03/27 - 06/06
>  9. Michigan        22     03/29 - 05/13
> 10. Maryland        17     04/07 - 05/29
> 11. Virginia        11     04/30 - 05/29
> 12. Louisiana        9     03/30 - 05/20
> 13. Georgia          8     03/30 - 04/30
> 14. Connecticut      8     04/02 - 04/30
> 15. North Carolina   6     05/19 - 06/05
> 16. Arizona          4     06/01 - 06/05
> 17. Ohio             3     04/17 - 04/19
>   * UK              76     03/20 - 06/06
>  ** Italy           64     03/06 - 05/11
> *** Germany         50     03/13 - 05/12

At one point during the visit, the president[ put his arm around an employee before saying, “I’m not supposed to do that.”

The SOB. I would have moved away from him briskly if I realized what he was about to do.

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Push the idiot away.


They could have refused him admission, stopped him at the gates, or entrance and stood by it. No guided tour if he ignored the demand. He was a health risk and everyone knew it.


A mini-“Mission Accomplished” for DT.


No, Mr. trump. Stop. You don’t use those to clean your ears.

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Proof Positive that –

  1. Trump only cares about himself and his photo ops.
  2. Trump does not care the damage he does to others to get his photo ops.

The damage he does will only get more desperate and catastrophic as the election nears and his defeat inexorable. It’s his pathology to escalate and knock down moral and ethical limits to achieve his means.

He has already caused the deaths, through his own choice, of 10’s of thousands of Americans due to C-19. He was more concerned about the stock market and his electability than people’s lives. On that alone he should have been removed from office.

I worry he’ll eventually drop a tactical nuke somewhere to achieve a last-ditch, tough-guy Kodak moment.


Because as it turns out, corporations are idiots, too.


Susan Collins is trying to decide whether to be upset about this or not, she’ll let us know.


That’s right. Trump doesn’t care about outcomes. He just presses on treating us all like rubes at a snake oil presentation.
He is all Roy Cohen, all the time, everywhere. Just keep on walking all over whatever you want and take no complaints.


Trump voters all. Sometimes you deserve what you get.


I know what I’d like to do with all those trashed swabs-stuff them where the sun don’t shine on both Trump and the corporate idiots who allowed him entrance into the facility. He’s not the only person at fault for this fiasco. CEO must be a Trump supporter, kissing the golden ass.


I know the owners; republicans.