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Duke Study Finds A "Legacy of Radioactivity," Contamination from Thousands of Fracking Wastewater Spills


Duke Study Finds A "Legacy of Radioactivity," Contamination from Thousands of Fracking Wastewater Spills

Sharon Kelly, DeSmogBlog

Thousands of oil and gas industry wastewater spills in North Dakota have caused “widespread” contamination from radioactive materials, heavy metals and corrosive salts, putting the health of people and wildlife at risk, researchers from Duke University concluded in a newly released peer-reviewed study.


Hillary’s friends are not our friends. Catch the clue.


make money make money. My money your problem.


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You have to wonder just how all this has been allowed to happen. Where were the studies showing that this kind of thing would happen. Here are the regulators intervening and preventing such destructive practices from continuing? It couldn’t have been that they didn’t expect any of this. Who is being held responsible? Moreover who will be held responsible later when the damage continues and ground water is poisoned in years to come?

Who gets held responsible for poisoning the water you drink?

I know one thing though… Hillary has been at the forefront of promoting fracking around the world. That said… I suppose Hillary will smile and tell us that she will do everything possible to look into the issue.


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The magnitude of the environmental destruction that occurs , not just from the fracking industry but virtually every industry predicated on the extraction of resources for profit is so large it hard not to conclude it not part of a greater agenda.

The Dominionists argue that when then the endtimes come and the chosen few taken from this Earth in the rapture, what has to be left behind is a hell on earth as those left behind deserve such.

Are they in fact running the show?


We will have company if it is. I think the next ten years will change the mentality of humanity for better or worse. Either we pull it together to save what we can of our own habitat or we devolve into a rather savage insensitivity where those who suffer will not expect help from those who are suffering less. Famine and fury appear on the horizon. Add to them, plagues and sweltering crippling heat that is only just beginning in ten years but will be inescapable in twenty and a merciless killer in thirty and the world we know will be unrecognizable.

Of course that is the optimistic view. It may be worse than that. It may get hotter much much faster. The permanent end of cold winters in the USA in ten years? The loss of maybe 40% of our forest cover in ten years bad? Let’s hope not but we actually don’t know. We underestimated climate change thanks to the denialists. We are behind the curve and it happens faster than we ever predicted.

The world becomes science fiction…

…and the future will overwhelm us.


It is not like Trump will be better, though, In fact, he will be even worse. Pick your poison.


I hear the dominionists are in Colorado Springs.
Air Force officers. 16,000 or more. Holy Smoke.
A good dose of LSD 25 might help. Jus like the 1950s TV sign off: They can touch the hand of god.


You realize these FACTS mean nothing to a republican lawmaker who has been bought and paid for by the fracking industry…All these facts will be denied as some biased liberal study with an agenda who everyone knows is nothing but godless devils intent on subverting the profits of the rich and entitled assholes of the world and turning us all into socialists…ewwwww socialists ewww…Why on earth would us socialists expect to have clean drinking water and clean air…why the very nerve of them evil satan spawn…If conservatives can drink poison and not die surely we can to eh…Or maybe they dont drink from the same well…hmmm…They think we are non persons they believe we should be the ones who take one for the team eh…Be American let you and your family die for our country and their profits.