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Dumb And Dumber In The Republican House Education Bill


Dumb And Dumber In The Republican House Education Bill

Jeff Bryant

For sure, there is a lot for Democrats to dislike about the current version of No Child Left Behind federal education legislation steaming toward approval in the US House of Representatives. The bill, HR5 the Student Success Act, was written completely by Republicans, passed through committee without any Democratic support, and has already drawn strong opposition from the Obama administration and others.


Education Week reporter Alyson Klein reported US Secretary Arne Duncan opposes the legislation, in part,
because it “doesn’t create any sort of new investment in early childhood education,” an area that Duncan and House Democrats have been saying they’d like to see significant new investments.

Let’s be clear about Duncan’s true motivation in opposing this bill. The spending cuts would mean less income for HIS corporate sponsors, the testing industry.



THe problem is not testing, it is how the testing is used. All education systems that are superior to the US use standardized testing of some sort such as the British A levels and O levels.