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Dumb Bastards Are Killing Us

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/10/19/dumb-bastards-are-killing-us


The United States is being “Shock Doctrined” out of existence as a Republic.The proto-fascist Republicans and the corporate Democrats are in on it, as are major corporations. IF the election actually works, and IF the House and Senate get Democratic majorities, maybe, just maybe, some strides can be made toward normalcy. These steps won’t be big strides, but baby sized, and may take at least two terms, if not generations, to repair the damage done over the last four years of Trump. There was damage done under Democrats as well, so it would be great if Joe Biden decided to “look back”, and prosecute those who perpetrated this catastrophe. Even going after many in his own party.


This fricken reading of the tea leaves professing to articulate the future is just so much bullshit

OH and you know…
Everyone is in cahoots Rs and Ds

We are Fucking going to move this world forward

For every schmuck there are 10 Greta Thunberg’s

And Shit for Brains will be GONE
No mas naranja



This gives a whole meaning to the phrase, “Atlas Shrugged”.


He will soon be saying he never had covid, that it is fake news, never happened. And the really scary thing is, he will believe his own lies because that’s what a pathological liar does. And so will the drumpf death cult.


Front page news on our “local” paper(owned by Gannet of course, with no local offices and newsfeeds come from freelancers who own a police scanner) is that C-19 cases are rapidly rising here in St Clair County. Gee, why am I not surprised? The entire US, except for a very few areas, is one big Covid Hot Zone.
And these aren’t Dumb Bastards, alas. While they’ve been outsourcing jobs for over 40 years, making unions redundant with “Right to Work” laws, making sure we’re estranged from each other, and working furiously on concepts such as AI, where will jobs be created? Good paying jobs? It’s impossible for over 300 million people to each be self-employed, where we grew our own food on subsistence farms, where mom-and-pop stores supplied the rural populations in hub small towns and artisans created the things that we couldn’t ourselves.
We’re excess now. And I think, deep down, everyone knows it in the 99% class. Texas Governor Abbot just signed a bill allowing social workers to discriminate against the disabled and members of the LBGTQ community. Now we know the next people to be put in those ICE facilities, eh?


Hi nighthawk:
O and when I looked at the picture, I saw some bare spaces in Trump’s hair----- and shapes -----2 big eyes and a kind of beak. Just follow the beak shape-----back up to the eye shapes—and OMG, I see a burrowing owl living in Trump’s hair. Athough, maybe it died of Covid and is just stuck up there! : )

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and we are here because Hillary could not be bothered to campaign in key states


death toll is inexorably mounting toward 200,000 deaths.

Actually it’s just over 220,000 … maybe it should be written as ‘almost a quarter of a million’ because I’m sure we’ll be there by NOThanksgiving!


I disagree. We are here because the DNC, in their infinite stupidity, decided that rather than letting the voters decide who the candidate would be–most likely Sanders at the time–they would rather put up a guaranteed polarizing candidate, Clinton, because they wanted “a woman”, but moreover, someone who would just maintain status quo. If they wanted a woman candidate so bad, Warren should have been better supported, but then she was no friend to Wall Street, (nor was Bernie). So of course, people who didn’t want Clinton at all either didn’t vote, voted for a third party, or worse, voted for Cheeto. And so here we are. Again.


The blocking of testing alone should be an impeachable offense.

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Giving up is not an option.

Should he make that claim it might just be a rare truth. Most people take five days to show symptoms. Trump was back on the stump in less than a week.