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Dumbest. Criminal. Ever.


Dumbest. Criminal. Ever.

After the week's delirious roller-coaster - from Flipping Flynn Friday to Trump's "Lock Him Up" reception from thousands of enraged New Yorkers - perhaps the most apt culmination was Saturday's nitwit admission by the Tweeter-In-Chief of his own guilt. Some of the best responses came from Rogue Snr WH Advisor - "You just admitted obstruction of justice. Guards! Take this meat lump away!" - and Abe Lincoln: "No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar."


Oh God Bless You Abby and staff, Toast indeed, fell over laughing after crying inside for too long. Thanks, I really needed to laugh.


Toast so tasty I burst out laughing with relief! Remember that old Chinese saying: “This, too, shall pass.”



Only way the ‘toast’ image could be improved is to add a sack of hammers then theres Meat the Press and - wait - the Lyndon Johnson cynicism that seems to fit this foot for [understanding Trumplandia](https://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fimages.dailykos.com%2Fimages%2F340277%2Fstory_image%2FWisdom_of_LBJ.jpg%3F1482012919

and… not to forget… a case of the codies


The Toast is Indeed Good

What, no Egg on that ham :slight_smile:


“Trump has been binge eating since the Flynn news broke this AM. Panda Express. Arbys. Krispy Kreme.”

For those of us who want to see this chump go down, this is better news than that of his accidental admission. If his term ends early it’s still more likely it will be due to a heart attack than to an impeachment.


And Panda Express is mall food. Don’t they have decent Chinese restaurants in DC? Maybe his buddy Roy Moore just happened to be at the mall so he picked Donny up some lunch.


What, no shit on that shingle?


Trump is not only the dumbest criminal ever, unlike Obama who may have been the smartest criminal ever, Trump in my view, is also the most dangerous criminal ever! Trump being probably the most deranged and mentally dysfunctional president ever to have his hands on the nuclear trigger…is terrifying.


God you’re right

I had forgotten that

Totally blocked from my memory

Mystery Meat


Thank you for taking the words right out my typewriter. I love you, Abby. I too especially love the toast picture.