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Duncan Hunter Admits His Marine Unit ‘Killed Probably Hundreds of Civilians’ in Iraq

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/04/duncan-hunter-admits-his-marine-unit-killed-probably-hundreds-civilians-iraq


Gee Duncan, you seem to declare yourself above the system, which hardly squares with your oath to defend the Constitution. When contrasted with Robert Mueller’s poise in following the system, though it obviously pains him to do so, I believe that your behavior does not fare so well.


But, hey, this is America, so we’re all supposed to salute the flag and thank this monster for his service, no questions asked. The fact that this guy is bold enough and shameless enough to publicly defend a war criminal by admitting he, too, committed war crimes demonstrates, once again, the extent to which American culture is a warrior culture.


That body count is on all idiots with " Save the troops" / " My son is in the army"…" Proud mom of a Marine" an other stupid car stickers.


The US Military, the entirety of it , is a cancer on the United States of America and on the world. There is nothing that they do that can be deemed as “good”. No Iraqi in Fallujah threatened the United States or its territory nor did any have plans to force all Americans to “speak Iraqi”.

The increase in Military spending in one year is enough to end homelessness in that Country. In the City of Los Angeles 10s of thousands sleep on the street and live in shantytowns that are 3rd world at best. 10s of thousands of Americans die each year because of lack of access to health care and again it that MILITARY which is a root cause of this misery as it drains money from Social program spending to build the latest f35 Aircraft.

Abroad the US Military destroys homes and hospitals , murders indiscriminately and wreaks havoc on the environment with things like Agent Orange and DU Munitions. It is a murderorus all devouring monster that is saluted and “Honored” for the “services” it performs by peoples that lack compassion and are souless and in essence “The Walking Dead” each and every time they stand up to salute a person in uniform.

In that Military the troops deemed “elite” such as the SEALS are called that because of all the persons willing to kill another on orders which in fact on behalf of the Corporations those in the SEALS are the most willing to take anothers life. In WW2 it was found a wide swathe of soldiers never fired their weapons in battle because they had reservations against killing another. Elite troops are carefully selected because they have less of those reservations. Those troops condemning the actions of Galllagher are right to do so but they must also ask themselves “What gave me the RIGHT to go to Iraq and KILL people even if they were other soldiers” ?

“Because I am fighting for Americas freedom and liberty” does not cut it.


If we want these things discussed on the stage at the Democratic debates, please send as little as a dollar to both Tulsi Gabbard and Mike Gravel, the only two strong anti-war candidates the Dems have.


SuspiraDeProfundis was lucky enough to be born in, and resides in Canada.

Bloody, mass murdering Imperialism being what it is, maybe we should appreciate Hunter’s honest atrocity claims as forthright.
Here is Caitlin Johnstone making the case for the presidential honesty of Trump:



The crimes of the ‘defender’ of the war crimes of Gallagher were not limited to war. The exceptionalism extends into domestic business as criminal fraud against, what can only be presumed to be, his ‘fellow Americans’ being regarded as lesser than his murderous sphere of impunity, as rationalization to criminally extract whatever he wants from whomever he chooses as his ‘mark’:

" Meanwhile, Hunter and his wife Margaret—who were indicted last August on 60 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, records falsification and campaign finance violations related to the alleged misuse of $250,000 in campaign funds for personal expenses—are due to appear in court to stand trial later this year."


Fellow snipers say he shot an unarmed old man, as well as a young girl who was walking with her friends.

Can someone refresh my memory? Several years ago there was a “feel good” story about a 13-year old girl from Iraq who was injured in the war, and brought to the states for treatment. A journalist pitched her an easy question, trying to prompt her to say how wonderful she thought America was for the medical treatment, but instead got an answer along the lines of, “if America is so wonderful, why did they try to murder me in the first place?”

I think, but am unsure, that the shooter in that case was a sniper. Snipers are the ultimate heros of the war because they “kill with precision.” When I bring up this story to others, they simply deny that any ultimate hero would target a 13-year old girl because, somehow, being able to kill whoever, whenever with just a twitch of the finger, makes you morally beyond reproach. Huh?


Early in the invasion of Afghanistan , an older Afghan man was “surgically” executed by a Drone strike the attack launched from inside the USA. He was a scrap dealer collecting scrap at the sides of the roads to make enough money to raise his family.

What crime did he commit that lead to his murder?

He had a longer beard and a Turban and “looked like” Osama Bin Laden. “Precision Killing” means nothing if you do not even know whom you are killing.


If the folks sporting such bumper stickers really believed in “saving” or “supporting” the troops, they would oppose sending them to imperialist wars that harm their physical and mental health for the sole purpose of enriching war profiteers.


The pride that Hunter expresses in his role in the slaughtering masses of innocent civilians, is abhorrent.

The fact that there is no chance that Hunter will be prosecuted for his crimes against humanity, is very disturbing.

Also disturbing is the lack of public outcry and the uncritical response of the US mainstream media to Hunter’s public admission of his crimes against humanity.


These very same murderers, are hired to become police,ICE and the prison industry, as the hiring system is rigged to hire US mercenaries/veterans. mercenaries get extra points on police and fire exams. so those who commit atrocities in war become cops and ICE members who then kill, abuse and commit atrocities against US citizens.
War criminals very often get hired as cops, over 80% of cops are former mercenaries/vets yet vets are less than 5% of US population and over 50% have serious PTSD and other mental issues, and the US will no longer conduct background and mental health screening for former mercenaries seeking employment in Law Enforcement and Prison industries.


This, sadly, is the face of America.

Lawlessness for the well connected.


First, fry the bastards that sent the soldiers to do what they are trained to do, to kill.


A warrior culture, perhaps. A war profiteering culture, undoubtedly.

Our “warriors” are in the midst of an abysmal losing streak.
Meanwhile, our war profiteers are making serious bank.


We have Created a Military Culture. We Train these Volunteers to KILL, KILL, KILL and when they overdo the Killing we say Bad Boy or Bad Girl you went too far.

They are taught to think of everyone in the Country they are invading as the ENEMY. They are never taught to understand the Culture or the People whose Land they have invaded.

The my lai massacre and the brutal heartless actions of Lieutenant William Calley and his Company have taught us nothing.

We still Train our Soldiers to Kill on Command and that everyone in the Country they have invaded is the ENEMY, not people protecting their homeland or fellow Human Beings trying to survive and live a normal life like all Americans.

We now have a leader of this great country who thinks it is okay to slaughter and murder innocent people who pose no threat.


"My son is a tool of the “banksters”


So we elected a confessed murderer. What else is new?