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Duped by For-Profit Schools, State AG Backs Warren's Call for Student Debt Forgiveness


Duped by For-Profit Schools, State AG Backs Warren's Call for Student Debt Forgiveness

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has asked the U.S. Department of Education to forgive the debt of hundreds of students who were forced into loans and thousands of dollars in tuition payments by the failing for-profit Corinthian Colleges.


Spearheaded by Warren? Give me a break! - Stein and the Greens have been talking about this for some time … C’mon CD, your partisanship slip is showing … It really does tarnish your projected image as a “progressive” site when you fail to give credit where credit is due - when the Greens were talking about debt forgiveness, Warren was introducing a “lower interest rate” - i suggest it is Warren who is attempting to co-opt the Green platform in this regard …


Warren and Sanders are progressive-lite. All student debt should be paid with the money squandered in the Middle East on war. One month could cover that tab.



Very similar to Socialist Alternative’s successful push for $15 minimum wage.

Now all of the progressive lite sites (ThinkProgress, MoveOn, Democratic Party, AlterNet, etc) are jumping on the bandwagon and claiming it was their original idea.



This is only the beginning of the 4profit zombie college crash of 2015. After Corinthian Colleges (and its successor ECMC), The next 4profits to crash are Education Management Corporation (which includes the Art Institutes), ESI (ITT Tech), Bridgepoint Education (Ashford University, University of the Rockies), Career Education Corporation (Colorado Tech, Cordon Bleu), Lincoln Education (Lincoln Tech). Apollo Group/University of Phoenix is also going down the road to failure.


Rather than just forgive the loans, wouldn’t it make more sense to force the colleges to give the money back?