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'Duped': Tony Blair Supported Bush's Iraq War Long Before Vote or Invasion



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This is a surprise? Why?


Considering how memory of their vile high crimes (even Bernie only called it a "blunder") has faded into that oh-willful and self-imposed Alzheimer's-amnesia that USAns find so endearing about themselves (that's why they liked Raygun so much), it seems that their capture by D'aesh would be the only way they would ever find justice.

Although I do here that certain Bush Adm. people are avoiding travel to certain European or Latin American countries - in the same manner that Pinochet did.


If Tony Blair was duped, that means only one thing: Tony must have been one the most stupid people on the planet because me and millions more like me all over the world were not duped and tried to stop this war!


The article is hardly new news for anyone who was paying any attention to all that "coordination" of B & B for the debacle that was the war on Iraq. While they killed with abandon maybe a pic of them praying together might have been appropriate. Wonder if Blair is still serving for the "Quartet" as a "peace envoy" in Israel? btw, anyone can always donate to the "Tony Blair Faith Foundation," to help Tony in his effort at conversation and training others to act as he has?



I would too. The world is oversupplied with psychopaths, and they cause unending misery.


Why are these documents on Hillary Clinton's private server? What was she doing, historical research?


B&B need to pray for themselves because It must be pure hell to have that bogus shock and awe war and all those needless murders of innocent people in Iraq on your conscience. Then, if Bush and Blair are a couple of insane sociopaths they probably have no conscience!


Shantiananda, Here is the advice Tony's good buddy Bill Clinton gave to him regarding Bush Jr.

"Be his friend. Be his best friend. Be the guy he turns to." That was the advice Bill Clinton gave his close ally and ideological fellow traveler, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, weeks before Clinton was to hand over the reins of power to George W. Bush.


So, Poodle Boy was deep into The Endless War Drumbeat, long before he perjured himself on numerous occasions on TeeVees, around the world. That's hard to get your head around if you're a chamber pot washer in the Dept. of Silly Walks, or hold another high office in not so great Britain. Well, skip a prison sentence for this mutt. Just put him in an animal shelter near Buckingham Palace and see if the Royal Family and the Loyal Royalty Court Crowd, come to claim Sir Poodle Boy. Methinks the Poodle Boy will be a lonely bastard for quite awhile. Though, the Queen Bitch has been known to be kind to mangy, sick puppies in the past. So, there's that, too.


Just thought you guys might like to know if you didn't already what the great religious killer Blair was also most likely collecting a share of those donations for himself. About the last person on this planet to be collecting even more bounty from who ever is paying for his job as "peace envoy" in Israel. Seems
with considerable controversy about Blair's position, essentially doing nothing, he has resigned. But IMHO an old headline related to that position got it right about that and everything else related related to Blair.

"DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Having Blair as peace envoy is an obscenity"


Since most former PMs become "Sir" it was nice to find out with a bit of research, Blair is not one of them.


Well, give it some time, please. Shhheeeesshh! :wink:


He's benighted, not knighted.


Sociopaths and war mongers all! Except Dim Son was also a moron and an intellectual eunuch!


Peace envoy? An Orwellian oxymoron!


What a corrupt couple they make! All cozy...wonder what epithets were making them bite their tongues. Blair wanted a jacket just like Bushman's and Bushman said: "neener, neener, neener...I have one and you don't, so there." (GWB could not say in truth that he earned a bomber jacket, because, guess what, he did not....)


As desperate an attempt t5o rewrite history as I have ever read from any politician since Winnie the Pooh Churchill wrote his mammoth multi-volume set on the history of WWII.


In Britain everyone knows the Kuwatis paid Blair 20 million pounds after he left office who knows how much they have paid the Bush family. He was an expensive poodle, it just is not clear who was holding the leash.