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DuPont Rakes in Federal Dollars Despite History of Hazards


DuPont Rakes in Federal Dollars Despite History of Hazards

Mary Bottari, Jessica Mason

Four workers were tragically killed when an insecticide leaked into a building at DuPont's LaPorte, Texas plant in November 2014. After two workers were overcome by toxic fumes, another responded to a distress call and was overwhelmed. His brother, too, died attempting to aid the fallen. Three others were injured.


DuPont has a history that is shameful in the extent of it's crimes against ecology and humans, they have time after time knowingly dumped poison into the earth and water and air with no regard for the safety of nearby residents.

They have repeatedly withheld damming evidence, and tampered with study's revealing the extent of pollution they are responsible for.

They should be on trial for crimes against humanity and the earth. Instead it's a slap on the wrist as usual and carry on, and oh yeah ....here is a tax break to go along with that obscene bonus for the exec's.

Better dying through chemistry.


here is an excellent story of where DuPont is at,,http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/10/magazine/the-lawyer-who-became-duponts-worst-nightmare.html?_r=0