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Durbin Calls for Senate Hearings to Probe 'Serious Questions' About Why Trump Is 'So Chummy' With Putin


Durbin Calls for Senate Hearings to Probe 'Serious Questions' About Why Trump Is 'So Chummy' With Putin

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Why is he so chummy with Vladimir Putin?" Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said of President Donald Trump's relationship with his Russian counterpart after a series of recent reports provoked more "serious questions" about their interactions, and as public anticipation continues to build over the forthcoming results of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.


i also remember when 6 or 7 gop went to russia on the 4th of july. i thought it odd then and i find it odd now. there is no reason for any american to be buddy buddy with russians, here or there, especially since the president is so chummy with putin


Mass distraction continues while the remnants of the Exceptional Imperial “Republic” crumble. But it’s killing machine imperial military machine does not. You won’t see Durbin - or 85% of the D-Party (mis)leadership, or its base - responding to the Tulsi Gabbard challenge. That includes “progressives” and party reformers.


May Trump flip on Putin.


“So if this really did happen, Congress needs to know about it,” Graham added. "And what I want to do is make sure how could the FBI do that? What kind of checks and balances are there?
Checks and balances? Well now, that’s a good question coming from the Trump appeasing GOP Congress. The investigation was purposefully structured to keep Graham and his justice obstructing cronies from interfering with it.


Oh c’mon this is so laughable seems someone in the deep state only wants an adversarial relationship with Russia. I recall Trump saying straight out on several occasions that some people in power don’t want him to have peaceful relationship with Russia.
Killery would have turned Syria into Iraq 2 with millions of Syrians dead and millions more made homeless and desperate.


I disagree with this one Jackye. Even if the Russians were our “enemies”, which they aren’t (especially the peoples of Russia), it’s important to talk with them and have economic/cultural exchanges and other human exchanges on all levels. Especially when we are the leading nuclear powers on Earth.

As for Trump’s obvious fawning over various aspects of the current Russian oligarchy led by Putin, that’s another cause for impeachment (which the Dims are afraid to do). He’s simply another capitalist who puts his interests before the interests of his nation – or anything else. That’s what capitalists do by definition. They accumulate wealth (and power) for personal use/profit - the rest of us - including the Biosphere - be damned.

The difference between Trump and other capitalists is that he’s a truly disgusting human being, is blatant about his criminality white supremacy and misoginy…and happens to be President of the U.S.


Tom Johnson


Are you fucking serious? Why because Russia helped to beat the living hell out of our ISIS throat slashing gang rapist goon squads???


Want to explain why any American can not be “buddy buddy” with a Russian. So you are right in there with Trump’s nationalism. USA,USA,USA.

Oh sorry I forgot Rachel Madcow. Drilling out the brains of most Americans.


So what if he wants to build a Trump tower or two in Moscow. I do agree that he is a despicable beast.


In America the Rothschilds get to decide who you are friends with. Of course, the GOP are friends with no one as they are so white boys club and they do not even respect their wives.


And the neocon takeover of the Democratic Party continues unabated, as Pulitzer winner Glenn Greenwald recently detailed: https://theintercept.com/2019/01/11/as-democratic-elites-reunite-with-neocons-the-partys-voters-are-becoming-far-more-militaristic-and-pro-war-than-republicans/

“Russia, Russia, Russia!” is the war whoop of the liberal drained 100% of liberalism. And today’s Democrats do nothing but smother the progressive movement while working overtime for the MIC and Bush/Cheney’s top goons: Bolton, Mueller, Frum, Boot, Fleischer, Kristol, Brennan, etc.

With “liberals” like these warmongering propagandists (Schiff, Maddow, Maher, etc.), who needs Sean Hannity or Bill Kristol? The neo-fascist “left” has WWIII covered!


What disturbs me the most is that the president can order records destroyed and force his interpreter to not disclose even non-classified material. Pretty soon there won’t be a curtain to lift or even a fig leaf left to cover the machinations of TPTB. What does that say about the future they have in store for the rest of us?


Durbin sez:
“(Putin) who is a former KGB agent, never been a friend of the United States, invaded our allies …”

Yeah, Putin! Hands off! Invading our allies is our job.


correction: please excuse “machine” redundancy.


Here at CD, a president that has done the least of any president in modern presidential history to take basic financial disclosures seriously, much less disclosing taxes, placing businesses in “blind trusts,” etc., and whose cabinet is full of clear and obvious liars and conartists, is to always be given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to issues of peace. He’s a selfless man who just wants peace with fossil fuel oligarchs and authoritarians, bent on upending the MIC for our own good. His working to undermine international climate change endeavors is just part of a peaceful exchange of ideas with heretofore opponents, and it would be the height of irresponsibility to suggest that his actions might not be selfless. We must be skeptical of suggestions otherwise, especially when it comes to the weird, near-continuous, consistent lying when it comes to matters related to Russia. We are progressives, after all.


Putin and Trump are both money monsters.

Follow the Money.


Yeah. Trump is no doubt so attracted to Putin because of envy over him being among the richest men on earth and also presiding over a huge powerful gangster-run republic. Investigations into his unprecedented secret Putin dealings will hopefully blow open the outrageous levels of corrupt use of his administration for personal gain.

But what do the commenters here see? Only confirmation of their lunatic conspiracy theories of a spooky neoliberal Illuminati deep state attacking Great Men of Peace like Trump, Putin, Assad, the late Qaddafi, Ortega…


Would you and all the other commenters on CD please stop with the “Hillary would have done this…” crap. I am no fan of Hillary or her skirt chasing husband, but to still, two years after the election, be repeating the pro Trump mea culpa of “yeah, but Hillary would have been worse” is growing tiresome.
She didn’t win. Get that through your heads. Jeebus! you may as well say “Nixon would have done this” or “if FDR were here today he would have done that…”
Here in reality land what we are dealing with is a sociopath who’s only policy concerns are, how can he profit from it personally.


This Russia gate crap is a red herring extrordinaire. Israel owns the Democratic Party, so let’s see the media discuss that …