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Durbin Calls for Senate Hearings to Probe 'Serious Questions' About Why Trump Is 'So Chummy' With Putin


Please see my question of SuspiraDeProfundis , below.


Agreed. The only reason Trump is chummy with Putin is because he likes to hang around other autocrats, be it Putin, Netanyahu, etc etc.


Eh… Senator Durbin, in the same concern about ‘chumminess’ you might want to consider holding hearings about the comment made by then Sec of State Hillary Clinton in 2009 when asked about the Honduran Coup which the democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya was tossed out of the country in the middle of the night. Clinton’s reply was that the US will try hard to have really good diplomatic relations with the ‘new government’(??). To say nothing of the imprimatur given by the US State Dept to the 2017 Honduran ‘elections’. Some serious chumminess there. There’s also the chumminess with Saudi Arabia (including the Bush family), Egypt, Israel (too long a list to mention), with Saddam in Iraq and the Shah in Iran, although the latter was understandable since the US and Britain created the coup that brought him to power in the first place.

And…what the hell, chumminess with virtually all of Latin America, as long as it’s with the right kind of chums. As in the far right kind. And indeed with American interests everywhere. You don’t want to overlook all that historical hypocra…I mean, chumminess.


Close all US military basis around the world, we don’t want people like Cheney and his group of sociopathic war criminals driving us into another war. Trump is right on this one, he is also right to suggest a three way meeting with leaders of China and Russia (Steven Cohen, RT 01/14).
How else will any US leader succeed in freeing up money to create real jobs for our young and those who have no choice but to join the military try drugs or work for Wal-Mart. The Pentagon has been a money shredder unable to provide accounting for tens of trillions of dollars of our money just in the last decade, our deficit is obscenely high but Pelosi calls Putin a “thug” and falsely accuse the president of collusion with Russia to continue moving the military waste.
I highly recommend seeing this new Hollywood movie “Vice” to get a real close perspective on the politics of how America waged war on Iraq and Afghanistan.
Our congress is pushing for wars because not only MIC but in addition some powerful country like Israel also benefit greatly from US taxpayer’s free hand outs and huge military aid which Israel then can sell to 3rd parties like Ukraine and Poland.


Adding to the List Of Stupid Things Democrats Do Instead Of Doing What Is Needed.


Trump has been running business deals with the Russians for decades. He has had many “friends” in Russia due to those business attempts. From all the history I’ve read, he never got to meet Putin during those decades, though he tried numerous times – until he was elected president. Putin decided Trump was worth his time then, and Trump was overwhelmingly grateful, would do anything for Putin, would promise him anything. His chumminess with Putin makes perfect sense to me.

Trump’s motives were likely appreciation, respect, and money. He has been licking Putin’s balls ever since. I do believe that Trump made promises to Putin because of Trump’s gratitude and respect – Trump’s much-desired friend had finally opened the door to him, and it was one of the most important things that had ever happened to Trump, more than being president (though that’s what enabled the bromance), more than his reputation, maybe more than life. It really does all make sense.


Thanks for rounding the edges.


There nothing I can suggest that can boil all this down in one place other then what you have already read. Most of what I know about this is from years of reading alternative news and then reading “between the lines and the lies” of what the MSM tells us.

I decided a long time ago that the MSM is a good source of information IF you understand that they advance a very particular agenda whereby what they report is more propoganda than truth.

I do retain a lot of what I read and my memory tends to be pretty good. Unlike history of 300 years ago, I have lived through the Yeltsin and Putin years and can remember a time when Putin was seen very positively in the Western Press. I remember distinctly when that all changed and it was soon after Russia re-asserted control over the banking system inside that Country.

The Western economies were looting the place via the co-opted Banking system.


Why hate Russia? I think it is also Russia’s size and braininess. Would Britain be as easy to get along with if it were Russia’s size?


I marched with my daughter in your Pittsburgh march. Smooth, well-run. But the many marches following it were not given permission, marchers were split up and forced onto streets without sidewalks, younger ones were beaten and taken to jail…


Watch the video link provided by theoldgoat in “Catasrophe for free expression” article. It spends some time on Russia and how it looted


Thanks, I will. If anyone comes this way, here’s the link.