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Dutch Reporters Offer Master Class By Refusing to Let Trump Official Tell 'Blatant Lies'

Dutch Reporters Offer Master Class By Refusing to Let Trump Official Tell 'Blatant Lies'

Julia Conley, staff writer

"This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions."

What a GREAT idea!!   Presuming, of course, that they conduct their interviews in English.  Very few Ameri­cans are literate in Dutch (or literate at all, come to think of it – especially members of the White House ‘inner circle’).


Yes, Virginia, there is a free press.

No, not here. Over that away.


The only remedy is to vote the Republicans out of office. If they are not voted out of office this White House will continue to act like an authoritarian regime when it comes to dealing with the press. Americans will have a say about whether they want democracy or authoritarianism in November.


So it’s not enough that Trump has sabotaged virtually every branch of the US bureaucracy with his dumb-fuck corrupt friends, he’s sending them overseas so our former friends and allies can share the experience.

Good old Donald, makin’ America great again.


And the official WH circle-jerk[er] is the most illiterate of all!


Indeed. Countries like The Netherlands are ancient, compared to the U.S., especially now the latter with its sandbox preznit.
It’s okay, Dear Owners…just keep Don in office and profit it from that while you can. Only losers aren’t wealthy.

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Sadly, Hoekstra represented MI-2 (Michigan’s most red district) in Congress for many terms.

So his appointment isn’t particularly a matter of friendship with Trump.

But he and Trump do have plenty in common. They both lie a lot. They’re both jackasses.


And just whom do you suggest for replacements?  Don’t forget that DamnocRat “leaders” Pelosi & O’Bummer didn’t even try to hold either the War Criminals or the Banksters accountable for their deeds, HRS is a neolib­eral hawk and DWS is a stooge of both payday lenders & Big Ag polluters in Florida.  All the aforementioned are still highly influential in the non-FunnyDementalist wing of the korporate-controlled Duopoly.

And in 2020 as well — after the establishment superdelegates have “democratically” selected the slightly-less-evil alternative we’ll be allowed to vote for . . .


I’m glad that the political rot of the US govt is now on full display to the world. The current crop of corporate tools in the administration are rapidly reversing the progressive policies and civil rights of the last 50+ years. The US is not only the most dangerous country,(away from here and growing here too) they display an utter lack of cohesive unity in the dealings with other countries. War is a given. No one in leadership even questions the never ending wars we’ve been in my entire life of 63 years and counting. The economy is built on destruction of lives and structures the world over. There is no other plan, at all. This alone dooms humans and all other higher lifeforms in the near future. Money is king, there are no other monarchs, the world is built on finance’s house of cards and a collapse is inevitable and necessary for continued survival. The journalists have to come to realize this hard fact and ask the tough questions and demand answers, really! demand answers.


As a journalist, and mind you, I don’t have a J-school degree myself. No one is all that well trained or particularly smart. Soundbite journalism rules and that is mostly because of how stupid the consumer is. Journalism isn’t drawing the best and brightest anymore–because who wants to do that–although some. Journalists are poorly paid and not valued. The profession is in the shitter. It used to be that when I said I was a journalist people though it was glamorous, now people sneer. Journalists are becoming hated. People assume we are hacks, liars, and that we have an agenda, if not a malign agenda. Journalists cannot be trusted, is the attitude I see, which is sad, because most journalists, J-school or not-- I know are some of the most trustworthy, truthful people I’ve ever met. They are dedicated to getting at the truth, whatever it is. Most don’t have an agenda. Most know the difference between fact and opinion.

Meanwhile, it’s my impression that most professional journalists are absolutely pushed to the wire to produce, produce, produce copy on very tight deadlines, by a bottom line that is increasingly harsh. They don’t always know very much about what they are covering, because there is no time or pay to do that in-depth research. Production is ALL and there really isn’t very much emphasis from the editorial powers that be on quality. The readers don’t demand it, the editors don’t pay for it, and the writers don’t get paid FOR IT. I know, I never did–I was one of the better paid journalists of my acquaintance. Writing sensational stories will always run by editor choice, over writing the truth, if the truth isn’t as exciting.

I took CNN to task this morning for repeating right wing talking points today instead of doing actual reportage which would have debunked the right wing talking points and shown them to be hooey. The research took me TEN MINUTES on Google. But debunking the right wing isn’t exciting. It isn’t sensational. But it is what a journalist does. It is journalism 101. CNN wasn’t doing their job.

In addition, when dealing with The Whitehouse, there is a balance journalists strike between access and hard hitting journalism. No one wants to piss off The White House. You can get your access quietly revoked. The days of The Pentagon Papers are long gone. No one is very brave anymore.


Reminds me of the Emperor’s New Clothes.
And the kid who points out he’s naked.

“This is not how it works. You’re supposed to answer questions!”

What a breath of fresh air!


Thank you.

I wouldn’t place the Dutch press on a pedestal

But this makes plain the need to knock our corpress off its

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Please let it go, for goodness sake! Hillary and Debbie are just two out of millions of Democrats, and it is very doubtful either will be running in 2018 or 2020. If you’re not happy with the Republicans, the answer is a re-invigorated Democratic Party. There is no viable alternative at this moment. 2018 is here! Let’s stop arguing about 2016, please.

Helen Thomas was the last of the brave!


Don’t forget the little gerrymandering problem. Looks like NC won’t even get their problem cleared up before the November vote.


That’s by design.

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The American Media put Donald Trump in the White House by televising all of his shenanigans while virtually ignoring other candidates. Now they are failing to call him out for his many outright lies. Could he possibly be blackmailing almost every U.S. Media outlet? Or did they get together and vote to abdicate their constitutionally protected position?


Her Highness Hilliary and Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass are NOT just ANY two DamnocRats out of millions — they remain highly influential and the latter is, unfortunately, still serving in Congress.  (Serving her korporate mast­ers, that is – NOT her constituents.)  A ‘re-invigorated’ Democratic Party is impossible so long as the same-old, same-old establishment as in 2016 remains in charge.   Hopefully you’re correct about HRC not running again, but there are rumors that Chelsea is being groomed to take over.  2018 is the year to bury the Clinton machine and DINO Debbie once and for all.  As to forgetting the crap pulled by the establishment DamnocRats in 2016 – and for the past fifty-plus years, for that matter – “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”