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Dutch Reporters Offer Master Class By Refusing to Let Trump Official Tell 'Blatant Lies'


Her Highness Hilliary and Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass are NOT just ANY two DamnocRats out of millions — they remain highly influential and the latter is, unfortunately, still serving in Congress.  (Serving her korporate mast­ers, that is – NOT her constituents.)  A ‘re-invigorated’ Democratic Party is impossible so long as the same-old, same-old establishment as in 2016 remains in charge.   Hopefully you’re correct about HRC not running again, but there are rumors that Chelsea is being groomed to take over.  2018 is the year to bury the Clinton machine and DINO Debbie once and for all.  As to forgetting the crap pulled by the establishment DamnocRats in 2016 – and for the past fifty-plus years, for that matter – “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


Please do not let your vendetta against the Democrats blind you to the undeniable fact that the Republicans are exponentially worse.


Please do not yet your justifiable disgust with the shit-hole RePooplicans blind you to the undeniable fact that a ‘Re-Invigorated DamnocRatic Party’ is IMPOSSIBLE so long as the same Establishment Fat-Cats who control­led the party in 2016 are still in charge.


They can be replaced.


Some of them, anyway.   Let’s start with Dirty Debbie . . .


I’m down with that. I’m not in her district, but I hope she gets challenged in the primary.


Fortunately, most Nederlanders are pretty fluent in English, German and often French, in addition to their native Dutch. They would easily be able to conduct interviews in English.


“Can we replace the White House Press Corps with these Dutch reporters?”

That’s what I was counting on.  How soon can they start??


In hopes of beginning the cleanup of the DNC by evicting DINO Debbie from Congress, I donated almost as much to Tim Canova in 2016 as I did to Bernie Sanders.  I hope Tim runs again – “Third time’s a charm!” so
I’ve heard . . .