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Duterte, Recipient of Trump Praise, Just Threatened to Have Human Rights Activists Shot


Duterte, Recipient of Trump Praise, Just Threatened to Have Human Rights Activists Shot

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's deadly "war on drugs"—which U.S. President Donald Trump has praised as an "unbelievable" success—has continued to intensify in recent days with at least 60 people killed this week, Duterte raised further alarm on Wednesday by suggesting that human rights activists attempting to document the possible crimes of his administration should be shot.


Perhaps it’s time to create, a “Go Fund Me” organization to pay for a “Brutal Dictator Hit Squad.”

International donations would more than pay to eliminate Insane Elites in power.

A World with Peace Trumps a World of Hate!

"You got to break a few eggs, to make an omelet. "


In a future age of overpopulation, scarcity, famine and civilian unrest - this may be the type of fascistic government that becomes commonplace. To look back on the 30’s and even the 50’s for models of how fascism arises or is sustained may be incorrect.

Fascism in the past operated in a world virtually unchanged from generation to generation. In the future, fascism will be more instantaneous as powerful individuals impose it while in office and at once both more temporary ( the fall of a dictator takes fascism with him ) and at the same time more permanent a societal change as the ruling elites grow more accustomed to the increased control and see the rule of a strongman in a more favorable light while institutions and the world in general goes to hell in a hand basket all around them!

Climate chaos may initiate the imposition of a more adaptive form of fascism that seeks to preserve the status quo of property and privilege in a world upended by catastrophic climate chaos everywhere! It wouldn’t be just the ruling elites either. Most people would choose fascism over famine for example.

Duterte invented a murderous fascism that must appear expedient to most people but otherwise doesn’t affect them. However in a future age where famine and chaos rule the streets, those same people would rightfully fear that they too would be expendable under ‘expedient fascism’.

Call it fascism on the fly! Use as needed.


chilling perspective on Keiser report ‘economics of extinction’ informing values and lack there of, tracking back in history


Duterte, Trump and all terrorists have one thing in common; they all call themselves “conservatives”.


Depraved politicians and oppressive fascist regimes have been the friends of the us under more than one US prez, trump’s malignant mental illness and racism/bigotry/capitalist/destructive threats and the R’Con extremists only the most depraved and obvious. Birds of a feather these politicians that rise to the top, like scum…


These despots that kill their own citizens are certainly nothing new or novel by any stretch. What surprises me is the seeming lack of disdain or actions of the leaders of other states in the region or the world for that matter. Trump is all in for this tyrant,(I’m wondering if Sessions is considering these ploys for his own playbook) and the violence seems to be escalating almost daily. Or a darker view is that maybe this is a form of thinning the herd so to speak. Anyway, I’m glad to be here in the relative freedom of a faltering nation instead of in a far worse situation in many other parts of the planet.


This is how monstrous politicians evolve. Dutere stared with murdering drug dealers to the cheers of his followers and much of a fed up population and then he moves on to include those who fight for justice and human rights. Those in the Phillippines who supported Duterte will come to regret the day he came to power as they watch their own families lying in a pool of blood on the streets for daring to speak out against such a monster. Stalin killed millions of his own people after he came to power. The Khmer Rouge ended up slaughtering millions as well. A murderous personality cannot be restrained once they have ultimate power. They use that power to feed their desire and need to kill and it expands over time.


I’m sure Duterte is saying what Trump and the GOP wish they could say and impose on the American people.


This is an incredibly vicious and false article. My Pinay wife and her family in the Philippines adore Duterte. We know of people who owe their lives to his war against drugs. A real war, not a fake one like here in the US. The drug problem in the Philippines became so bad that leading figures in the Liberal Party government of Benigno Aquino III became enablers and collaborators. Under his Secretary of Justice Leila DeLima, responsible for the correctional system, drug manufacturing was carried on within the prisons, and DeLima was acting as baglady for the drug kingpins. After a fully public trial with TV coverage (we followed it on the internet here in the US), DeLima was indicted. As the richest woman in the Philippines with many powerful connections, she was able to temporarily avoid custody and left for the US where she owns property - and was there celebrated by Forbes who declared her a “human rights” heroine. She was featured on CNN in glowing terms with no mention of her drug connections. People like “Jake Johnson” who penned this attack on Duterte are writing in the service of US imperialism, which does not wish to tolerate independent Philippine foreign policy - therefore they seem to be setting up a putsch. Since “Jake Johnson” is a “staff writer”, Common Dreams should be ashamed of itself for abetting this sort of shabby neocon propaganda.


It shouldn’t take Trump long to shower praise upon Duterte, early morning tweet. “Duterte standing up for human rights by shooting evil activists. Should have been done long ago.”


Right and many thousands of people have been killed by this tyrant. But he is a good guy. Nonsense. Just because he killed some who might have deserved it, doesn’t mean that all the rest, who had no trial and were just killed on the spot, were guilty.
The philippines should be independent, but not led by a murderous dictator who is now threatening to kill people who are not guilty of any crime.


How do you know all this? We are in almost daily communication with the Philippines, and nothing like that is going on there. As a matter of fact, the authorities have set up thousands of rehab centers where addicts can get help. There is a real drug war going on in the Philippines, and in a war some people do lose their lives - the enemy has been reinforced by widespread corruption and collaboration in high places. Many officials found corrupt have been sacked. Duterte has fired half the police force and raised the pay of those remaining to eliminate the temptation of corruption at that level. The enemy has powerful politicians, especially in the misnamed Liberal Party, and the drug gangs are heavily armed, financed, and well organized. They engage government forces in battle rather than surrender, and some of them are indeed killed without trial. How can you try someone in court who is trying to kill you in the street?

Philippine relatives report that the streets are safer now that the drug epidemic has abated. With astronomical unemployment rates and the general widespread poverty, addicts gravitate towards crime to feed their habits. Drug addiction is one of the chief factors keeping the Philippines from the general economic upturn enjoyed in the recent period by many of its neighbors. Duterte is very favorably regarded in those neighboring countries, where they understand the situation in his homeland better than people in the US - a reason why he has been a rock star at recent ASEAN meetings.


You are a making excuses for what is actually murder! Civilized countries respect their laws not to have one person decide whether someone else should live or die? What happens if someone is accused falsely and then killed? Is that innocent person’s murder going to be punished or chalked up to an oopsie?


The drug prohibition is a massive failure. The propaganda term “War on drugs” is stupid and dishonest. It is a prohibition, prohibition, prohibition. It corrupts and brutalizes whole nations and enriches and empowers vicious criminals. Confucius taught that social disorder begins with the failure to call things by their appropriate names. Let me know when a drug comes in with its little drug hands up and surrenders. Until then, it is a prohibition, a prohibition, a prohibition.


I am not making excuses for murder. It is a bald faced lie that one person (Duterte) is deciding whether someone or anyone else should live or die. The drug gangsters die in gun battles with police or their competitors in the drug business. It is true that sometimes neighborhood vigilantes became involved in killing the pushers, but this is not legal and has been punished by the Duterte government. Fortunately, as the citizenry observes that the government is actually doing something about the drug scourge, vigilante action has subsided. Most of the people commenting in this section have obviously spent little or no time in the Philippines. Conditions there cannot begin to compare with anything in the US. Law enforcement had traditionally been so weak and corrupt that no one has trusted it in the past, and those who could afford it have hired protection, including private armies. Otherwise, people have resorted to self defense or personal vengeance or cower in their homes and associate only with relatives and others well known to them. Not only have many thousands died in the past from drug addiction, but the economy itself was on life support. This is changing now under Duterte, which is why he is wildly popular among ordinary people there, recently polling at between 70 and 80 per cent. What about Trump, with which so many comments on this site are trying to bracket Duterte?


And here is the latest atrocity by the “drug war” murderer duterte - and any political opponent he wants to frame and get his good squad cop killers to snuff!

And this from the Philippine depraved mass killer…


Your points one at a time. You are speaking of the fake drug war in the US, indeed failing by many measures. It is a massive success in the Philippines. Turning a blind eye, as did former administrations, (and an open hand for bribes and kickbacks) to the drug trade is stupid and dishonest. The corruption and brutality endemic to the illicit drug trade is being removed from the Philippines by Rodrigo Duterte and his government. The riches of vicious criminals are being confiscated and their empowerment is rapidly becoming limited to walking penitentiary yards. Drugs are chemicals, not cartoon characters - but many small time drug dealers (often those drawn into it to support their habit) have already surrendered to authorities in the Philippines, and have been rehabilitated. Social disorder is decreasing, not increasing, in the Philippines. Confucius also said “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”


_[quote=“Emphyrio, post:18, topic:44186, full:true”]
And here is the latest atrocity by the “drug war” murderer duterte - and any political opponent he wants to frame and get his good squad cop killers to snuff!

And this from the Philippine depraved mass killer…


I urge those reading Emphyrio’s post to go to the articles themselves for some context, and then decide for themselves.


That’s one reason links are included. You are strongly connected to the Philippines and have perhaps a view of duterte different than news reports here.

“Duterte implemented a massive War on Drugs, ostensibly to crack down on the proliferation of illegal drugs throughout the country, but resulting instead in the deaths of more than 12,000 poor Filipinos without any due process. (As of July 2017) Duterte’s policies face increasing criticism from international bodies such as the United Nations, the European Union, and various international governments, although the administration maintains significant domestic support through a massive machinery of online “trolls” criticized as “Marcosian.””

My vivid remembrance is of “Ninoy” Aquino assassinated by the marcos dictatorship establishment and army (none convicted) - only a patsy shot dead within seconds. Corazon Aquino eventually won election
Where does duterte fit in that political history in your opinion? Where do you fit? On the right as troll or with the people?