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'Dutiful Daughter' or WH Advisor? Ivanka Trump Calls Questions About Father's Female Accusers 'Inappropriate'


'Dutiful Daughter' or WH Advisor? Ivanka Trump Calls Questions About Father's Female Accusers 'Inappropriate'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Critics of Ivanka Trump pointed to an NBC interview with the White House advisor involving a question about the numerous women who've accused her father of sexual abuse and misconduct, as more evidence of her problematic role in the administration.

When asked by Peter Alexander if she believes the 16 women who have come forward to accuse President Donald Trump of groping them, forcibly kissing them, and other misconduct, Ivanka shot down the question as "inappropriate."


She was, she is, and she always will be daddy’s girl…


Ivanka is the reincarnation of Marie Antoinette.


What is totally inappropriate, is this woman, who only sees dollars and cents, being any where near the White House.

She is another Denial before the Truth, Trump.

It’s clear why she kept the name, instead of taking her husband’s.


Says the woman who Trump has publically said he would fuck if she wasn’t his daughter. Blood is thicker than water, and apparently even devotion to other women who are victims of crimes.


The apple of his eye didn’t fall far from the tree.


Does she realize that supporting daddy’s little escapes she is calling all the women liars? I suppose blood is thicker than truth.


Having grown up with Donald, if you really believe him on this you are even more stupid than you seem to the rest of us since you’ve been around him your whole life and must have heard his lies millions of times. Are you saying your father doesn’t lie, sweetie? Get the hell out of government, we don’t deserve you. One trump is much more than enough.


Jeanine Pirro and her pouty little mouth is going to lose her cookies over this. I bet this replaces all the news for the next week.


There is a still a fairly good chance that what is happening everywhere is testimony
to the falling of Elite-Patriarchy …

“The last kick of a dying mule” – -

STOP supporting organized patriarchal religions which underpin Elites/Patriarchy.

“Christianity” and its violence, its bullying, its own hypocritical cowardice in its lies and
secrets is what we need to fall as members move away from these churches and
temples based in male-supremacy. The ability of the Church to continue to stand is
based, sadly, in parents continuing to turn their children over to the RCC’s brainwashing
at very early ages.

There is no fairness or justice that anyone can stand for in our societies which requires a
belief in/or faith in a male god, nor any supernatural being male or female.

Quite to the contrary as we look at the decades of unfairness and injustice put forth by our
male-dominated government and their claims of being “Christians” as they harass and
attack the most vulnerable in our society and ignore the needs of hungry children and
homeless families.

PS: Time to examine why the nation is subsidizing these male-supremacist religions by making ALL of their assets and holdings tax-free. Only a church and its surrounding property and soup kitchens should be tax-exempt. NOT their real estate holdings or stock portfolio. And they should actually be barred from any political activity.


“I think it’s a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter if she believes the accusers of her father when he’s affirmatively stated there’s no truth to it,” she said. “I don’t think that’s a question you would ask many other daughters. I believe my father, I know my father, so I think I have that right as a daughter to believe my father.”

This young woman is telling us that she’s not aware that her father lies … like all the time.

She’s also suggesting that the women accusing her father have it all wrong, despite the “confession” of Trump to his abusive and degrading treatment of females – and her own Mother’s testimony that she was severely beaten by the Donald to the point of having her hair pulled out in clumps and then being raped.

Basically, Ivanka is telling us that she is incapable of seeing the truth of her father’s sexually aggressive behavior with women.

What it says to me about Ivanka is that her judgment in regard to her father and his overall behavior is way off because she has been steadily under the influence of her father and his lies from a very early age.

She shouldn’t be in the White House in any official capacity.


I wish Peter Alexander had said some of these things to her in the moment. That is the really frustrating thing to me.