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Duty, Honor, and Atrocity: George W. Bush Receives a Character Award at West Point


Duty, Honor, and Atrocity: George W. Bush Receives a Character Award at West Point

Erik Edstrom

On the teaching of Revisionist History 101


Never fails to amaze. The shrub in a long line of carefully manipulated bits of blade to keep the taxpayer funded gluttony as short cut as possible from resource to death. Institutionalized military nihilism.


Have to admit that GWB is a “character” (in a tragi-comedy) who has little-to-no character in a spiritual, moral or intellectual sense. He gives one worthwhile speech (latest decrying the current despot at the helm) in his entire adult lifetime and he is seemingly canonized. Guess West Point has no problem with many of their graduates being killed, injured, or permanently disabled at the hand of this "character.:


Great writing and a " total takedown " of the second most scummy and crooked man ever to occupy that Oval Nut House. And both were selected by a corrupt SCOTUS and their corrupt rulings. " The law is an ass, alright. That’s putting it mildly ".
I’m reminded of why I come from a long line of folks who were pacifists and farmers. Who believed in limited government, especially when it came to raising taxes to raise a standing, offensive style Dept. of Defense. They were spot on about what the PTB would do with all money; cause trouble, that’s what.
Who in their right mind would reward a corrupt and malevolent bunch of Adms. like the last 4-5 we citizens have suffered with, medals and honors?
A corrupt and malevolent Congress and ruling class for the last 4 decades, that’s who.
Time for some better and more honest leaders in the corridors of power. Where will we find them?


Sadly I agree Jo Donn, actually I think we can go back through Bush I and Reagan - They were pretty scummy too.


“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

George Orwell, 1984


A really excellent piece by Edstrom. Yes, West Points code stands for nothing as it embraces and rewards war criminals.

The hypocrisy is still astounding.

Land of the free and home of the brave killing and maiming with drones. Guided missiles and unguided men, from MLK.


Getting people that look and talk with the manners they want to portray as, we’re on your side has sadly duped the rest of our country. They were never for their voters or for the rest of us, just ask Israel and their chums Saudi Arabia, ISIS and Al Queida who’ve been benefiting and presented to us as moderates and as legitimate state actors who should be anything other than our allies for how dissimilar their cultural and societal views are. I hope those that think the standard for a president is as shallow as white and black look behind the curtain at who really runs the presidency and how much of American money has been stolen and squandered, even if you are the American religious for Israel and chaos to others over care for own country, or the racist emboldened by your new bro-in-chief. The presidents have largely been impotent and stooges with absolutely no morals for humanity and priority to their own country, no matter how much you might believe how they are presented to you is the case. What you see is not what you get, and has not been for some time, so I hope the rest of the Americans have some integrity to call it the same way rather than get duped. It always hammers those families first and worse than those that add it up and object.


Of course Georgie Porgie got an award from West Point…
He almost single handedly has helped feed the MONSTER: so much so that they are
now awarded 700 BILLION a year…
how many defense contracts for (corporate) shareholders is that???
I think you know the answer


Edstrom sez: “… the latest Thayer Award is an attempt to revise history by denying the illegality of Bush’s wars and absolving him of any accountability for them.”

Following the lead of “Off the table” Pelosi (2006) and “Looking forward, not backward” Obama (2008), it seems.


Something is very wrong in this planet. Number of morons are increasing day by day. That school is no exception also. It’s no wonder that finally they awarded a biger one.


While I appreciate the values which this author believes to be integral to West Point, I think he is mistaken to focus on the wars started by George W Bush as a departure from those values. The old ideals of democracy and human rights have never been well served by the elite military academies. Even as far back as the Mexican War, West Point graduates took part in a campaign designed to extend the slaveocracy. The Civil War also saw West Point men imbued with medieval notions of honor and chivalry engage in mass slaughter. And of course, such proponents of genocide as George Custer were West Pointers. The tradition of following orders contrary to humanity and democracy persisted right up to Bush’s own wars. I cannot recall any active duty officer resigning in protest when ordered to invade Iraq, the country that was in no way linked to 9-11. Perhaps, the gifting of that cadet sword to the mass murderer Bush is not at all a violation of the West Point tradition.


As to the officers and honor codes who and the he’ll thinks gives the orders and allows those of their underlings to participate in atrocities and genocidal warfare as is still ongoing in Iraq.
Who was it that led the charges in the genocidal warfare upon Native American Confederations, nations and tribes?
Who was it that starved and let freeze to death over 100,000 POWs at end of WWII, with orders to do so being from Highest military officer in land, Commander in Chief President, and his Joint Chiefs of all branches of military?
Who gave the Orders during campaign in Phillipines during Spanish American war, that lined up surrendered and captured Phillipine natiolist along a bridge for his men to kill and then throw bodies off bridge over 10,000 men slaughtered?
Who was it in Vietnam that got and gave permission for those REMF needing a combat Infantry Badge, that they could go aboard a helicopter and gun down any man woman farmer or waterbuffalo in “Indoan Country?
Who flew the helo’s, or dropped napalm on villagers and never gave a f if they were civilians or not; It gave them air hours for air medals and a round of drinks at rear officers clubs where they had PRE doc checked and beautiful very young female whores?
Honor to a military code at an academy that amounts to no more than indoctrination into elitism along the very same lines as infantry and Basic Individual breakdown into gruntism respect for brass on hat officers indoctrination.
A military outside Constitutional laws, Their UCMJ, United code of military kustice, being based upon ancient British Admiralty Laws of 1500’s.
Whenever any one of their elite club tries to get back to true Citizen Soldier” status where they ate under Citizen Control, they come down on them like a ton of bricks and destroy that person fully.
The term don’t Ask, Don’t Tell did not originate in regards t gays but among officers and Senior enlisted married men, they did not want wives to ask how many women HUBBY was with while on extended tours and in return officers did not ask wives same question .
While enlisted men could be deprived of stripe for or cashiers out for wife’s indiscretions males had no such worry about their own filial sins.
90% OF ALL men in uniform since 1870’s never heard a shot fired in anger and yet today we honor not the man but the uniform.
Sexual misconduct of Academy Grads towards opposite sex is no different than enlisted mans ratios, except they get away with more of it.
Do not talk of Honor when one is but following no more than self glorification of as barbaric a code as those males under Ghengis Kahn held.


You raise many good and valid points. I think Edstrom’s point was not at all that others illegitimate actions in war have been committed, but rather that the awarding of the Thayer Award to a convicted war criminal (a fact not mentioned by Edstrom) very much makes hollow words out of the academy’s honor code which says that a cadet shall not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those that do.

Understanding that the academy’s purpose is to generate warriors, the fault lies in honoring a war criminal. The hypocrisy is overwhelming.


The founders understood that a standing army is an existential threat to democracy. It follows that military academies, in producing the officer corps, perpetuate that threat. Maybe we should revisit that part of the Second Amendment that mentions “A well-regulated militia…”

As to Bush the Lesser’s honorarium, it can be seen as part of the larger whole: normalizing the formerly unpalatable.