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DWS Gets Booed as Dems Prepare to Gavel In Contentious Convention


DWS Gets Booed as Dems Prepare to Gavel In Contentious Convention

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Outgoing Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who announced Sunday that she would step down after leaked emails showed party officials working throughout the primary season to undermine the insurgent campaign of Bernie Sanders, was greeted by boos in Philadelphia on Monday morning.


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When you reward the wrong you justify any means to an end.
By rewarding the wrong Hillary has justified any means to reach her end.


I dug out (pun intended) the precedent for DNC PR. It goes back a ways, but folks will probably recognize the patter, the setting, the relationships and … those questions that get sent to the outfield…


DW-S should have been sacked/fired for her corrupt actions supporting Clinton and sabotaging Sanders - instead she is lauded and given a plum position by her boss, Hillary - and allowed to still participate in the convention, I guess to not “embarrass” her - say what? Typical too-little, too freakin late people!

The Dem Party has a choice to make and it better be made right freakin now - unless they make serious and substantial concessions to the progressive base they will lose this election - simple as that! All you “down-ticket” Dems had better speak-up loud and clear or you all will lose along with the party establishment that may or may not be screwed as candidates like YOU will be!

The public isn’t blind or stupid, but are enraged at the corruption, servitude to the 1% corporate/banker thieves and parasites and business-as-usual while the average guy and gal are screwed repeatedly! They are mad as hell and will not take it any more - they WILL take it out on anyone in the line of fire, and Hillary & Co are in the cross-hairs!


Now it’s time to run on the Green ticket with Jill Stein or lose a large portion of Bernie supporters myself included.


Bernie on his first debate played footsie with the red queen and lost the election by pulling otherwise hard punches and appropriate jabs by dismissing her email and Libya issues.


The Democratic Party is showing its total cluelessness by even allowing Debbie Wassermann Shultz to show a public face anywhere near the Convention at this moment. The obviously deserved outcry from delegates, will now set the tone for a disaster for the Democrats which they richly deserve. I predict that it won’t get better as this goes on…


How about: Julian Assange: a choice between sexual assault and rape?
Or has he been cleared of all charges?
Ok, I know without you telling me, that the charges were all “trumped” up.
The fix was in.


“I’m going to punch you in the face and then complain when you get upset about it.”

I’ll paraphrase Noam Chomsky here, though he was referring originally to the Bush administration’s twisted intelligence leading to the Iraq War:

You’ve already demonstrated that your attitude is “we have complete power over you and are immune from the law.” Please, at least have enough respect for us to stop pretending you do not consciously believe this. If you’re going to tell us “screw you” with every action you take, at least show us enough respect to be up front and say it directly and literally. As you know, there would be no repercussions from it.


Whether Bernie joins Jill or not, I hope that you will vote Green anyway.

Jill Not Hill 2016


DWS’s resignation is not enough. Clinton’s delegate votes are all “fruit of the poisonous tree” – they’re all tainted. And crooked Hillary has just appointed crooked Debbie as her honorary campaign chair. The DNC needs to dump Clinton now, and if Sanders continues to support her in the name of “party unity,” then the people need to dump him also.


they’re not clueless – they just don’t give a damn about the progressive vote, and they never did. Clinging to the Dem Party in the hopes of reforming it is a politically masochistic disease.


that’s right – kill the messenger and ignore the message. It’s no use trying to speak truth or logic to Clinton supporters – they have long ago lost their humanity, their conscience and their minds. What other conclusion can one come to about people who support a candidate who pushes illegal wars, is indifferent to the suffering of women and children, lies to the people and authorities, refuses to come clean about her handouts from Wall Street, promotes fracking, runs a fraudulent “charity,” supports racist apartheid, and is funded by some of the most extreme Islamophobes on the planet. If none of this bothers Clinton’s supporters, they are truly beyond redemption.


Actually, he’s never faced charges, he’s wanted for “questioning”, which for some reason Swedish authorities refuse to do in England.


You remind me of what George Carlin said is wrong with politics in this country.


On a more positive note the Philadelphia 2016 convention will be the site of the first fart in protest. On July 28, Sanders supporters will chow down on beans, broccoli, and other flatulence inducing foods. Then it’s off to the convention to give an odorific response to a real stinky nominee. You can get more details here:


You people just don’t get it, do you? Clinton won’t and can’t lose the election, which is why she feels free to pick another DINO for running mate, and will continue to express veiled contempt for Bernie supporters through the pre election and then the lame duck and on into her early presidency. She does NOT need our votes, because she has two huge advantages in her pocket: the media and the voting machine owners. Most likely, this is how she “won” California; in the general election she won’t be able to exclude Independents but all she has to do is prevent the polls from showing a landslide victory for Trump–so the announcement of her win does not elicit incredulity. Even if it is quite suspicious, as long as the media ignores any questions of fraud, or ridicules any questions about rigging, the public will accept her as a legitimate president and that’s all that matters to her and her people. She already fracking WON. Trump is a sideshow to scare Democrats into thinking they “have to” vote for her.


Assange was so wrong on this one. I had gonorrhea once, for a week. Antibiotics cleared it right up. I can’t see that either Clinton or Trump will be so amenable to available medicine. I don’t know about cholera–that’s probably amenable to antibiotics too. Come on, Julian. How about AIDS and cancer? No, seriously–I actually don’t think the US will ever recover.