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DWS Gets Booed as Dems Prepare to Gavel In Contentious Convention


If you know the charges were trumped up, why the ad hominem attack?


It cannot get better, Norcal. They won’t let it. Some are clueless, but the central players are playing for central control, and winning.

Clinton is very deliberately sacrificing the traditional Democratic left and liberal and progressive and egalitarian base to court the Neocon and Neoliberal corporatist factions from the Republican side. She is not playing for any sort of coalition with Sanders’ people. She assumes that she has the left contained.

She probably has some reason to believe that.


Yep, and that’s why he refuses to go to Sweden for questioning–so he doesn’t end up in the clutches of the US government.


Cholera- given continuous and correctly balanced rehydration plus antibiotics one has a fair chance of survival if one is caught quickly enough. Beats nuclear radiation poisoning, if I am to be given a choice between the two.