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Dying From ALS, Ady Barkan Will Save U.S. Democracy if It's the Last Thing He Does

Dying From ALS, Ady Barkan Will Save U.S. Democracy if It's the Last Thing He Does

Will Bunch

A onetime running and outdoor enthusiast who now uses a motorized wheelchair to zip around, Ady Barkan says it’s been getting harder just within the last few weeks for him to lift his fork and eat his meals.

His words are slurred and no longer come as quickly as his agile Ivy League-educated mind can create them.

I am ready for a Revolution too, Ady!

Power to the People


What an inspiring story. We should all be that capable and motivated like we were dying because we are. The threat of global climate change and demise of democracy should be our motivator.

Thank you Ady


What an inspiration. Long live Ady!


So grateful to hear this inspiring story at this time. Thanks.


Great story! Very inspiring! We all need a lirtle inspiration these days. This man is a real American hero for caring, knowing the truth and doing all he can with all his might! I greatly admire him. I will keep him in mind myself, as I struggle with chronic pain and other health issues myself that makes it very hard to get around and out and about. Perhaps I should get a scooter or electric wheelchair also. I use a walker but I can’t walk very far or fast with it. I want to do more for the same causes myself, but I don’t seem able to right now. I guess each one of us has our own unique set of challenges. I just admire those who have found a way to overcome as I have not yet done even though I try.


I know how you feel. I, too, often feel hobbled by medical issues and age. This young man is a true hero in my mind, too, and I won’t forget him for reminding me of my own motto, “Never give up!”. Hang tough!

Yes! Thanks Ady.