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Dying Healthcare Activist Ady Barkan to Testify at Congress's First-Ever Medicare for All Hearing

Dying Healthcare Activist Ady Barkan to Testify at Congress's First-Ever Medicare for All Hearing

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After progressives raised concerns about the people invited to testify next week at Congress's first-ever hearing on Medicare for All, dying healthcare activist Ady Barkan announced Friday that he has joined the witness list.


There are millions of us who would like to tell our stories relating to living with disabilities and chronic diseases. We the people are all over this country and all over this planet. Most of the physical and mental ailments are caused by poverty and oppression. But we all have something in common, the need for a healthcare system for all. Every person in this country should have guaranteed healthcare. We the people need to call our reps. to have advocates for Medicare for All attend the hearing. Peace


Grant a dying man his final wish.


Keep up the pressure, from the grassroots and from the streets and from the front lines, that’s how we make gains! Props to Barkan and his support team for fighting for all of us!


Nancy Pelosi is going to have a lot to answer for if she does not get off the dime.


Something needs to be done and it needs to be done now. People are dying simply because they can’ buy their medication. 2,000,00 a month for insulin? A product developed buy government grands and produced in Japan for pennies. Revolving doors from government to insurance and drug lobbyist? This isn’t free enterprise v. socialism it is murder v. humanity. It is a war on the poor.


To the capitalists people dying means nothing. They simply say, “they made bad choices”.


I accidentally posted to your comment. I apologize, it doesn’t make sense here. I can’t delete it.

I read the Huffington Post article yesterday and saw it was pretty shaded right away. I knew CD would pick it up too.

First, Congressional committee members can ask Dr. Nahvi whatever they want so long as it’s germane. The idea that “patient experience” as a topic is limiting is asinine. Patient experience is important and Medicare for All advocates believe a single payer program (of some variant) will improve it. It’s stupid to pretend that’s limiting, the topic is huge!

Additionally, Dean Baker, another witness, is hardly a neoliberal anti-Medicare for All shill. He’s a progressive economist who knows the numbers well and treats the subject fairly, even if some of what he says is uncomfortable for some advocates. He’s hardly an opponent and it’s simply deceitful to pretend otherwise.

For every million people who don’t have health insurance, over a thousand will die unnecessarily - every year. (From a Harvard Medical School study)

Opponents of Medicare for All are guilty of mass murder.


No problem

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They are nothing but collateral damage to the capitalists because of their bad choices just like so many 1000’s of innocent civilians that died because of their wrong choice of being in the way of the U.S militarie’s bombs!


When are we going to make it a bad choice to screw with American’s retirement, unions, environment, and politics and policies that hurt the average person?


No one is saying “Dean Baker is an opponent” and it is deceitful to pretend otherwise.

You intentionally (and in character) misrepresent what is happening, to better fit (and not merely co-incidentally) the paradigm put forth by the leadership of the Democratic Party.

What activists are pointing out, is that to hold hearings on “Medicare For All” WITHOUT inviting credible STRONG PROPONENTS of the legislation as drafted, is intentional, and part of the expected Party strategy of diluting the legislation and diffusing the powerful and growing movement that has brought us to this point of actual consideration of a bill.

Carry on with your carrying water for the neoliberal DNC leadership.


Well then why should we believe this committee will ask all “germane” to expanded, improved Medicare For All topic and not simply based on their own preferences? A three to one ratio is not inspiring and neither having only one economist testifying–where are the invitations to the two economists who actually worked on this bill such as Gerald Friedman (HR676) and Robert Pollin on Jayapal’s bill?

Why is it we never ask how we are going to pay for endless wars supported by the GOP and corporate Democrats?


Help get Expanded, Improved Medicare For All passed and contact the following holdouts:

Joe Morelle (NY-25): 202-225-3615
Mary Gay Scanlon (PA-5): 202-225-2011
Donna Shalala (FL-27): 202-225-3931
Norma Torres (CA-35): 202-225-6161

From NNU:
This is not the time for half measures. There’s more than 70 million people in America who are uninsured or underinsured. “More of the same” or “just protect the ACA” isn’t going to help them. And it won’t change the fact that we’re the only industrialized country on earth that refuses to guarantee health care as a right.


The Huffington Post article that this article is based on, and that is referenced, clearly intimates that witnesses, save one, were placed to oppose or “snow” Medicare for All and it’s supporters. It appears to have worked based on the comments.

As Pelosi’s rotten adviser, and fellow deficit hawk, Wendell Primus said himself, this will be a “check the box and move on type of thing.” They host the thing, they predictably make arguments that are very general and could apply to simply expanding Medicare a bit or building on the horribly flawed ACA, they will pretend that we all want the same thing, they are just pragmatic and we are not, they won’t invite a bunch of people that will make the case so well that Pelosi and the like couldn’t possibly oppose it (Primus himself is central to who is or isn’t there and he, like Pelosi, opposes single payer) and they will move on to other things. Your party deserves to die. It is led by empty, corrupt and out of touch assholes who are guilty of the most mindless group think.


No one should thank Pelosi who has nothing but derisive “Socialist” right wing talking points to direct at those advocating for Medicare for All. Surely she considers this an absolute necessity, to suffer the pain of having a real person in her midst otherwise routinely ignored as she an other clucking Corporate State Democrats will do everything in their power to maintain the cruel current system (yes yes yes I know of the wonders of ACA already) that by design, at best, would still leave millions of US citizens with no access to medical care. That total of course includes millions of kids.

So good for you Ady Barkan, but Nancy does not deserve any praise whatsoever.

Hopped over to Open Secrets just for the cluck of it and searched for “Socialist” hating Pelosi.

She effectively leverages her power to keep certain groups happy enough that they send her cash. For instance, Health Care Professionals last year gave to her campaign and Leadership PAC over $389,000.

And her net “worth” is estimated at around $120,000,000.

She knows a lot about Socialism, that Nancy.


By the way, when Rendon pulled the single payer bill you (laughingly) said it was because the bill was so flawed. Obvious bullshit, but I said at the time that if that silly talking point was valid, that Rendon and your buddies in the Democratic Party would put forward a far less flawed bill of their own. So? Does Rendon still support single payer? And what about his buddy Bauman? You know, the former pharma lobbyist that the superdeligates installed over the will of the rank and file? He still serving your party honorably?

Any of your friends involved in this?