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Dying to Vote in Wisconsin (And a Warning for November)

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/07/dying-vote-wisconsin-and-warning-november

The five fascist SCOTUS justices are not only actively engaging in voter suppression, they are premeditating the murder of voters, poll workers, and National Guard members in Wisconsin today, AND they will not hesitate to repeat this performance on a national scale. These actions reflect one of the conditions under which they were appointed to the SCOTUS.


I can’t believe they require an excuse to vote-by-mail in New York. Patriarchal state, may I please be excused from risking my life to vote? You see: I have this underlying condition called breathing.

There’s no excuse for calling this farce a democracy anymore.


Wow, I only knew about Oregon being an entirely vote by mail state - I didn’t realize that 4 other states had figured it out. Read through ~https://www.ncsl.org/research/elections-and-campaigns/all-mail-elections.aspx. Advantages: cost, turnout, and now public health safety. I don’t care about the slow vote counting disadvantage and as far as the Native American vote goes, I care and we should figure out how to solve it within an all vote by mail solution - I’m sure there are good answers.


Although Oregon WAS the first state to go 100% mail-in, Washington State followed with 100% mail-in voting a year later. Two years ago Washington State even added free postage to the program. Vote counting doesn’t take any longer in 100% mail-in states.


It should be said that Evers waited until the last few days to take any action to postpone, and the national Dems were perfectly happy to allow this atrocity to occur, to provide Joe Dough with another primary victory as quickly as possible, regardless of the political and physical consequences for the people of the state.


I think it was Ever’s attempt to give republicans a full opportunity to do the right thing…
At this point we can say that that ain’t happening anymore. Ask Obama.
Dems, or any other challenging party cannot presume to play fair. They have to become bad boys like the dirt bag republicans.
I would rather see Evers call out the top repub and have them duke it out in back of the capitol.

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It looks like that if the half of the Republicans who claim they’re Democrats do nothing, more voters will be suppressed in Trump states than the other rapist’s strong states.

Anyone who thinks our elections are FAIR is still suffering from the propaganda they were force fed in school. The fix begins with who we are presented with as choices to vote for in the elections and goes downhill from there. Getting the money out of politics is the first major step in the long journey we must take toward ‘free’ and fair elections. But, the system might be “too broken to fix”; and, ‘might’ is probably a stretch! To bring attention to the dire political straights our country is in I propose bringing back the attempt to create a 51st state out of Washington, DC. It should be given the well earned name, “State of Corruption”.