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Dying Wildlife on a Warming Planet

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/06/dying-wildlife-warming-planet

This article topic is very important. Anthropogenic mass extinction is the number one problem facing us, and the hardest to fix.
Human population growth, along with specieism that tells us that ecosystems, plants and animals are all fodder for us to consume and destroy, are killing the only living planet we know of.
When you look at all the innocent animals we’re killing, including the 57 BILLION killed per year just in the USA to feed the non-vegans, you see the immense misery our species causes, and the cruelty and arrogance behind it.
We’re vandals, destroying the beauty, peace and quiet, and complexity of the natural world.


The species killed to feed non-vegans wouldn’t even exist without humans having bred them specifically to become food. And animals kill other animals for food. Or territory. Or fun.

So I’d refrain from romanticizing the topic of food. My cats stay indoors. And on the occasions when they’ve killed bis ass roached in Atlanta or mice up here in MI, I’m happy they did.

Wow, such heartlessness, lack of compassion, pathetic lack of integrity, lack of scientific knowledge.
Are the tens of millions of fish that humans animals that wouldn’t have existed except being bred by humans? NO! Get a clue.
Your bizarre, cold-hearted reasoning is the same that has been used to justify genocide of humans.
And did you not realize that your beloved pet cat was wholly created by human breeding and domestication, and is a totally unnatural creature? By your cruel and twisted logic, if someone was to torture and kill your cat, that would be just fine.
And of course you leave out anthropogenic mass extinction and the killing of all non-human animals, not just the prisoner animals that humans torture and kill.
I feel sorry for you. Michigan, home base of DeVos, the Michigan Militia, and the cult of MSU Sparty that covers up serial child rapists, not known for producing good people.

Your ignorance on the genetics of house cats is illustrative of your entire lack of an argument.

And the typical broad brush painting you do of Michigan is illustrative of your approach to everything you comment on. Black and white. Comrade or troll.

Speaking of twisted logic, I’m curious: Is Rashida Tlaib a bad person? Magic Johnson?


The biosphere is dying but the planet will be here for another 4.543 billion years, barring natural disasters. Other forms of life will evolve on earth as it did 3.5 billion years ago or less, in relatively short geologic time.

Humans have been on earth since about 66 million years ago. Dinosaurs since 245 and 66 billion years ago, much longer and more successfully than humans.

Kind of humbling to think our species is not the be-all end-all. That large brains could be a liability.


“God is happy Sabu. He plays with us”
from “Out of Africa”.

Hi David,

You sound like the type of person who already knows this, but the scientific story of mass extinctions for large land animals ensuing from human migration is one of those hornet’s nests. Somebody has to come along and observe the obvious, run down the indisputable statistics, in order to raise a subject so uncomfortable for us.

So far as I know, the one who kicked over that hornet’s nest was geoscientist Paul S. Martin, in his Twilight of the Mammoths (2005). Dismissed and “debunked” for years, Martin’s hypothesis only gains more confirmation with each successive study of newfound evidence.

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Ah, both of you are nothin’ but trump trolls!

Just kidding.

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There is a term for this, what they wrote about, sure wish it was used more…co-extinction…it’s a web, we are in it too…as our support species die off where does that leave us? Get it yet?


While I feel that feed lots and the factory farming (warehousing) of domesticated animals for food and the rampant destruction of rain forests for grazing and brinkmanship harvesting of depleted fish stocks are all negatives, I also recognize that humanity is not about to stop eating meat or fish tomorrow. First off, we evolved as omnivores and not as vegans. Secondly, it would be more useful to the point being made in this article, if you would concentrate on working towards a more reasonable rate of change such as helping to get neonic pesticides and such out of agriculture to save bees and other insects and thereby save song birds etc. or helping to create ocean zones closed to fishing or even the development of vat grown meat which will in fact provide a solution for meat eaters in the future. Imagine prime steaks and burgers - actual real beef but which doesn’t involve the killing of any animal. It is not a pipe dream as vat grown meat can be purchased right now (at least it can in Britain and I suppose elsewhere like here in the USA).

Want a vat grown beef burger with those fries?

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Omnivores can evolve into vegans.

Whales Descended From Tiny Deer-like Ancestors -
Before, it was often assumed that whales descended from carnivorous terrestrial ancestors, and some researchers speculated that whales became aquatic to feed on ocean-dwelling fish. According to Dr. Thewissen, “Clearly, this is not the case, Indohyus is a plant-eater, and already is aquatic. Apparently the dietary shift to hunting animals (as modern whales do) came later than the habitat shift to the water.”


OMG, and is the way America and other profit focused only businesses, treat animals actually making the planet sick? I can’t even imagine what kind of people work on these farms—and leaving sows in a cage constantly giving birth and in their own filth too------is that what people eat? This is as awful as reading Upton Sinclair’s THE JUNGLE and seeing how badly the animals are treated is not that much different from how the human workers are treated.

Maybe we should get food producers to focus on the King Midas story----sure you might be rich----but the compromised creature food living in their own shit might kill us all , and the huge pig and cow farms in America are killing the air, the soil and the water. I wonder if cannibalism will become a the next bg “thing?”

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Large enough to being able to conceive and practice the concept of cruelty. Not large enough to realize how self destructive it ultimately is.

Yeah if we are gauging how successful dominant species of earth are by their time of survival before extinction, us humans seem to be close to, if not at, last place.


Taking the term “eat the rich” to a whole new literal meaning.


Wow, if the food sources die from heat and lack of rain and poisons in the food system, I guess that we will have to eat the rich, since they will have the most stockpiled food. I wonder if they will eat their own kids? “A Modest Proposal” , from Jonathan Swift did write a satirical piece on that very thought.


You hit the nail on the head there Skeptic. And if you had to go out and find and kill those species bred specifically for “non-vegans” (i presume by that you mean “carnivores”) you would be hard pressed to do so. Unless of course you have the digestive system to process the acid; the jaws; the teeth; the nails; the stealth and the desire to kill to survive.

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Indohyus has an ear structure that is similar to cetaceans, but it is generally considered a related species rather than being in the direct line of descent leading to modern whales. And even at that, it had the teeth of an omnivore, with prominent canines. The most basal commonly-recognized ancestor of whales is Pakicetus. If you do an image search of Pakicetus skulls, it’s pretty easy to see those teeth were not those of an herbivore.

I think that the prehistoric animal you named was more like a raccoon than a deer. From the skull and teeth, the animal was an omnivore in any case. It is surprising that you speak of whales using the generalized term and in relation to them being plant eating? Actually while sperm whales, for example, are strictly carnivorous, most whales would be considered omnivores as they consume plankton which consists of both plant and animal versions coexisting together.

By the way, I find that the eating of animals (some of whom would cheerfully eat both of us were they given the chance) is natural however our factory farm techniques used in the raising, breeding etc. of our food species is not only unnatural but unnecessarily cruel and rather vile. That could be changed and should be. My personal belief is that due to such unpopular practices that the advent of lab produced or ‘vat grown’ flesh is soon to be upon us. I see no problem whatsoever in the continuous production of what is basically cell tissue and which is neither sensate nor of course sentient at even the most primitive level.

Speaking of course of vat grown beef, I repeat (lol) … ‘Want a burger with those fries?’

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What humans do to nature, they do to themselves. A species that does so much gratuitous damage ought to know that its own turn is coming. Probably they do know, but so what? Because money. I will grieve only for the future we’ve destroyed: there’s nothing sympathetic about willful psychosis.

Specifically which humans are you referring to? You see that is the problem - specificity! There are many humans who do not do the things you mention. In fact, the vast majority of us don’t. However money and power is not necessarily based upon numbers. An extraordinarily small number of very wealthy and very powerful people using corporations and virtually controlling the political processes of governments are the ones that you really mean. These very few individuals (in total) are responsible for our rapacious and therefore ultimately self destructive systems being resistant to change.

But that’s the thing about having no choice! We have no choice as a species but to change, so eventually we will. Whether we can do so in time before we cause truly catastrophic harm to our biosphere is the question. The blame in this case starts from the top down!

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