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Dystopian Donald: Will Trump Make 1984 Look Like a Nursery Tale?

Dystopian Donald: Will Trump Make 1984 Look Like a Nursery Tale?

Tom Engelhardt

Can you doubt that we’re in a dystopian age, even if we’re still four weeks from Donald Trump entering the Oval Office?

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Jan. 20, 2017: Debut of Trumperica, the reality show to end reality.


Even if Trump did not win the election (with a little of help from his “friends” like Vladimir Putin [probably] and James Comey [definitely]) a future dystopian world due to climate change would be likely, but with Trump in office the odds will certainly increase. However, it is important to keep in mind if people are driving all-electric vehicles and buildings are heated with geothermal energy and electric heat pumps there will be far less demand for oil. So, all this additional oil drilling will have no purpose with a shrinking market for oil. We cannot remain passive in the face of Trump’s insane energy policy. We can act by turning to energy efficiency and green energy. We need state and local governments to play a big role but individuals also have a critical role to play. And of course we also need to fight against his appointments of “drill baby drill” people and protect environmentally sensitive areas from drilling.

Here in Canada Trudeau appears to favor revival of Keystone XL to the Gulf coast.

In Alberta a supposedly left of center NDP government under Rachel Notley is also an advocate of yet more pipelines.

Obviously “Dutch Disease” is alive and well.

And now with Tom’s dystopian article - we see that this may be just the beginning of an Orwellian future.

On the other hand - we have been headed that way for a length of time that is truly hard to pin down. Perhaps since the human being headed out of Africa so long ago.

Maybe this all had to happen ?

In any case - a good percentage of seven point something billion people now have access to accurate information on “The Earth System”.

The future is ours one way or the other.

As we head into Christmas and a New Year, I am hoping that we all get more in touch with ourselves and our planet.

This is possible - and I think necessary.

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Orwell’s “In an age of universal deceit anybody telling the truth is labeled a radical” has been the rule , not the exception ever since the start of Saint Ronny’s second term and the formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985.

Three decades of this standard has put us on the verge of Trumpocalypse.


The proper quote of Orwell is:

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

Just remember, that I warned you-all about this over the past year…

It looks like we are in the complete evolution of a third world country where the few leaders take all the wealth from the country while the rest of the population lives in abject poverty.


This entire column operates on a false narrative that American Presidents are more reactionary than they actually are. For instance, there is enough evidence to convince a reasonable person that Osama bin Laden and Al Quiada didn’t work alone when it came to 9/11. That whether or not our own government had a hand in its planning, they most certainly had a hand in its execution. (i.e. United Airlines doesn’t employ black “stealth” planes and buildings don’t fall in straight lines, just to name two glaring omissions from the 9/11 Commission report) Therefore, the 15+ years of endless war that resulted was most likely by design rather than by accident.

Then we have the Iraq invasion’s WMD “justification” (an outright lie), as well as the Libyan “humanitarian” mission in 2011. It’s now coming to light that Assad probably didn’t commit even a fifth of the atrocities he’s being credited to, so why is it again why we’re giving weapons to ISIS and the Saudis to bomb the hell out of them and placing Alepo into the same historical context as Dresden?

Therefore, we have a lot less to fear from a Trump presidency’s “reaction” to a suicide bomber in one of his hotels, and more to fear from the outright onslaught of American liberties and freedom that will be spurred by any number of false flag incidents that will have all the trappings of a “legitimate” attack on America itself.

Yes, Trump is as unhinged as he is dangerous, but this is all part of a long game that’s been developing for years and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference whether it was Trump or Hillary in the Oval Office.

My greatest hope is that People will be able to resist by depriving the Oligarchs of their cash flow while in the halls of government, they become so greedy that they start destroying themselves.


Our species is headed for extinction, and Trump will simply make it occur sooner and with less pain. Why complain about that?!

Probably? Prove it.

Innocent until proved Russian has no standing in any Court of Law.

I doubt that our species is headed for extinction- considering the US has over 330 M people and that is only 5% of the world’s population. It’s the other species that are headed for extinction like the giraffe and the polar bear et al.

That is the most worrisome. Except it is different when there are wealthy or upper middle class commenters or those who actually are close to poverty levels.

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Hate to tell you this, but the boat sailed about 15 years ago. If Gore had been elected, we might have had a chance. The amount of carbon in the atmosphere now guarantees we will start positive feedbacks loops that will unhinge civilization. There is an ‘inertia’ in the system such that what we are experiencing now is the result of the carbon in the atmosphere from about 40 years ago. We have since basically doubled that amount over baseline since then.


These numbers are from 10 years ago. We are over 405 ppm now.

We remain on a course that was first set back in the 1980s by the “Reagan Revolution.” The middle class are just now noticing what the poor had figured out years ago.

The fact is that we are now facing the unknown. We really don’t know what Trump will try to do, much less what Congress will allow or enable him to do. Because so many years of work went into dividing the “masses,” pitting us against each other by class and race, there isn’t a whole lot we can do about it, anyway.

Haven’t seen any public education campaigns concerning our current leading contribution to climate change – our excessive use of privately-owned motor vehicles. Taxpayers have consistently voted against investing in Euro-level mass transportation options.

Nuclear war could be a problem… Today’s nuclear bombs make the atomic bombs that wiped out Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like home-made devices in comparison. As I recall, there are now nine nuclear armed countries that have the capacity to wipe out all life on Earth.

The US already (before Trump came along) set a 30-year plan for “upgrading” our nuclear weapons system, expected to cost $1 trillion.