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'Dystopian Future': Women Warned Against Pregnancy As Zika Spreads

'Dystopian Future': Women Warned Against Pregnancy As Zika Spreads

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Following a warning from the World Health Organization that the mosquito-borne Zika virus is likely to spread to all countries across the Americas except for Canada and Chile, the U.S. director of National Institutes of Health (NIH) on Tuesday called for intensified efforts to study the link between Zika infections and birth defects in infants.

Meanwhile, authorities in Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, El Salvador, and Venezuela were urging women to avoid getting pregnant altogether.

Maybe instead of “zika” it should be named “Malthus.” No matter, I’m sure nature will serve up other contenders for that name.


If Chileans & Canadians travel to the other nations, they could contract Zika. So could travelers from the eastern hemisphere.

“Overpopulation” has nothing to do with this. But I’m sure there are lots of Erlichians who are happy that brown woman are being ordered to not have babies.

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Flagged as over-the-top conspiracy-nut spam.

Due to so much deception in high places added to so much MAN-made geo-engineering of the formerly Mother Nature directed natural world, when I read something like this the following thoughts cross my mind:

  1. Is the Pentagon testing another bio-weapon? (Think Tuskegee long ago)?
  2. Are Monsanto and chemical friends covering up their own tracks (in terms of biological infirmities impacting babies in utero) but blaming it on a mosquito?
  3. Is this just more fear porn?
  4. Will the threat of this illness lead to lots of toxic mosquito chemical spraying campaigns?
  5. Will it add yet more hysteria to the Donald Trump contingent who already view Hispanics with lots of hyperbolic intolerance?

That was my first thought, too.

Yunzer can’t stand any post that challenges the motives of the U.S. govt. As if its record in black ops., putting soldiers through LSD tests, doing trauma based mind control on kids, infusing the Black community with crack cocaine, and setting wars on the basis of provable false flags suggest NOT considering this option?

Yunzer lives in his own black hole, apparently.

Don’t you just love gatekeepers who think they have a right to control the parameters of conversation while talking a lot about freedom, capitalism, and faux elections?


There are also GMO mosquitos engineered for release that are sterile, to block mosquito reproduction. GMO salmon are approved for sale; what other GMO animals or humans will be (or are being) engineered?

McKibben is right to reference dystopian sci-fi as a conceptual template for understanding what is unfolding. While i’m inclined to agree with his assessment - (as predicted by scientists in relevant fields) - that climate chaos and ecological disruption are unleashing “new” diseases, the situation is hardly worse even if your worst suspicions about secret programs were to be confirmed.

Nightmares live here, while most of us are so enmeshed in the Bernaysian conjuring, that we cannot even hold such thoughts in our heads.

Ya gotta put a sarcasm marker if yer bein’ sarcastic.

If not, look up Silent Spring.

i believe you fit the category of what Julian Simon used to approvingly refer to as Technological Optimist. Whatever messes humans have plainly made of so many things, hey, there’s sure to be an elegant solution we can engineer!

On the idealist level i would have to agree… but there’s a big problem with Technological Optimism if you look at the actual history of human impacts on the ecology.

Certainly there are “victories” that can be trumpeted, regarding specific human interventions in the ecology that have generated clear benefits for humans and humanity.

But the overall scorecard tips wildly toward FAR more disruption of fundamental components of the ecology, compared to the benefits received; FAR more very serious “unintended consequences” (to the point of multiple synergistic existential crises) resulting from the “beneficial” interventions, compared to the benefits received. “6th Extinction,” “Collapse,” etc. You’ve seen the report that half of all animal life on Earth has vanished over the past 40 years?

i don’t believe you could agree with the thrust of what i’ve just written.


Of course overpopulation is not suspected with the emergence of this virus. Was merely making mild fun that the combination of this virus and the little mosquito may force humanity to do what we can’t seem to do ourselves. And in no way did I mean to make light of the tragedy of those mothers who have brought infants severely damaged by this virus to term.

Seriously though, overpopulation may indeed spawn new runaway viruses and illnesses that will indeed cull the herd. And if the worst scenarios play out with mass migrations of climate refugees - underfed, poorly housed, limited access to water, food, and medical services, we don’t really know what nature may serve up.

You do quite often misinterpret comments and jump to conclusions.

edit: No epidemiologist, my guess is that with the upcoming Olympic games in Rio that within 2-5 years Zika will be fairly robustly distributed globally. Then the list of national governments urging women not to get pregnant will get much longer.


It’s nature’s way of telling you that THREE ADDITIONAL CHILDREN PER SECOND is too many.

People blame climate change and poverty on everything except the fact that they refuse to wear a condom.

This is heterosexism and the cult of breeding meeting reality.

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That link you shared about the filth in Rio is horrific! My daughter did a study abroad term down there and swam in that toxic stew. Oh.My.God.

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It is well established that when one scratches beneath the surface of a Malthusian one finds racism and xenophobia.

I am not sure but I thought the ‘outbreak’ was of microcephaly in Brazil but that the Zika virus was in other countries as well. As I understood it only Brazil has had the microcephaly outbreak although there was another case with a woman who had visited Brazil.

This would seem to eliminate the GMO mosquitoes as the causal effect. Besides they didn’t release those GMO mosquitoes until after the outbreak was discovered right?

What report? Please cite your source. Aside from that where is the connection anyway? You seem to be implying or are inferring that there was some transmission risk or that something was transmitted to humans that made them susceptible? If you have data that claims this please relate them.