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'Dystopian': Reproductive Rights Advocates Decry California Woman's Murder Charge Over Her Stillborn Baby

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/07/dystopian-reproductive-rights-advocates-decry-california-womans-murder-charge-over

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There’s no good reason for a meth-addicted woman to gestate and birth a baby. In this case, the lady already has three troubled children who would have been better off never being conceived or carried to term.
Many many fetuses fall into that category.
What good is it to birth children when you’re a mess, your life is a mess, the world already has way too many humans in it?
This woman’s sad situation is the result of the gestation slavery and fetus worship fools who try to make women feel ashamed for preventing and terminating pregnancy.
Free, safe, legal, universal access to abortion, contraceptives and vasectomies would greatly benefit our world, and especially women.


The only person who should be blamed is this woman. She’s a substance abuser. She shouldn’t be having children while on drugs. It’s irresponsible and heinous to the child (of it’s born). Her actually living children are proof of that. She’s the one who was selfish enough to get pregnant while on drugs. If she wanted an abortion she should’ve gotten one. But she didn’t. So when she killed this fetus it’s no one’s fault but her own.

This isn’t Gilead. This isn’t applicable to a theocratic autocracy. She murdered a fetus. The end.

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Which is more cruel — the far-right “christian” Funny-Dementalists’ insistence on the birth and subsequent starvation of millions, or the rational center-left’s suggestion that women be allowed
to prevent (in most cases) or terminate (occasionally) unwanted pregnancies?


Several issues here. First, our culture doesn’t give a crap about children after they’re born. Second, y’all are dumping on the victim. Drug addiction is hard to beat. She wasn’t given education in birth control or the means to prevent pregnancy. Also…what about daddy? This was no virgin birth. Was he using protection? Or was he just another john taking advantage of a woman. No, the whole story hasn’t been told. Until men are included in the story of pregnancy, and are made responsible for their actions, don’t jump to conclusions that may end in a pool of lava.


This woman and her children wouldn’t be in this situation if her addiction was treated as a mental illness and health care was a human right.


Bush/Obama/Trump can kill millions through war and economic sanctions without consequences but a woman lacking access to proper health and addiction care is labeled a criminal. Another person indicted for the crime of being poor.


I think something needs to be made clear as we question this. A body is only a person when it’s consciousness or Spirit is present within it. At what point during pregnancy does a fetus become conscious? When is released from the Divine Source the Spark of Consciousness making the tiny body a person? And, as with a grown human being consciousness can come and go from the tiny body at times depending on its circumstances. What the woman did to the baby due to her drug addiction certainly was not right nevertheless. When a person decides they want to bear a child it should be by choice and be a serious wholehearted effort.Our entire judicial system should bear this in mind and accommodate those women for whom once they are pregnant, such an undertaking is not practically possible.

You speak as if controlling population growth now would actually prevent disaster. We are billions beyond that point, i think.


Abortion is a symptom of other problems. Pregnancies are terminated for reasons. Best to focus on eliminating those reasons than trying to answer questions to which there are no objective answers.

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A war on women combined with the war on drugs Bingo! we all lose.

Those of you here high and mighty condemning her for the atrocious use of an illegal drug may need to learn a thing or two about drugs. I would suggest Dr. Carl Hart, having met him, listened to his presentation way before Tedtalk was even a concept.

If any of us can be jailed ad infinitum for putting anything in our own bodies for whatever reason, do we even have sovereignty over or own bodies?

No, not since Anslinger began the War on Drugs, and BTW,

The War on Terror
The War on Women
Big Pharma’s War on Legalized Cannabis

All use the War on Drugs playbook:

  1. Vilify a person, place, group, country or object. Deliver stereotypes via childhood education and then to the public airwaves and adverts.
  2. Present an illogical black/white argument. i.e. President Shrub, “You are wither with the terrorists or with us.”
  3. Proceed to attack and destroy.

The most distinguished Dr. Hart did a study, finding that addicted meth users could not tell a difference between Adderall and Meth. So how much do you trust the FDA to tell you what to or not what to put into your body?



it’s not about maternal health… it’s not about the rights of a child (#1 it’s a fetus not a person, #2 the concern seems to disappear once they are born)…

it’s about expressing moral judgement against the dirty sl** for having sex in the first place…

while the boys slap each other on the back for each of their “conquests”.

sincerely, transgender woman all to familiar with “locker room talk”.


you can not murder a fetus definitionally.

this is all about you expressing your perceived moral superiority and nothing more.


Hi trffctvor:

Did the investigators check the sperm donor’s sperm? I wonder what would happen to the fetus if both humans were drug users? Would the male donate be arrested too?

Maybe the states should set up a place where drug users every where would be allowed to have abortions-------rather than compromise a fetus.


What you mean-um “I think”, Kemo Sabé -

We are BILLIONS beyond that point.   Period.

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Let me guess…your “Christianity” has completely eviscerated any capacity you otherwise might have to feel compassion for this human being.

Ever eager to step up and make harsh judgements are right wing zealots. The same right wing zealots that cheer when kids are turned to mist by bombs dropped from 30,000 feet. Every single time.


Why is this happening in California?


I am stunned as a californian to learn of this horror. I notice that the male commenters hold this mother solely responsible as a murderer. Until you carry a pregnancy boys, shut up and help fix the damned country so that folks don’t get into this situations in the first place. and oh yes, hands off our bodies to begin with.


Thankfully it didn’t live a terrible life!


And I wonder what the comments would be like if this woman were Black.