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'Dystopian': Reproductive Rights Advocates Decry California Woman's Murder Charge Over Her Stillborn Baby

I could kikikiss you! You are so right. As someone once said, if men gave birth, menstruation would be a Sacrament!!!

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And if we could get pregnant, then there would be Planned Parenthood in EVERY hood.


Our population problem is but a generational problem. It will soon be solved. The concern for the day is will the planet support us after the great cull? Malthus Rules.

So where is the father of this child? Why isn’t he being charged for impregnating a woman who has a meth addiction?


I think you mean one or maybe two of the (presumably) male commentators. At least, I hope you possess that level of intelligence and discrimination.

Much the same, I’d say.

I hear you. And I’d like to see vasectomies included in free, safe, legal birth control access worldwide.


Stardust, you might relate to this meme. Not sure the post will display. Maybe just copy and paste into your browser? Can’t even get the link to work. Sorry…

Mandatory vasectomy for all males! Want children? It can be reversed.

Come on guys! Save lives!

“if men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”
–Flo Kennedy

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Actually…I’m an atheist. And pro-choice (to a rational limit).

Well I suppose atheists can have dark attitudes completely in line with right wing fundamentalist “Christians”. Like I said…“let me guess”.

I suppose that young woman was in quite the predicament. An untreated addiction obviously, the possibility of criminal repercussions if she either sought help with her substance abuse during pregnancy, or if she were to visit a doctor during pregnancy to check the health status of her child.

Like I said, you have a very severe problem that you should seek help for.

Something had gone awry in that part of the brain that has a capacity for compassion – keeping it in strictly materialist terms.


HI Jessejean:
Oh if the woman was Black, then the media would give a sermon on how women have to be responsible-------forgetting that it takes 2 people to create a fetus. But it doesn’t take much for many in America to show how racism leads the way to diss so many Black victims in America in just about any area. : (

It is very, very sad to witness how the religious (really, Christ centered, good people?) right have distorted how our laws and government should function? People that have committed murder and found insane are not charged and jailed. Where is justice? I guess these folks that support these reductive, pseudo-religious positions forgot that their God also said “Vengeance is mine!”

This is so incredibly true. Plus, she’d have to give birth in prison shackled to the cot they call beds. The screaming savagery of patriarchy towards women knows no bounds.

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Thank you. I like it both ways, as I’ve heard men actually say that every period is a wasted opportunity. Presumably to increase their control over women’s bodies.