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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Sentenced to Death


As I think someone else already pointed out, the jury was picked for the purpose: its members were “death qualified” in advance.


@catguy00 - or maybe his own attorney admitted his guilt because he was a public defender. There’s a conflict of interest when the state that prosecutes you is the same that pays your defense attorney. Ya’ think O.J. would have gotten off if he had a public defender?


Actually, TJ and Vito, TJ’s first post didn’t preclude or contradict the false-flag and fraud scenarios. Just further facets of the same deception.


We dont have the death penalty in MA. so i dont know how this could happen. I should not be surprised that laws, bills, rights, privileges or anything else that has been legally decided on whether through citizens votes or legislators, are not respected, which leads to a precedent that it can happen again. I wish I wasnt so disgusted and angry about these types of things, because I really would join in on the local politics. i have a bad temper, many people in many departments in Boston, MA where I have lived for most my life, so building bridges aka politics aka ass-kissing/back-stabbing/soap-operas, I cant do… :smile:


what for ?


I have hard time with this one,I cannot agree with the idea of revenge killings…
I got into some disagreements with people I work with on the Bin laden raid because I called it just that, a revenge killing.
I told them that an act of terror is not an act of war but a crime, and should be prosecuted as one. Didn’t make me any friends I will tell you with the blood lusters.


I might be wrong, but I think this is a federal case not state. Different rules apply.


Mairead said:
“As I think someone else already pointed out, the jury was picked for the
purpose: its members were “death qualified” in advance.”

Why should that shock or surprise anyone? It didn’t shock Dzhokhar’s defense team. Suppose you were a prospective juror in a trial of someone accused of burglary and during voir dire questioning (which is when opposing counsel gets to examine the competency of each prospective juror in the pool for such duty) it came out that as a devout Marxist that you believed in the maxim “from each according to his ability to each according to his need” and thewrefore if the defendant really felt the need for that which he burgled then there was no crime committed. You would be excused from such duty because, whether you believed in it or not, the law of the land determines that taking of property that rightfully belongs to another is a crime.
In a similar vein, the federal law of the land has determined that those activities assisted by and admitted to by Dzhokhar are potentially punishable by death and as a prospective juror if you do not believe in the death penalty under any circumstances then you are not fit for such jury duty.


This guy’s echo/patsy thesis deserves some attention…

links abound throughout the thread for the so inclined…


I am from Massachusetts and for a long time thought that we should have the death penalty in our state. However, I’ve since changed my mind over the past 5 or 10 years as I realized that I don’t trust the people in charge of this state to spend my tax dollars so how can I trust them to be 100% sure to be deciding when to execute someone? I can’t and therefore have changed my stance to anti-death penalty.

I do still believe that death is a righteous punishment for some criminals, just can’t trust the government here in MA to properly carry it out.


I wasn’t suggesting that it should or did. My reference was to your conclusion that because they sentenced him to death they must have perceived him as ultra-bad. It was a mistaken conclusion on your part: they were predisposed to such a perception, which originates in the same set of personality traits that makes them okay with the death penalty.


Maybe not. Just maybe the truth might come out during all the appeals. By sentencing him for life in prison everyone would have forgotten about him and the truth.


Yes, we have showed them bums. Killing is a crime just see what the bible says in the ten commandments. “Thou shalt not kill!” Yep! he got a fair sentence. We can be proud of what we are teaching the rest of world. Whoyah!


Not justice, revenge, pure and simple.


That guarantees, especially, in a state with overwhelming sentiment against the death penalty, the only people who can sit of a jury are pro-death penalty thugs.

And are you actually suggesting that a Marxist cannot sit on a property crime case?

No wonder successful ploughshares actions - whereby the jury acquits activists of damaging military equipment based solely on moral values, have never happened in the USA.

I just finished an expert witness deposition, with trial probably coming up, scheduled for June 16, regarding my opinions on the causes of a fatal accident. But I was not, and probably never will, be able to actually discuss the rather straightforward technical reasons that an incompetent foundation contractor killed a man. Because the entire job of fucking lawyer is to suppress and distort the truth, not reveal it (while being at the same time scientifically illiterate idiots). There has GOT to be a better way of adjudicating disputes and wrongs than this idiotic backward system called “jurisprudence”.


Thanks aemish,

Great information. Every time there’s a terrorism event like 911, there’s the Police State right there, running a huge drill with the same subject focus.


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Be kind to your fellow community members.Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not


Thanks Vito. That certainly is odd that there’s always a drill going on every time the boogieman attacks the USA.

On 911, it was a hijacking drill called “Vigilant Guardian” part of the larger “Global Guardian” which, completely unannounced, spammed ATC radar screens with fake targets so that the controllers couldn’t distinguish between the hijacked flights and the fake ones.

Thanks for refreshing my memory on this.



SO true…

Anyone remember the NORAD tapes on 9/11?



Taxpayers pay burger flipping wages to military suckers-turned-psychos to serve as security service to taxpayer-funded privatized Haliburton employees (who make many times over their military counterparts) who in turn serve as security for privatized Big Oil employees – whose sole job it is to exploit the region for it’s natural resources and then sell it back to the duped taxpayers who paid to retrieve it in the first place. I find it bizarre so many of us [STILL!] wave the little made-in-China plastic American flags and call these poor bastards heroes. Socialized expenses, privatized profits.

Bring them all home and have the oil companies go get their commodities through diplomacy – like every other sane country. None of this would be happening if our drunken senate were not themselves war profiteers.