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Each of the People Awaiting Death on Trump’s Watch Is a Person—One Whose Life Story Cries Out for Mercy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/04/each-people-awaiting-death-trumps-watch-person-one-whose-life-story-cries-out-mercy


And each person who remains cooped up in an overcrowded prison is facing a death sentence from COVID.
So we are using the death penalty for minor crimes.
The entire Prison Industry needs to be shut down and reformed.


Historically societies are judged by their treatment of the elderly and mentally ill. By that measure sentencing Lisa Montgomery to death proves we, as a society, are callus monsters.
Oh, we’re not doing to well on the elderly front either.


As Chomsky says ‘he is the biggest criminal ever’! He should be tried at the Hague for his Crimes against Humanity!
So, instead, let him go here, to Death row. He is not going to cure himself from his mental health disease of extreme narcissism now is he?!
And rumour has it that he has no friends, just family!