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Each Other's Keepers: The Right to Record


Each Other's Keepers: The Right to Record

With the ongoing police killings of unarmed African-Americans - and the all-too-common police harassment and arrest of those who record them - dozens of high-profile documentary filmmakers have published an open letter calling on their community to defend citizen journalists whose potent images "have moved white Americans closer to conscience and consciousness." They also call on the justice officials to investigate those abuses of power that are, it turns out, everywhere.


Hmm, I have a cell phone and it has a camera and it has video capabilities.
Damn straight I'm going photograph and film!
A big hearty F U to the powers that be on this issue.


Many in the mainstream black community also need to become more conscious of who their true friends and allies are. Large support has come from the black community for the Clintons - who have supported regressive measures such as the omnibus crime bill, funding for more police on the street and during Bill's first presidential race returned to Arkansas to preside over the execution of a brain damaged African-American inmate.

Much of this hyped up policing has come under municipal governments run by Democrats and they always seem to defend their servants in blue and the police unions have become very politically active with their political allies subverting protections and rights of the average citizen.

The white people of the US should face the truth about slavery and Jim Crow and how racists were enabled to run our country. Those who can need to see the evil of racism in their ancestors and in themselves and reform. Many never will. The police were all a part of this from the beginning. It is not something in the past - it is still happening on our streets and the horrible abuses by police exemplify it. This is an immense tragedy which puts a cloud over the nation.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


A culture that is antithetical to conscience and consciousness not only pervades America.
Globally, in many areas, the center refuses to acknowledge the authoritarian dominance of its ideology that eliminates all values from public functioning other than profit. This is institutionalized, pervasive, and aggressive to violent, depending on the issue. Watch for the mask being put on in the rhetoric that denies this while continuing the brutality.


I was heartened to read Sutliffe's letter, but also shocked to learn how citizen journalists have been harassed for their reporting. Protecting those who have opened our eyes is something all of us can do.

Just yesterday, however, I saw another side that also appalled me, an unverifiable narrative (not video) of an abusive traffic stop. It was shared by three caring individuals, two of them on my Friends list, but none of them were shown as friends of the OP ("no friends to show"). Two officers were identified, but with unlikely names ("Jack Wall" and "Flower"). A little mapping of the towns named raised more questions. Finally I came across a story in a paper from the area about a White woman from one of the towns who was arrested in the other town after leading police on a high-speed chase that ended with the wreck of her truck. That, it seems, would certainly provide motivation for a hoax post to embarrass the police.


Precisely, This is not a Game. The Police will Harm You.

Film in Groups, notify friends of your intentions, multiple filming from multiple locations, practice getting the film into the cloud immediately, and indeed film from cover, never seek to taunt police in either presence, voice or action.

Let the video data do the talking for you later.
Anonymity is probably going to be your best bet.

http://modes.io/upload-video-before-police/ gives a very simple methodology to follow.

Stay safe, we need you to survive, but get the job done.

Always remember. For those that have fallen.


These are difficult to impossible to manage other than, say, for protests. The compelling videos are shot at totally unexpected events.

What we can plan in advance, especially as White people, is protecting those who document unexpected events.


In a police state it is standard practice for citizens to be subjected to pervasive surveillance video, but turning the tables on the police is an act of defiance that cannot be tolerated.