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Each Unjust Death Diminishes Us: Kalief Browder 1993-2015


Each Unjust Death Diminishes Us: Kalief Browder 1993-2015

In an awful end to a ravaged life, Kalief Browder - jailed, beaten, starved and abused on Riker's Island for three years, two in solitary, for allegedly stealing a backpack at age 16 - has killed himself. Broken by his ordeal, Browder had struggled with mental health issues since his release in 2013. The night before he hung himself with an air conditioner cord, he told his mother, “Ma, I can’t take it anymore.” The U.S. criminal justice system at work.


Another case of legally sanctioned lynching by police officers. The individuals responsible must be held accountable and publicly punished–otherwise this type of violation will persist.


Another example of “Your SA and Gestapo at work.”

  • And every year, it just gets worse.


The political establishment has sanctioned this terror. It is perplexing that anybody would even suggest that the United States is a democratic republic. If there was a god I’d be thrilled to taser the bastard for his indifference.


For Republicans, its just one vote less for Democrats.


Oh dear, it got tears in my eyes, what suffering, what cruelty, what tragedy. What have America become; how is your governmental system treating your young ones. It has become a deeply domineering and abusive regime. That poor guy had to endure tremendous suffering - for nothing. I am so sad to hear about this.