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Earliest Ever 'Earth Overshoot Day' Shows Humanity's Consumption of Planet's Natural Resources Raging Unabated

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/29/earliest-ever-earth-overshoot-day-shows-humanitys-consumption-planets-natural

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My size 8 shoe is now a 14 and I feel like a clown wearing them. My nose is read, it’s red from crying.

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The problem is only intelligent people can see the big picture. Some of them, at least the ones not giving up hope, might cut back their consumption to help out the earth, but to me it looks like everyone else can’t see the problem. The theatre is on fire but they’ll stick around and watch the movie until their seat is burning.


I’d like a greenhouse gas overshoot day, please.

As the Arctic meltdown continues to explode upon itself, the greenhouse gas overshoot day will get earlier and earlier all by itself without additional pouring of man-made gasoline on the fire. Then some light bulb will say, “You know, maybe we should be doing something about the Arctic meltdown, almost as if it were a fire coming over the ridge to destroy our town.”

Nahhh, no light bulbs here. Next planet!


It’s illegal to yell “fire” in a crowded theater. That’s what the Supreme Court once said, and our current Supreme Court is packed better than Chicken of the Sea.

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Even intelligent people miss the big picture, primarily because the MSM minimizes the crisis in order to protect the profits of their corporate overlords. In order to be ‘up to date’ on climate change, one has to go looking for information. Very many working age people just don’t have the time and energy (I sure didn’t when I was working) to seek info on a subject that is held to be a ‘hoax’ by idiots. In addition to those, there are others who 'just don’t want to talk about it. Avoidance of major issues is a wide-spread cancer.


“The Lorax” Some places go as far as completely using up a resource before they pull their greedy heads out of their asses.
One historical island peoples cut down all of their trees and then abandoned ship, so to speak.

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"Systemic change isn’t radical, it’s what we need to survive," says Sunrise Movement

Is there anything more radical, as in getting to the root, than pointing out the fact that we actually do depend on the eco-systems, our support system, to actually live, in the flesh, here and now?


Did I miss a mention of overpopulation?


No. It wasn’t mentioned.

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"On Earth Day 1990, New York’s Cardinal John O’Connor admonished his flock to remember that “the earth exists for the human person and not vice-versa.” Oh, yeah, and this CRAP is STILL being preached by the Catholic Church (as if ONLY humans matter).



Hi Gandolf:
I guess that island was Easter island. I remember learning about that in the 7th grade----and it made a big impression on me------there is enough of everything for survival in this world----but the Greedy are getting in the way. : (

I remember doing wet bulb/dry bulb experiments in grade school science class. Who knew that one day we would grow up to be the thermometer in a real life situation.

There are 3 interconnected issues, of which one is certainly uncontrolled population growth (read “Limits to Growth”, a book which was introduced in the 1970’s, nearly a half century ago). The other two are equally important, albeit for different, but interconnected, reasons. They are: ‘endless wars’ and human caused ‘climate destruction’.
Briefly, endless wars rob us of the funds to address climate change with any serious effort; and, unliveable human caused climate disruption will eventually kill us all along with most other animal and plant life on Earth. I would imagine that unlimited population growth is a major factor driving the other two. It is quite difficult to believe that otherwise intelligent beings, humans, having the ability to predict the future from current practices are going to allow our demise knowing, and having known for some decades, that we are destroying our only “home”, Earth.
Our leadership has been allowing the unpardonable crime, the mass murder of innocents, to occur for far too long. It is past time for the millions to come together to protect our chance for a survivable future for ourselves, our children and for all other life living on our ever smaller blue planet.

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Our GHG overshoot day may be hard to pin down, but the 2010’s definitely mark the GHG overshoot decade. It’s in the rearview mirror now, so the overshoot second for 2020 would be just after midnight at the beginning of New Year’s Day.

There’s too damn much heat in the water, Paul. I lack the scientific chops to make the case, but I’ve a strong hunch Arctic scientists put more relative emphasis on the atmosphere than warranted, just because data on the atmosphere is so much easier to collect (and unless you’re well-connected with USA & Russian submarine commands, you don’t have good data on what the icepack looks like from underneath, believe it or don’t!)

Meanwhile, ocean heat transport through the Bering and I don’t know what seems to be melting the sea ice from below. In situ melting of swathes of < .25m ice on the Siberian side, now you see it, now you don’t. I’m not really into this argument about whether 2019 will score a new minimum. To me, Earth is making the point in 2019 that there’s enough heat in the water to melt the whole icecap within a few years. Stick a fork in it, it’s done.

So what other criteria can we apply, after losing the icecap, to excuse ourselves for any more extraction of fossil fuels? Carbon overshoot, my friend, is over.

Bob Henson of Wunderground looks like the first relatively mainstream dude to take note of 2019 Arctic hijinks, now that Greenland is in a drama-queen competition with the icecap:

Heat Wave Heads North: Massive Melting Likely in Arctic

“Carrying capacity” refers to the number of individuals who can be supported in a given area, within natural resource limits, and without degrading the natural, social, cultural, and economic environment for present and future generations. The carrying capacity for any given area is not fixed. Carrying capacity is not a fixed number. Estimates put Earth’s carrying capacity at anywhere between 2 billion and 40 billion people. It varies with a wide range of factors, most of them fitting under the umbrella of “lifestyle.” If humans were still in the hunter-gatherer mode, Earth would have reached its capacity at about 100 million people. With humans producing food and living in high-rise buildings, that number increases significantly

A good way to understand the flexibility of Earth’s carrying capacity is to look at the difference between the projected capacities of 2 billion and 40 billion. Essentially, we’re working with the same level of resources with both of those numbers. So how can the estimates swing so widely? Because people in different parts of the world are consuming different amounts of those resources. Basically, if everyone on Earth lived like a middle-class American, consuming roughly 3.3 times the subsistence level of food and about 250 times the subsistence level of clean water, the Earth could only support about 2 billion people. On the other hand, if everyone on the planet consumed only what he or she needed, 40 billion would be a feasible number. As it is, the people living in developed countries are consuming so much that the other approximate 75 percent of the population is left with barely what they need to get by. Ultimately, the idea is this: If everyone on Earth can manage to do more with less, we’ll be back on track to Earth’s indefinite carrying capacity.


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I know its not funny but that made me lol.

I’ve been saying this for years!!! So basically there is no solution. Those wealthy, well fed humans are not going to share with poor, starving others.

We are in the process of doing the same with the Earth as they did with Easter Island.